Naze Boku no Sekai wo Dare mo Oboeteinainoka?

Volume 1 Chapter 2 part3

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Early morning.

The two who fixed their gazes towards the map Kai spread and started to talk.

"..Graveyard? Nope, never heard of it" (Saki)

"It's my first time seeing it too. What is this eerie triangular black pyramid… Looks like the Demons built it? The photographer who took these pictures might have think of that too, hence they took the photograph." (Aslan)

"…Got it. Thanks"

Saki and Aslan does not know about the graveyard just as I expected. If humanity lost the Great War then presence of the Graveyard is illogical.

This is worth investigating.

"Aslan, is there any car I can use?"

"Hm? Do you want me to drive you somewhere? Sorry but Saki and I have a strategic meeting after this since the main squad just arrived here at the Resist yesterday so I can't be away."

"I understand that"

Kai then hold out his hand.

"I can go by myself so lend me the key. I'll go at full speed and come back by afternoon so please lend me the Resist's key."


The Graveyard wasteland.

In his world, Kai together with Saki and Aslan spent a year and a half coming and going to that place with the gun truck.

"It's my first time coming here alone."

Kai looked up from the armored car.

The black pyramid exposed to the sand-mixed wind stood up high.

"Since the Demons occupied the capital of the Ulza Federation, they placed patrols.. huh.."

The two Demons Kai encountered at the 9th Terminal are patrols.

Throughout the drive reaching the wasteland, he had spotted several shadows possibly to be Demos.

He detoured each time it happened, and finally reached the wasteland.

"…Better get going then"

Towards the 200 meter tall building.

Taking along the Drake Nail in the side passenger seat, Kai jumped out from the driver's seat.

"No irregularities in the main entrance. Though that's to be expected."

The only entrance into the Graveyard is only unlockable by the key held in the HPA.

… I had once entered this place by special permission. That was when Jeanne's father was the chief of Ulza HQ and I tagged along for observation study.

And I fell deep inside.

"But that doesn't matter right now."

Kai slowly walked along the perimeter of the Graveyard.

The sunlight blazed down sharp enough to feel pain throughout the skin. I can faintly feel sweat running down my forehead and went into the Graveyard. There, I saw something unbelievable.

"The sealing stone… It's out of place!?"

A huge round shaped stone moved away from the Graveyard's wall and tumbled a distance away. The stone has a special role as the apparatus to avoid the Demons from escaping. A dim green light shining throughout its pattern discerns that it is still functioning.

"Which means.. The Demons sealed inside did not escape out of the exit through this stone then… Saki and Aslan would have said something about 'Demons escaping' if it really did happen"

The sealing stone which acts as the lid which seals the Demons was left unused for hundreds of years… That may be the logical reason.

Going towards the inner part of the Graveyard, Kai entered not through the main entrance, but through the hole which the sealing stone left opened which connects directly to the space where the Demons are sealed.

The place where Kai fell into ten years ago was further deeper.

… But didn't I fell unconscious right after I fell in…

… As soon as I regain consciousness, I was outside the Graveyard.

Kai still remembered the feeling of being surrounded by the squirming Demons. And there is where the Prophet Sid's legendary sword lies, 'The Shining Sword', where Kai felt he had taken ahold of the sword… Kai's memories stopped until that point.

The inner part of the Graveyard shined down by sunlight, the moment Kai stepped in the atmosphere turned cold that he could feel a cold chill down his spine. As he goes deeper,


A light. From the path's corner, a beam of light can be seen.

…That light.. What is this feeling?


Kai unknowingly moved towards the light.

Beneath that light, at an open space through a corner of the path.

In the middle of that space, the Shining Sword stabbed in the ground.

The legendary sword held by Prophet Sid, the bright sword which was used to defeat the Four Heroes.

But there was no records which could proof its existence, hence Sid's achievements as humanity's hero was thought to be a fantasy.

That hero's sword now once again stood in front of Kai's eyes.

"…Sid's sword…?"

The light the Shining Sword releases is a sword that would bring shame to the one the Sun releases at the surface.

Like a symbol which brightens the night, Sid's sword which shines brightly of a sunlight color.

It would be best to describe it as the sacredness of the glorious light which a God emits.

That makes it even more surprising is that the sword was as clear as a crystal, from its hilt to its blade, everything was as crystal clear.

"…This is.. the real thing right?"

Just as Kai's memories from ten years back, the Hero's sword really exists.

"I knew it! Sid's legend is real!"

Like ten years ago, Kai rushed to grab the hilt of the sword.

Then, a voice of an aged man vibrated throughout the whole Graveyard.

Thou entwined in fate's hatred. Do not let go of thy sword. The Code Holder…

"… Code Holder?" (Kanji reads as the Key of the Coordinates of the World)

The sunlight color sword in front of Kai started to float midair. From the tip of the sword shines a flash of dimly dark light which mowed down a void space. The light then materializes into a door.

The door which started to open.

"…Someone… Please… Save me…"

A different voice from before, a transient voice of a girl disappearing could be heard from within. As Kai realizes the identity of the voice, the door had fully opened and a whirlpool of light drags Kai towards it.

Kai who heard the voice of the girl responded with all he could muster into his voice and screamed out.

… Someone is here…

… A lamenting voice asking for help.

That was all he could understand.

Thus Kai, with the guidance of the Hero's sword, move towards the place where the 'girl' is waiting.


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