Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Entering the Academy (1)

Yeowun’s mother died when he was ten years old. The Lord sent Doctor Baek to look after his mother, but it was too late. He later learned that his mother died due to poisoning. It was a type that was hidden inside food, and one could not detect the poison until it killed the target that consumed it, thus assassinating them.

Yeowun was also poisoned, but he did not have as much food and he was able to survive by taking Doctor Baek’s medicine. After this incident, Jang always prepared his food.

Jang always woke up early in the morning to train before preparing Yeowun’s breakfast. It wasn’t sure since when, but Yeowun always woke up early too and watched Jang go through his training. According to Wulin standards, it was rude to peek at another’s training, but Jang felt sorry for Yeowun who couldn’t learn martial arts and he didn’t say much about it.

And today, Jang was up early to train his dagger skills.

‘It’s today.’

Yeowun stayed up late that night and now it was time for him to join the academy. Once he entered the academy’s doors, he’d lose Jang’s protection. He drew a long face as he looked at Jang’s training.

‘Would it have been better if I learned some of his arts at least?’

He always thought of this, but members of clans were always watching them so he couldn’t learn. That’s when the Nano Machine spoke to him.

[Would you like to scan Guard Jang’s movements?]


Yeowun opened his eyes in shock.

‘Can you scan a person’s movements too?’

[It is possible.]

‘Then you mean you can scan Jang’s martial art movements and transfer them to my head?’

[Yes, Master. And there is data of multiple martial arts techniques that I can transfer over to you at this moment.]

Yeowun did not know, but the Nano Machine was created with advanced technology from the future. He did not gain approval from Jang, but he was going to the academy in the afternoon. He had to make a choice.

‘Okay. Scan it.’

[Activating the scan.]

Yeowun’s focus began to shake rapidly and then started to scan Jang’s movements. After staring at his movements for about thirty minutes, Nano’s voice filled his head.

[Movement scan completed. Beginning transfer.]

And with the jolt, the movement began to play back in Yeowun’s head. And soon, it was complete.

[Transfer complete.]

With the slight dizziness, it was done. Yeowun’s eye shined with astonishment. This was beyond amazement.

‘Nano… I can’t believe this. I think I can use Jang’s dagger skill!’

Yeowun closed the window so Jang could not see him and readied himself. It was the basic stance that Jang did before unleashing his skill. Yeowun then swung his arm to unleash his dagger.

He did not learn, nor was he taught, but his movements now matched Jang’s movements outside. Jang had trained his actions for twenty years, but Yeowun could mimic his movements perfectly. Nano’s voice rang in his ears again.

[Muscle analysis complete for training the movements. Will you accept the transfer to your muscles?]

‘I need the muscle transfer too?’ Yeowun asked curiously.

[If you don’t have the proper developed muscles for your movement, you will…]


Before Nano could finish, Yeowun felt pain tearing through his entire muscle. It was so intense that he couldn’t even move.

[There is muscle damage as it is not yet suitable for the movement.]

‘Okay… now I get it. Can you please make it easier for me to understand?’

Yeowun thought as he barely got up and sat down on the bed.

[Changing language to fit the user’s level.]


Yeowun frowned as it didn’t feel too good, but he couldn’t understand fully either.

[Translation complete. You did not train like Jang for a long time, so your body is not yet accustomed to the movements that your brain has learned. Only after simulating the movements and analyzing the muscle development requirements can you use it fully.]

‘Okay… I think I understand better now. It’s still hard.’

Most terms that Nano used were not used in people of current times, which was hard to understand.

[Would you like to lower the language level to the lowest level?]

‘…No, that won’t be necessary. So, if I transfer the muscle development, I won’t have this bad pain?’

[That is correct. Will you begin the transfer?]

‘How long does it take?’

[Reshaping muscles will require every Nano Machine inside the body, which will take loading time.]

‘Loading time? So how long will it take?’

[Approximately two hours.]

It was still early in the morning, so two hours was okay. Yeowun nodded and agreed with the transfer.

[Activating muscle transfer. It will come with strong pain, so you will be put under anesthesia.]

‘Does it hurt?’

[It comes with severe pain. There have been millions of cases of fainting from the pain.]

‘Should I try it without anesthesia?’

Yeowun wondered curiously.

[Will you proceed without anesthesia?]

‘…If I can’t bear it, can you put me to sleep?’ Yeowun added.

He soon realized he was not wrong in adding that last part.

[Beginning the process.]

As millions of nanomachines began moving toward his muscles, he felt ticklish.

‘This doesn’t seem…’

And the muscle change began at once.

“UGH!” he gasped. The muscles twisted and his eyes rolled backward at the intense pain. He couldn’t scream, but he couldn’t hold back either.


Yeowun twisted in agony and almost screamed as Nano’s voice rang in his head.

[Injecting anesthesia.]


And Yeowun fell asleep.

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