Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 1895: An Invitation From Starcatch Tower

Chapter 1895: An Invitation From Starcatch Tower

Rising Sunriver was an absolute titan in the chief worlds. Grand supremes filled its ranks and the Corpse Refiners stood behind it. In terms of overall strength, it ranked above Chu Xingran’s Darklake.

Little princess Jiang Lu was the apple of her father’s eye. Vicious, brutal, and completely out of hand, her nature was the result of incessant spoiling from the nation’s ruler. She killed people whenever anything showed a hint of not going her way.

As mighty as the Ghost Sect was, it was relatively just a bit subpar to a divine nation. Although its sect master was also a grand supreme, humans walking the path of ghost dao resulted in innate flaws. Thus, the sect master was the weakest among grand supremes.

Why else would the Ghost Sect wish to come under Lu Yun’s banner?

Only when ghost cultivators trained in hell could they compensate for their connate drawbacks. Of course, the Ghost Sect was no easy target either. Nightmare had dared kill dragon warriors in the World of Soul Dominion. While the sect wasn’t the strongest, there were no cowards to be found among its ranks.


Nightmare couldn’t be bothered to entertain Jiang Lu’s demand. Yes, the Ghost Sect was a hair weaker than Rising Sunriver, but she was the foster daughter of the sect master. That made her a princess too! She wasn’t in any way inferior to that girl, whether in terms of status or position.

However, the supreme by Jiang Lu’s side plainly didn’t share the sentiment. How dare a mewling cultivator from the Ghost Sect refuse his princess?! Thus, he grabbed for Nightmare, intending to haul her to his mistress’ side.

Nightmare’s eyes widened and she shifted back on the balls of her feet. She released a stark-white ghostly face from her hand with a sharp gesture. Sharp teeth bared menacingly, the face bore down on the supreme.

“What is this?!” gasped the supreme as he hastily retreated. The face tracked his movements and clung to him like a maggot, sinking its teeth into the supreme’s arm.

“What??” Jiang Lu’s eyes shot wide with surprise and she quickly moved to the side, watching one of her subordinates being eaten right in front of her.

Supremes were lofty beings to ordinary sequence cultivators. But to esteemed persons such as Jiang Lu and Nightmare, basic supremes were fit to be only servants.

Take Chu Xingran, for example. More supremes than could be counted had danced attendance on him before he entered the Land of Reincarnation. There was no sign of them afterward because his heart and mind were sufficiently tempered by his trials in the land. He no longer required their services after he left.

These days, he resided in the World of Immortals and took care of many affairs for Lu Yun. As the crown prince of a divine nation, overseeing a tiny conglomeration of tiny worlds was too simple of a task.

Qing Yu and the little fox could suppress the World of Immortals with absolute force and immortal dao. But if they wished to properly administer it? They were too inexperienced for that. Apart from the realm itself, the major worlds that they newly conquered and the new Formula Academies also required supervision.

Thus, Chu Xingran assumed management over everything in the absence of a better candidate. Instead of searching out his old subordinates, he utilized only his own abilities to support the emperor of the World of Immortals—Qing Yu’s father, Qing Taxian.

As Rising Sunriver’s most beloved princess, Jiang Lu was naturally surrounded by countless supremes. The death of one didn’t mean much to her, but she was very surprised that this ordinary cultivator had such a fearsome treasure. It’d devoured a supreme through unrelenting bites!

This was no commonplace ghost cultivator.

“Nightmare of the Ghost Sect, is it?” Jiang Lu didn’t move, instead staring at Nightmare with a clear, unblinking stare. A hint of ruthlessness ran through it. “The name seems familiar.”

“Daughter of the Ghost Sect sect master.” Nightmare turned to look at Jiang Lu. “You better stay out of my way. If I accidentally squash you, your royal father will probably be heartbroken.”

An unnerving leer crept over her face. She was a ghost cultivator, one completely unconcerned by trouble. If she was up against a wall, she would truly squash Jiang Lu with one hand. She was forty-levels of sequence and protected by defensive treasures from her mother. Several supremes working together couldn’t handle her, much less an twenty-eighth level sequence Jiang Lu.

The Rising Sunriver princess finally realized the situation she was in; her supremes immediately closed ranks around her.

“Nightmare of the Ghost Sect, I’ll remember you.” Jiang Lu drifted off gracefully, a cruel smile playing on her lips.

“Oh, right,” Nightmare suddenly grinned. “I was on the Starcatch vessel that you hijacked earlier.”f𝚛e𝚎𝙬𝑒𝚋𝚗𝚘ѵ𝐞𝒍. c𝐨𝙢

“We go!” Another supreme by Jiang Lu’s side reacted dramatically to these parting words. He shifted his mistress out of the area with a wave of his hand.

A Starcatch flight treasure had been hijacked and crash landed before its destination. Its supreme was dead in the process. The incident had raised significant ruckus and Starcatch Tower issued hefty rewards for information.

The spirit paper ran numerous exclusives during this time, pointing fingers squarely at Princess Jiang Lu of Rising Sunriver. However, most of what it wrote was hard to verify and thus, no further action was taken.

Although Starcatch Tower could surmise who the culprit was, they didn’t dare erupt in open hostilities. But now that the princess of the Ghost Sect had spoken of it, it lent a completely different air to the matter.

Nightmare had spoken the truth, it was up to the trading company to see if they believed her. There’d also been geniuses of numerous factions on that flight. While they hadn’t been physically injured, they would also look into the matter.

As for supremes, well, supremes never took a flight treasure. Distance held no meaning to them after they forged their dao palaces.


“That was a killer move,” Nightmare giggled at Lu Yun. “I wouldn’t have had a chance to say that if she hadn’t provoked me. But er, why did she?”

It was Lu Yun’s idea for her to speak of what’d happened to the flight treasure. Only someone of Nightmare’s level would be plausible and not silenced for her knowledge. It was one thing if unimportant people died—that was not Nightmare. She possessed great status within the chief worlds.

“It probably has something to do with the Dark World.” Lu Yun didn’t find any answers after brief calculations. “Ghost Sect cultivators are strengthened by their forays in a Dark World, are they not?”

“Dark Worlds are formed by excess leakage of energy from the land of darkness. There are countless yin spirits within and order is disorganized. Ghost dao is part of dark dao order, so we are indeed stronger in a Dark World,” Nightmare clarified.

“How do we get there?” Lu Yun raised his head to look at the dome of Darkstar.

This world was completely shrouded by darkness. Only the Darkstar City that they were in possessed the tiniest bit of light. Darkstar was so dim not only because it lacked a sun star, but because it was next to the Dark World and thus couldn’t borrow illumination from other celestial bodies.

“Sir, miss, the Starcatch Tower would like to invite you for a visit.” A somewhat subservient voice traveled into their ears before Nightmare could answer Lu Yun.

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