Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Why memorize a book? (2)

The Demonic Cult, located in the Ten Thousand Mountains.

The cult had many families and clans, but it was mainly comprised of six clans: Wise, Sword, Loyal, Blade, Poison, and Lust clans. These six clans each had someone who could become the Lord.

As per the oath, the Lord needed to marry women from all six clans and make babies who would all live with their mother’s clans. The six sons would then join the Demonic Academy held once every ten years to be trained.’

The academy was created to train the finest warriors of each generation — at least that’s what it was known for officially.

However, the academy was filled with the fiercest competition whenever the multiple princes or candidates to succeed the Lord joined.

Inside the academy, the princes trained and made connections with other families and clans to increase their power. After claiming victory within the academy, he will become the heir to the throne.

Yeowun got out of the bath and looked at his body through the mirror as he dried himself off. His body was originally scrawny and weak, but now it was muscular and well-toned.

‘Nano Machine. How is this possible?’

[I have reconstructed your body, Master.]


[Creating something from nothing is hard, but reshaping your body and muscles is not as hard.]

‘Your speaking is so complicated.’

He had not learned martial arts yet, but he did not slack off in his studies. However, whatever words the Nano Machine used were those that he had not learned from any of his education sessions. Yeowun put his clothes back on and went to his office.

‘Your name is too long. Is there any other name I can call you with?’

[You can set any name you’d like, Master.]

‘…Hm. I can’t think of any, so I’ll just call you Nano.’

[Registering -Nano-]

‘I just gave you a name. How about you say thank you?’

Yeowun joked about it, but there was no way a machine could understand a joke.

[Thank you, Master.]


The Nano Machine was a machine and Yeowun was now getting used to it.

His office did not have many books. Most of them were related to his studies, and there weren’t any books about martial arts. All he had were basic books about gaining internal energy and that helped him very little.


This was the work of all the ladies from the six clans.

It was those ladies who secretly poisoned his mother and made Yeowun swear an oath that he would not learn any martial arts until he joined the academy in front of his dying mother.

That’s why Yeowun could only study this basic internal energy book. Even this was only possible because the Lord himself had sent it to him secretly.

If he didn’t even learn this, his muscle and veins would have hardened, making it impossible to learn any martial arts even after joining the academy. The six clans knew that the training would not make any differences so they did not care.

‘Let’s try it.’

Yeowun took out a book from the shelves. It was a book about blood flow.

‘What do I need to do?’

[Look right into the book and go through each page until you reach the last one.]

‘Just flip through the pages?’

[Yes. Please start.]

Yeowun was not convinced, but he started flipping through pages. He then quickly reached the last page. He did not realize it, but his focus was shaking rapidly.

‘I did it.’

[Scanned the book ‘Blood Passage.’ Attempting to send the information to the user’s brain. Will you accept?]

‘Scan? Oh, you mean you copied what it means?’

[Yes, Master. Will you accept?]

‘I accept.’

And the feeling that he felt when he received the Nano Machine’s manual came back to him. His head felt as if a jolt of lightning had struck him and the information swept into his brain. Yeowun felt slightly dizzy and he held onto the bookshelf. It was much better than before, but he still felt like everything was spinning around him.

[Transfer complete.]

“Ha… ha…”

[You will get used to it, Master.]

‘Are you worried about me?’

[I am just stating the fact.]

And as Nano said, the dizziness quickly disappeared.

‘Is this over?’

[Yes, Master. As you did with the manual, you can think about the related information to bring it up.]

Yeowun then thought about blood flow, and information about the book that he hadn’t even read came up to him naturally.

‘What… wow.’

It was hard to believe, but he had just crammed the entire book into his head without even reading it. He fully understood what it meant.

[There was an error in the book that was corrected before it was transferred.]

‘Error? What error?’

[Information about the blood points were wrong, so it was amended.]

The Nano Machine that was created in the distant future had embedded more precise information while scanning the book.

“This is crazy!”

Yeowun thought this was amazing. He had to study and memorize books until now, but with this method, he didn’t need to spend time on that anymore.

‘I can just cram everything in!’

Yeowun smiled excitedly. He didn’t have that many books in his office, but it was going to be different once he entered the academy.

‘Let’s quickly grow stronger than everyone else and survive after joining the academy. That’s the goal.’

He couldn’t fight the war for the throne just yet. He needed to focus on surviving for now.

Little did Chun Yeowun know that the power of the Nano Machine was not only limited to its information transfer.

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