Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Secret books of the Academy library (1)

Submeng’s blade skill mesmerized people who saw the traces that it left.


Chun Wonryou’s attack lost its unique smooth flow due to her anger and brute force. Yeowun’s sword crashed into her attack and shot past her cheek and arm.

‘The last attack move isn’t complete because it’s not a blade.’

He had to use a blade for it to work, but this was only a training sword so he couldn’t use the skill perfectly. However, it was perfect until then.

Something dropped to the ground. Blood began to pour out from the cut area, and Chun Wonryou’s face turned pale as her eyes trembled.


Her scream filled the training ground. It was her right arm that had fallen down. It was same for most martial artists, but for the Lust Clan, the right arm was like a treasure that could not be replaced.

“AAAAAAAAAAH! My arm! My arm!!!”

She screamed as she grabbed her arm on the ground, not thinking about stopping the bleeding. It was so sudden that everyone stared blankly before they returned to their senses.

The instructor of the 5th group quickly ran up, grabbed the cut arm, and pressed on Wonryou’s blood point. He then took off his clothes to wrap it around her arm to stop the bleeding. It had only been three weeks, but the Instructor Wuchil glared at Yeowun who had injured his student so horribly and looked away. Within the Demonic Academy where the strong took everything, Yeowun had done nothing wrong.


Lee Hameng was dumbfounded. He knew Right Guardian Submeng’s blade skill better than anyone else and what Yeowun did was the perfect copy of Submeng himself, if not considering the experience and the internal energy.

‘Drunkard… what have you done?’

He had created a masterpiece out of nowhere in just two weeks. Hameng thought Yeowun would not have such luck at the beginning of the second test, but he was wrong.

‘No. It’s not Submeng.’

He would have thought it was Submeng if Yeowun was just powerful in martial arts, but he had passed the second test so easily. He overpowered Wonryou in using formation tactics, and Hameng liked how aggressive Yeowun was in dealing with his enemies.

‘…Maybe I should’ve taken him in as my apprentice before Submeng did.’

The result came as regret for Hameng. But he was the Chief of the academy, and Submeng was already Yeowun’s teacher. Hameng got up and shouted, “Congratulations to the 8th group on their victory.”


Members of the 8th group shouted with joy.

‘I passed the second test. Whew…’

Chun Yeowun also realized it by hearing his members shouting in joy.

“Go back down now.”

They returned to their position with joy. The victory of the 8th group didn’t only give Chun Yeowun happiness.

‘Chun Yeowun.’

‘He was hiding his skill.’

‘The peasant dares to defeat the Lust Clan?’

‘…I should pay attention to him.’

Chun Yeowun’s ability had now been revealed to everyone within the academy. Now, all the students from the high-ranked clans and princes began focusing on him. And as for Chun Jongsum who hated Yeowun as much as Mukeum, he began planning ahead.

The test began again as the next set of groups was ready. As they walked forward, Yeowun felt a faint sensation of hostility and turned around. It was Ha Ilming who was glaring at him.

‘Now you know?’

Yeowun smiled and Ha Ilming scowled.


Ha Ilming didn’t think Yeowun was the culprit until the test progressed further. After seeing Yeowun attack Wonryou, he became certain that it was Yeowun. He couldn’t miss it as he had been attacked by Yeowun the other night.


He couldn’t do anything since they were in the middle of the test and he had to finish the test first.


The 7th group was beyond excited to see half the members of the 6th group limping up onto the stage. This was going to be an easy victory.

‘Attacking all the members? Whoever did it is very aggressive.’

Hameng also was intrigued to see such a thing. He had never seen an attack on this many students before.


The 7th group began charging in with a charging formation.


It was the fishnet formation. The 7th group moved quickly to get into formation, but the 6th group did not move. Ha Ilming looked back at his members and seethed, “You all should thank me eternally.”

What did that mean? Ha Ilming then flashed his sword up and shouted.

“Spear formation!”

“Spear formation!”

The 6th group members moved slowly to change formation and the leader of the 7th group, Wujun, scoffed.

“Hah! What a fool. Telling us what formation they’re using?”

And the formation was indeed the spear formation which was weak against the fishnet formation as seen from the battle with the 8th group.

‘What a noble sacrifice for your members, huh?’ Wujun thought as he and his group charged in. And when they were about to collide…


Wujun threw his shield out with the internal energy, but Ha Ilming threw his shield on the ground and grabbed on his sword with two hands.


Ha Ilming’s two arms then began to expand and he swung his sword from the bottom up.


Wujun brought down his shield to the bottom, but the shield was crushed and thrown up. Wujun looked up at his shield with shock and Ha Ilming’s powerful thrust came for his chest.


The sword penetrated Wujun’s chest. Blood poured out from his mouth and he couldn’t even speak.


Ha Ilming then focused the internal energy in his leg and shouted, “PUSH!”

His group members then began putting the shield in front and started moving. Ha Ilming then used Wujun like a shield to push forward.


The 7th group began to move back frantically. This result was completely different from all the other groups. Every student who was watching became dumbfounded and Hameng almost burst out in laughter.

‘Hahaha! What kind of battle is this?’

This result was achieved through just one person’s strength. Hameng was curious as to how Ha Ilming would pass the test with his wounded group, and this was beyond expectation.

‘This year’s academy is exciting.’

Hameng then got up and shouted, “Congratulations…”

The 6th group shouted with joy. And as they were filled with joy, Ha Ilming glanced at Wujun before he turned to look at Yeowun who was watching. His expression was saying this: ‘You’re next.’

Yeowun then realized that he had created an annoying enemy.

The test went on with the other groups and they weren’t that exciting. They were mostly normal formation battles. Countless students were wounded, but the only one who was killed was the 7th group leader, Wujun. Now, only 270 students were left and they moved onto the third stage.

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