Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: You brought it on yourself (3)

As the day went on, students of the 8th group had to deal with two major figures cautiously. Chun Mukeum from the Loyal Clan was furiously focusing on Chun Yeowun, and that made it awkward for everyone because Yeowun ignoring it. And it wasn’t only him who felt the tension. The Left Guardian, Lee Hameng, was also watching them.

‘Two candidates for the heir in the same group… interesting.’

He didn’t come out to watch the training; he was here today to see Chun Yeowun. The 8th group was performing as expected since it was the only group with two black tagged students. The only unexpected thing was Chun Yeowun’s internal energy.

‘He has more than what I expected him to have.’

Chun Yeowun had nothing just two weeks ago, but it was weird that he had become more powerful than Jahyun, a member of the Loyal Clan. He knew Submeng had taught him, but even then the internal energy was inexplicable. With the Black Dragon Ball, he should have close to twenty or barely thirty years worth of internal energy, but the energy reflection that Chun Yeowun released on Jahyun meant that he had over thirty years worth of internal energy.

Even if Submeng helped Yeowun absorb the ball, that was too much.

‘Did he absorb all the energy from the ball? Then it’s his own talent, not that drunkard who helped him… heh. So does have the blood then?’

Hameng didn’t think Submeng had taught him well, so he then got up and left the area. When te afternoon practice was over, all the students crowded into the large cafeteria to eat dinner together. Chun Yeowun welcomed this as he had been eating rice soup for two weeks. The 2nd stage required teamwork and thus they were also required to eat together.

“Oh! It’s chicken!”

Chicken meat marinated with soy sauce was placed on the table. One of the perks of being a student was that they were provided an unlimited amount of food. As the students calmly waited with their chopsticks placed on the table, one of the instructors shouted, “You may eat!”


The students replied loudly and began gorging down the food. Chun Yeowun smiled at the taste of chicken meat. He was sick and tired of two weeks of rice soup, and as he ate, he felt Chun Mukuem glaring at him the entire time. He wasn’t sure why the Loyal Clan hated him so much.

‘You better eat up now since you won’t be eating well starting tomorrow.’

Chun Yeowun also had a deep hatred rooted within him toward the six clans. His anger still gushed out of him whenever he thought of his mother who was poisoned to death.

‘You dare trample on the weak? Now I will trample on you.’

He had to bow because he was weak before, but it was different now.

When dinner time was over, a bell rang and everyone stopped to placed their chopsticks on the bowls. Chun Yeowun also glanced at the others and copied them to wait.

“Dinner is finished!”


Students shouted in response and began leaving the cafeteria in lines. As they gathered back on the training ground in lines, Instructor Impeng dismissed his 8th group.

“You are dismissed for today. Everyone except for the 80th cadet, you are dismissed!”


Everyone left other than Jahyun who frowned as he waited. Chun Yeowun scoffed at Jahyun who followed Instructor Impeng and headed for the dorm. The dorm building was on the left side of the main building. It was divided into five sections, and each section had two floors. The lower floor was for the boys and the upper floor was for the girls. There was a total of ten rooms on each floor, and each room had a maximum of twenty beds. Therefore, each group could take one room to sleep in.

That was how everything was divided until the third section, and at the beginning of the fourth section, everyone got their own personal rooms after passing the third test. The fifth section was where the instructors lived.

Chun Yeowun was in room #8.

“Hey-hey. Where do you think you’re going?”

An annoying voice came from behind as Chun Yeowun tried to enter the room. He didn’t hear the voice directly, but he was able to guess who it was. As he turned, Chun Mukeum was glaring him with his arms crossed. Behind him were six cadets who acted like his cronies within the 8th group.

‘Does he want to be on top of everyone anywhere he goes?’

All the princes and princesses of the six clans were known for being raised with the utmost care and respect. They never had to do anything on their own as they always had servants. For example, Chun Wonryou, the princess of the Lust Clan, did the same thing. She was the group leader, but when group time was over and it was free period, she still had about ten cadets following her like her subjects.

Students soon gathered as they saw the rumored 7th prince having a stand-off with Chun Mukeum of the Loyal Clan.

‘Heh, I’ll show you.’

Mukeum liked this situation as he wanted to embarrass Yeowun in front of everyone.

“Peasant boy. Was it nice to be locked up in the medical room like a coward?”

Chun Yeowun’s eyes turned cold. Mukeum liked how Yeowun was triggered by his choice of words and continued, “Why? You don’t like that word? Pea-”

“Are you talking ill of the Lord?”


“If I am a peasant, you must be mean that the Lord is a peasant.”

Mukeum then had a dumbfounded expression on his face. He was only thinking of Yeowun’s mother, but when Yeowun mentioned the Lord, his words got stuck in his throat.

“Are you so noble that you can even talk poorly of the Lord himself?”

“I-I never said…”

All of the students here were loyal to the Lord. Whether they were a member of the six clans or children of the Lord, they had to choose their words wisely. The students around them were silent.

“The Loyal clansmen are idiots.”

Chun Wonryou scoffed as she watched. It was foolish to see him getting word-played by a boy like Chun Yeowun.

‘Fool. Still clinging onto the peasant boy?’

And Chun Kungwun who was from the Sword Clan, also shook his head while he stopped to see what was going on.


Chun Mukeum’s face turned red. He was going to embarrass Yeowun, but he was getting embarrassed instead!

“You bastard. I will bust your face with…UGH!”

Everyone turned silent. Yeowun’s fist struck Mukeum’s face before he could even finish, and blood gushed out from Mukeum’s nose.

“With what? What were you trying to say?”


Mukeum then tried to unleash the Loyal Clan’s martial arts starting with the Loyal Demon Fist Formation, but Chun Yeowun began running. Everyone who was watching never thought that Yeowun would attempt to flee.

“AAAARGH! Get him!”

“Y-yes, sir!”

Students who were behind Mukeum began to run toward Yeowun who was running toward the forest behind the dorm building. Mukeum also used his running skill to follow. And unlike the other students who were watching excitedly, Chun Wonryou and Chun Kungwun looked at Yeowun as if he were weird.

The six students who followed Yeowun were shocked. They knew Yeowun did not have any internal energy, but they still couldn’t catch up to him.

“Why is he so fast?!”

They couldn’t get him, but the Yeowun wasn’t getting away either. The 203rd cadet then thought, ‘Is he luring us?’

He thought for a second as Yeowun seemed to be maintaining a certain distance while running.

“What are you doing?!”


Mukeum swept the blood from his nose and shot past them. He had to catch Yeowun and destroy his bones so that he could feel better. Yeowun glanced back and stopped.

“Damn, bastard. Are you done running?!”

Mukeum clenched his fist and walked up. Yeowun answered with a smirk, “Running? Hah, I brought you here.”


“I don’t want the others to see it yet.”

And with that, Yeowun’s body bounced like a spring and he struck Mukeum down with his palm. It was almost an ambush, but Mukeum was ready with his internal energy all over his body. Thus, Mukeum brought up his two fists and blocked Yeowun’s palm.

Mukeum was pushed back two steps, but his eyes shook with shock.

“You.. you… how did you learn such martial arts?!”

He didn’t think about any of the details until now, but Chun Mukeum was now shocked to see the power behind Yeowun’s internal energy attack.

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