Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: You brought it on yourself (2)

“Let’s begin! Keep your distance! If there are any more accidents, I’ll expel you from the academy!”


The training began. Impeng, however, was only focused on one person. The other students had two weeks of training together, but Chun Yeowun did not have any. It was apparent he would make mistakes. And the problem regarding today’s practice was that they were using real swords. There was an accident in the last sword practice, so Impeng was nervous.

‘Dammit! Why am I stuck with him?!’

No one wanted to take Chun Yeowun since he was taken to the medical room, and Impeng offered to take the lottery. Unfortunately, he ended up taking the boy into his group.

‘Please don’t make any mistakes. You don’t have much to do anyway.’

At least Yeowun’s spot required the least amount of work. Impeng then flashed the red flag that called for the first formation change.

Students quickly took the proper steps to move into place. The ones who needed to move the most were in the front row while the group leader in the middle needed to lead the others nicely.

“Good!” Impeng shouted. Everyone did it perfectly without any mistakes. Mukeum was arrogant and violent, but he managed his group well and made them follow his orders. And as for Chun Yeowun…


He was doing quite well. Unlike the other students who had a hard time following the formation in the beginning, Chun Yeowun was following along quite nicely.

‘Is he following what the others are doing?’

Impeng was curious, but he just figured Yeowun was copying the others well. The problem with this formation was that the students had to maintain the formation without moving.

“Keep the formation!”

Students had to hold up their swords and shields and stand still for quite some time. This required muscle strength. Everyone was holding on, but the weaker students’ arms began to shake.

If the shield shook and clashed with another shield, there would a sound. It wasn’t that loud when it was between wooden shields, but the clang between the iron shields was very clear.

“Get it together! Don’t even think about beating other groups with such endurance!”

Impeng shouted and the students gritted their teeth. Impeng was angry that there were still students who still couldn’t keep up even after two weeks. Chun Yeowun, who was known to have zero internal energy, probably wouldn’t be able to hold up. Impeng turned to him.

‘…What? Why is he still okay?’

Chun Yeowun was looking ahead without any sign of exhaustion. His sword and shield did not move an inch.

‘Did he really just return from the medical room?’

Impeng had seen that himself, so that was obvious. It was astonishing to see Yeowun keeping up with the group so well. Impeng’s view of Yeowun began to change. And when half of the students began to quiver, Impeng flashed the yellow flag.

The students then moved around to change formations. The second formation was a semi-circle around the target so that the enemy to have nowhere to flee.

“Yes! Slowly!”

The students took a step forward to pressure the enemy. No one made any mistakes and they closed in without failure.

“Good! Very Good!” Impeng shouted and Mukeum became surprised. This wasn’t what he expected.

‘How come he isn’t making any mistakes at all?’

Yeowun should have made some mistakes already, yet Impeng didn’t seem to raise any questions. Instead, he was applauding the group for the good formation, which meant that no one had made any mistakes. Yeowun was in the back so Mukeum couldn’t see him in the first formation, but now he could see him.


Yeowun looked fine. This formation was harder to maintain since they had to keep swinging the sword from top to bottom, but Yeowun didn’t even look tired.

‘Did he really not learn any martial arts?’

Jahyun stood close to Yeowun but even his right arm was shaking. It was hard to believe, especially when Jahyun was from one of the high-ranking clans.

‘Damn peasant. I won’t let you take all the glory.’

He then thought he should make Yeowun take the shame. Mukeum sent a telepathic message to Jahyun.

[If you hear me, nod.]

Jahyun became surprised, but he kept his cool and nodded slightly. Sending messages required at least thirty years of internal energy or more.

[At the third formation, move on my command.]

Mukeum sent the words to Jahyun who smiled and nodded in response. After a while, Impeng flashed the blue flag for the third formation.

This was the hardest one as the shields had to be stacked together and the swords were thrust in between them to create a sturdy defensive line.

‘This is easy.’

Yeowun had learned all kinds of formations through Nano’s simulations, so following it was easy. The other students were careful about pushing the sword through to not stab the person in front.

“Be careful, but also be quick! Do it!”

The formation change became slower and Impeng shouted angrily. But soon, the formation was complete. Chun Yeowun was in the middle of the shields, but the student who had to put the sword through from behind was Jahyun. All that was left for them to do now was to hold their positions.

‘I see your butt.’

Jahyun smiled and raised his leg. He then focused internal energy to kick Yeowun to make him fall.

‘Peasants are suited for crawling on the ground!’

He couldn’t make a sound, so he placed his foot on Yeowun’s butt. Yeowun then looked back at the feeling of the shoes on his butt and he moved his eyes up to see Jahyun.

‘What? How dare you!’

Jahyun didn’t like Yeowun glaring at him coldly, so it made him angrily send more powerful internal energy to kick him. Suddenly—


Yeowun’s butt was covered with a barrier, throwing Jahyun toward the back. Jahyun rolled on the ground and slumped down. He couldn’t understand what just happened.

‘It was internal energy from his butt…!’

It was much stronger than his energy. As he was on the ground, someone came up to him and frowned angrily.

“You again?”

It was Impeng. He knew him since Jahyun was the one who stabbed the 23rd cadet. He was shocked and tried to get up.

However, pain shot up from his foot and he couldn’t stand. It was the aftermath of being thrown off from the internal energy reaction. Jahyun could barely stand and he saw Chun Yeowun smirking behind Impeng.

He bit his lips in rage, but Impeng got even angrier and reached for his black club on his waist.

“Biting your lip? Oh, so are you angry at your instructor now? Huh?!”

“N-no! It’s not that, I was just… his butt…”

“Butt? You must be going mad!”


Impeng quickly took out his club and plunged it into Jahyun’s stomach. Jahyun grabbed his stomach and fell to the ground. Impeng whispered to him, “You will lose free time for three days. Until you sleep, you will have special training with myself, personally.”

“N-no… Instructor..”

Jahyun tried to explain and Impeng gestured on swinging his club again. Jahyun quickly answered, “Mado!”

Students of the 8th group grinned. Jahyun was Mukeum’s crony and they were glad that he was being punished. After all, he had done some bad things to the group.

Then they heard someone grinding his teeth. Chun Mukeum was furious about his failed plan.

‘Chun… Yeo… wun….!’

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