Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 1894: The Dark World

Chapter 1894: The Dark World

The flight treasure shaped like a bird turned completely black. It picked up speed until it blurred into a streak of black light and vanished into the void.

The three Rising Sunriver supremes stopped and looked at each other.

“We’ve… we’ve lost them? How do we explain ourselves to the princess now?” they panicked. While the little princess didn’t possess a particularly high cultivation level, she was uncommonly cruel and vicious. It was well known that more supremes than could be counted had died at her hands.

The three could already imagine the welcome that’d be waiting for them when they returned home.

“No need.”




The three supremes exploded into balls of bloody mist as the princess and muscular man appeared in the same spot.

“Trash!” She swept a glance over the dispersing clouds of bloody mist and turned to the man. “Qiewo.”

“Your Highness, the vessel was originally headed to the Dark World. We can just wait for them there. That person’s goal is also the Dark World, so I’m sure we’ll find her in that world.”

“Mmhmm,” the princess nodded.


The black bird sped through the void until it crash landed on a distant dim star. Cultivators inside the vessel could finally sag with relief. All of them felt incredibly lucky to be alive after that unforeseen calamity.

“My thanks to fellow daoist for saving our lives!” Roughly one thousand cultivators offered their gratitude to Lu Yun. Zhu Lingyan was now a name firmly etched in their hearts.

“Rising Sunriver is completely out of line here. How dare they conduct themselves in such a brazen manner just because the Corpse Refiners are their backer?!” Someone took out a communication talisman and prepared to announce their recent experience to the rest of the realm.

“One moment,” Lu Yun quickly stopped the person. “If my guess is right, those from Rising Sunriver will continue to disguise themselves as void raiders and look for us along our original flight path. We should split up and hide among the nearby major worlds. As for the matter of hijacking the flight treasure, let’s leave it to the spirit paper to break the news.”

Thoughts flew rapidly through everyone’s minds. While most of them were senior cultivators and also backed by supremes, whoever dared make this matter public would face that princess’ wrath and full vengeance.

Rising Sunriver was a divine nation with grand supremes in residence. When reinforced by the horrific Corpse Refiners, they could only be described as domineering. It would be a walk in the park for them to investigate who circulated the original news.

The spirit paper, however, was different. Falsehood and truth alike filled its pages, but its influence could not be denied. It also maintained strict confidentiality for its sources, so the Corpse Refiners and Rising Sunriver would never determine who their sources were.

Neither of the two factions were involved with the spirit paper either.

The group of cultivators slowly dispersed and hid themselves in nearby major worlds. Only Xu Che remained on the scene.

“It’s strange, don’t they say that we cultivators should keep to ourselves and avoid sticking our noses into things? So how come you…” He looked at Lu Yun with bafflement.

Zhu Lingyan absolutely had the ability to quietly slip away from the flight treasure with his companion. When he manipulated the vessel, Xu Che had been able to see through his cultivation—a supplemental king!𝒇𝑟e𝗲𝚠𝚎𝐛𝗻𝐨νel. 𝒄om

Lu Yun pursed his lips, he was used to doing things like this. The idea of collecting goodwill motivated him originally. Toward the end, it’d become instinct to involve himself like that.

This was purposefully fostered by the Tome of Life and Death. Even if the most irredeemable villain gained the treasure, they would eventually become a saint through the book’s influence. After all, it would be a disaster for life itself if someone unscrupulous wielded the Tome of Life and Death.

Lu Yun was no saint, but neither was he evil incarnate. Hence, he wasn’t particularly opposed to doing good deeds.

“Come on, let’s take another flight treasure to the Dark World.” He rubbed his nose with resignation. They were still too far from the world. If he flew there, it’d take him a few hundred years to reach his destination.

Since he couldn’t be bothered with crafting a flight treasure, making use of public transportation through the chief worlds was the best option.

Transportation formations?

Those that could cross the realm were strictly grasped in the hands of the major factions and would never be available to the public.


There was a lot of available transportation to the Dark World, so Lu Yun and the others quickly found another option. After several months of travel, they finally arrived at the world closest to the Dark World—a major world called Darkstar.

There was no supreme that ruled over it because it was too close to the Dark World. Constantly under threat of attack from the latter’s denizens, neither supreme nor high supreme wished to be in charge.

Thus, Darkstar was an unclaimed world unfettered by any laws. Murder, looting, and killing others for their belongings happened everyday. At the same time, it was a tremendous zone for tempering oneself. Most of the notable merchant guilds in the chief worlds had established branches here. What particularly surprised Lu Yun was the presence of a Wind and Cloud Pagoda among their number.

Apart from Moran Dongning in hell, Chen Xiao, Qing Buyi, and Lu Feng had entered the tomb of the empyrean supreme. The Wind and Cloud Pagoda drew its name from the wind character in Lu Feng and the cloud character in Lu Yun.

Lu Yun was essentially the second master of this faction, but he didn’t make his way there. With the World of Immortals conquering multiple major worlds, many factions of the outside realm had issued high bounties for the important personnel of their new enemy. Lu Yun’s head was worth three major worlds—the value of a divine nation.

“How about we buy some Resurrection Talismans at the Wind and Cloud Pagoda? That’ll better prepare us for the Dark World.” Xu Che looked at Lu Yun with a smile.

“Xu Che.” Silent all this time, Nightmare finally spoke. “If the three of us jointly claim the world heart in the Dark World, who will it belong to?”

Xu Che started, then chuckled ruefully. “Ah, I didn’t think things through properly. I take my leave then.” He raised a cupped fist salute at Lu Yun before departing.

“Annoying little tagalong. Did he really think he was part of us?” Nightmare curled her lip.

“Xu Che is very strong.” Lu Yun watched him go. “He could’ve killed all of those Rising Sunriver people by himself. Wait, speak of the devil. They’re here and looking for someone.”

He suddenly saw the princess that had attacked them and pulled Nightmare in another direction.

“You there, halt!” The princess in a yellow outfit caught up to them, staring at Nightmare with her pretty eyes. “You’re from the Ghost Sect?”

“Nightmare of the Ghost Sect,” the female ghost introduced herself with a frown.

“Since you’re from the Ghost Sect, come with me.” The princess whirled around, thinking that Nightmare would naturally fall in place behind her.

“Idiot.” Nightmare’s lip curl deepened and she headed in another direction.

“How dare you?!” roared one of the supremes following the princess.

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