Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Eye for an eye (3)

The leader of the 5th group, Chun Wonryou, glared at Chun Yeowun.


This wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to defeat the 8th group led by Chun Mukeum and prove that she had the potential to be the next leader, but the current 8th group was led by Chun Yeowun who was too weak and had a bad background. It wasn’t enough to prove her potential.

‘You do not belong there.’

She didn’t feel that hostile against Yeowun like the Loyal or Poison Clans, but she too considered Yeowun to be peasant blood.

‘You should blame your mother for putting you in such a spot.’

She knew the hardships that Yeowun had faced while growing up.

‘Your peasant blood doesn’t belong in the competition for the throne. I will put an end to it right here. It will be better for your unfortunate life.’

Chun Wonryou then decided to finish Chun Yeowun here and now.

When the test began, the 5th group began charging in. Yeowun then talked to Nano in his head.

‘Nano, activate Augmented Reality. Activate the formation tutorial.’

Yeowun then started seeing the lines and writings in his sight. He had already registered the twelve formations into Nano’s program. Members of the 8th group became nervous as Yeowun did not give them any orders while the 5th group was charging straight at them.

“Not yet!” Yeowun shouted to his members. And when the 5th group reached a certain distance, Chun Wonryou shouted, “Number two!”

The 5th group then began changing their formation. Yeowun then thought, ‘Spear formation?’

Yeowun then saw the lines analyzing their movements which turned into writing before they even completed the formation

[Opponent is changing into the spear formation.]

They were forming an arrow with Chun Wonryou at the front. This was effective when the leader had the strength; they could penetrate the enemy’s defenses through brute force.

‘It’s as expected.’

The tutorial began to show him how to react to the attack.

[For the perfect defense, there is the defensive formation. Success rate: 100%. For a counterattack, fishnet formation can be used. Defense success rate: 60%, counterattack success rate: 90%.]

Augmented Reality gave him two choices. The first one was the safer choice, but Yeowun took the second one.

“We will go as planned for the first! Number six!”

Wonryou raised her eyebrows as she guessed the formation. As she had guessed, the 8th group quickly changed into the fishnet formation.

‘How dare he!’

Unlike the spear formation which guaranteed penetration, the fishnet formation was an attack formation that was created to defend at the front with support from behind. However, this also required the leader at the forefront to be powerful.

“Fishnet formation here?”

Hameng also couldn’t understand this. That required the leader to handle the opposing formation’s leader. Hameng knew Submeng had taught him, but that was too reckless.

‘Maybe I thought too highly of him.’

He shook his head, and this thought was shared by all the students.

‘Such a foolish choice!’

Nobody thought Chun Yeowun would be able to handle Chun Wonryou. Yet, none of the members of the 8th group thought twice about Yeowun’s decision.

“How dare a peasant like you think of fighting me!”

Chun Wonryou clashed head-on against Yeowun who wielded internal energy on the shield. People were surprised by what came after. They thought the 8th group led by Yeowun would be put down the moment when they clashed, but they were holding off.

‘They blocked them!’

Everyone was shocked. However, the one who was the most shocked was Chun Wonryo.


Her attack was being pushed back. She had over thirty-five years worth of internal energy. Even if Chun Yeowun had acquired that much internal energy from the Black Dragon Ball, it should not have been enough to fend off Wonryou.

‘Whew… it’s as expected.’

Yeowun felt sweat rolling down his forehead. Unlike Wonryou’s assumption, Yeowun actually only had thirty years worth of internal energy.

‘It’s stingy.’

He was a bit weaker in internal energy, but his muscle cells were at Submeng’s level, and that allowed him to hold his ground. Yeowun then took a step forward. His lack of internal energy let the attack wave pass through the shield, but he also had a way to deal with this.

[Regenerating bodily damage from hostile energy force coming through the shield.]

Nano moved quickly to heal Yeowun. Wonryou was shocked.

‘What has he done?!’

She then realized she had to change the formation or else her group would be destroyed. She shouted, “Retreat! Number one!”

Her group then took a few steps back and Wonryou also brought up her shield before hopping back. Number one was the basic formation of two lines.

‘It’s our chance!’

Yeowun looked around to plan his next move.

[Opponent has changed formations. Corner them through the Sparrow’s Wing formation and subdue the opponent through the circle formation. Success rate: 90%.]

With Nano’s voice, Yeowun shouted at his members.

“Change! Number three!”

They began spreading out. Wonryou smiled. She realized Yeowun was changing the formation by using the numbers. The third formation was the four-line formation.

‘Fool. You think what the first group used will work against me?’

She figured she managed to find out what Yeowun intended on using, and thus she shouted toward her students.

“Number six!”

Number six was the fishnet formation. It would allow her to cut right through the middle of the four-line formation. Her group then began to form a fish.

‘It’s over now!’

She sent the power to her sword. She didn’t know what Yeowun did, but she didn’t think he would have gotten this much stronger so quickly.

‘If I corner him alone, I will kill him!’

However, her plan didn’t work. Soon enough, they couldn’t hide their shock.


“It’s not the four-line formation!”

The 8th group had spread themselves into the Sparrow’s Wing formation to corner them in. They were now being cornered in the semi-circle.

‘What? What is going on?!’

Even Wonryou was shocked by the situation. Yeowun just shouted number three, but the formation was different. Before she could get back to her senses, Yeowun shouted again.

“Number two!”


Chun Wonryou’s pretty face contorted at number two. Number two was the spearhead formation, but it was not a good formation to shift to from the Sparrow’s Wing formation.

‘He’s not forming the circle formation? What is… no!’

Chun Wonryou’s eyes almost popped out. Unlike her first thought, the 8th group was changing into another formation that she hadn’t guessed.


She then saw Yeowun grinning at her with a smirk.


She screamed as her face turned red, realizing the secret behind this. Yeowun had given backward numbers to the formation while the other groups kept the same number.

‘He shouted the regular number to fool me!’

For the first formation, the 8th group used regular numbers. But from the second formation on, they changed the system. The 8th group was now closing in from the circle formation, and the 5th group was cornered.

‘No… how can I…’

With no way out, there were no way for them to win this either. Yet, Wonryou couldn’t accept the result. The students in the 5th group fell into despair. They all began dropping their shields after realizing they had lost.

“What are you doing! Why are you putting your shields down!”

Wonryou shouted at her members. She couldn’t bear to lose against Yeowun whom she thought had no place against her. She had to win against Yeowun easily to compete with the others.

‘They will laugh at me! Everyone will laugh at me!’

She then lost control and charged at Yeowun.


Wonryou unleashed the Lust Can’s unique skill, Sword Energy Wave, trying to kill her target. And what happened next shocked all the students yet again.

Chun Yeowun threw down his shield and jumped up, unleashing his Butterfly Blade Dance at his enemy.

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