Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboeteinainoka?

Volume 1 Chapter 2 part2

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'Night' has arrived in Neo Vishall. In this underground city, the sunlight from the surface and the lights on the rooftop take turns to illuminate the place.

Midnight, to match with the condition of the surface, minimal lights lighten the city.


At a room of a certain hotel, in a dim lighted room, Kai is flipping through pages of books. From maps to historical books and public documents from the Resist, all of which was borrowed by the help of Saki and Athrun.

"…How could this happen"

Until, all he could do was let out a heavy breath, unable to sigh or let out a smile.

"If this is the 'common sense' of this world… Then this history is different from mine."

The history Kai remembered, a hundred year ago where the Great War of the Five Races ended up in humanity's victory. On the contrary, in this world where "Humanity lost the Great War. And that defeat was just 30 years ago."

Everything else other than the history is as Kai's memories.

The world map, the continents and the mountain ranges are as it was. Even records pertaining to humans, Kai's neighbors' names were similarly found in the citizen roster of the city. The currency used in the Human City is the same as what was used in Kai's world.

…But Aslan had overcomed his motion sickness.

…And several other changes, but details pertaining to each individuals are as my memories are.

On the other hand, there is this mystery of why my own existence is forgotten, as well as Sid.

Kai and The Prophet Sid's existence is not recorded.

As if it was erased by history itself.


Although I can still consent to the inexistence of Prophet Sid, since without him humanity lost in the Great War. And so, the current circumstance is due to the cause and effect of the Hero's absence.

"Why am I not here…!?"

Even my comrades from the HPA are here, then why am I, Kai, forgotten from this world.

"How about my parents? Relatives? Although I couldn't find their names in the citizen roster but there is a possibility they could have fled to another nearby Human City."

Currently, Kai and Sid's existence are the only ones certain to be 'inexistent' here.

"Clues… Anything… Without Sid, humanity is now ruled by the Four Races, any other changes other than this!?"

Looking through the maps and historical books from one end to the other.

"The Ulza Federation lost to Vanessa, without a doubt since Sid is not here. Anything else!? Any inconsistencies with my memories!? Even the pyramids are similarly black pyramid shaped. Then, the governors of each generation…"

An uncomfortable feeling.

The vexed Kai then flipped back the pages, the map of the Ulza Federation.

There, a photograph of the black pyramid was attached.

The Demon's graveyard.

… Hold on. I may have made a huge misunderstanding.

… I may have overlooked something about this graveyard.

"!! That's right! Why didn't I realize sooner!"

"This graveyard. The very existence of this graveyard is weird!"

The graveyard is a place where the Four Races were sealed in after humanity's victory in the Great War.

But humanity lost the war in this world.

"Without Sid… It's impossible for humanity to win the Great War, then why is this here!"

If humanity was defeated, then why are the graveyard used to seal the Four Races existent to begin with, isn't this contradicting with this world's history.


Within the dimness, Kai bit his lips.


HPA : Humanity Protection Agency. The military association Kai is in.

Vanessa : The Dark Empress, Hero of the Demons

Graveyard : A black pyramid used to seal the Four Races who lost to humanity in Kai’s world

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