Nidome no Yuusha

Chapter 4

When you read this, you haven’t gone senile, but you have already died once.

No, it’s not a joke.

I don’t know how you died, but you have certainly died once.

When your HP reached zero after you died, you were surely teleported back.

What you experienced until now was the 【Tutorial Mode】.

In the case that a person of another world is transported, they gain an『Unusual Power』 in this Earth, in this world.

Due to that, compared to the local people, most of them have enormous power. But many of these people died relatively fast, no matter what ability they had.

They will certainly be killed before long.

Even I do not know which world the God of Earth sends them to, even I can’t interfere. Still, although I explained to them that they have to be careful, it appears that only a few could adapt, because far beyond their common sense, their reasoning is from another world.

Thus, I stopped explaining things in advance to people from another world.

What I put to use was the【Tutorial Mode】.

I guess that being thrown into the situation without any explanation was very confusing, but seeing is believing, so the last present (cheat) of your god was the【Tutorial Mode】.

After being teleported, except for a natural death, when your HP reaches zero and you die, you will go back to the starting point.

Every point of experience earned, every skill you had until now, the experienced time will be taken away and converted into experience points.

In short, a New Game+.

It’s because when your character levels up, your skills do not. If you don’t exert any effort, like I said earlier, you’ll die a painful death. So I believe that I had to let you experience the 「tendency to die」. That was the best cheat that the God of Earth could do.

In comparison, the magic in your world is very weak. Originally, they are extremely powerless as individuals. And although there is almost no difference between their bodies here, when you cross to another world, an 『unusual power』 is activated. And you can defeat a slime with your initial value at the most. If you didn’t have an unusual power, even you would have nothing more than the power of a Villager A.

So that’s why, if you want to survive, then strive, think and train.

Almost all worlds are more dangerous than Earth.

I’m sorry for being an incompetent god, but please, live a happy life.

From the Goddess


「I see, so it was really a New Game+.」

What came out of the email icon was that letter.

There were certain points where I had doubts, but it does appear to be that a god really exists. Levels and etcetera, seemed to have existed also in Earth, in my former world.

The God of Earth, for the sake of the earthlings that even when they got the cheat skill, they were killed easily. Instead of giving any explanation, they put to use the 「Experience it once and then cancel it」 method.

Well, I was saved with that, and the various questions that I had were explained.

Now I know what happened to my level, but is the fact that it dropped so suddenly not one of the reasons why you cannot live long?

…Even so.


Yes, let’s be thankful.

Now, I can finish my revenge that I swore that time.


My laughter doesn’t stop, I’m not in the mood to stop.

I never imagined that there would be another opportunity.

Even so, my yearning for vengeance, and the hatred that I embraced in my heart, is not a lie.

By experiencing it personally, bit by bit, I started to get excited. A shiver of delight is travelling through my body, and doesn’t stop.

This is not a dream, nor is there a time limit. I can now finish my vengeance, I can kill them.

After laughing for a while, now I can begin to think clearly.

What I’m going to do, from where should I start.

Even right now I want to crush those people, everyone of them.

At my feet, there is one of them, a target (of my vengeance).

Her mouth is being burned right now by her own fireball, and for the many times that I stepped on her, the dress that she’s wearing right now is worn out and dirty.

She finally understood that it’s meaningless to oppose me or being obedient. That she can do naught but glare at me with hate.

Yes, this. This is it. I want revenge.

If I let my impulse control me, then I can deprive them of their lives easily.

If my level has decreased, then like me, their level had too, right?

I have on me the knowledge I gained and the experience from the tutorial mode.

Although I lost my skills as abilities, I didn’t lose the technique to control them with my body.

There are still many Spirit Swords that I can use that have an effect that surpass about level 50 status, and in my surroundings, there are still the knights who don’t seem to have experience combat; if there are only 10 knights or less then I can entertain them with no problem.

If I hide for awhile while raising my level, then I can go around assassinating those damn bastards before I strengthen myself and leave for a trip.

「It’s not good. That way it’s not good, because otherwise…」

I suffered for one year.

While my heart is screaming and cracking, the broken pieces that had fallen are now reconstituting themselves over my desire for vengeance.

The time that passed, a thing was growing up, clinging to me, it was like a muddy viscosity, a lump of heat, telling me that it wasn’t going be satisfied with only killing, yelling that it was unforgivable.

Although it was unpleasant to see her face, only this was not enough.

So, I’m not going to kill her yet.

So, it’s not going to finish here.

Let’s think slowly, I have time, so I don’t have to hurry myself when killing her.

I have to let her experience the pain, the painful memories, I have to drown her in a toxic swamp of remorse and agony.

More, more, more, it’s necessary for her to suffer more.

Because then, my first vengeance will be completed.

「Aah, I’m not going to kill you right now. Since I have healed you with great difficulty, right? Even though I have thought of many ways to kill you.」

I let out a sigh unintentionally. It’s very regrettable.

I thought about several things, like letting a small and carnivorous insect eat her body while she was conscious, like having her germinate a seed together with the grown up host, turning it into a tree, eliminating all sensations and leaving only the ability to think.

Either way, it seems that these abilities were sealed with Spirit Sword, so it can’t be helped.

For now, I need time.

Slowly and carefully, I need to start the preparations for my vengeance.

Of course, I have to enjoy the preparation.

「First off…」

I healed roughly inside her mouth with the 【Verdant Green Crystal Sword】 to an extent that enabled the princess’ ability to speak.

「Hey, there is something that I want to ask you.」

「……Who is going to listen a request from a monster like you? 」

Really, she is a good target for my vengeance, the princess Alesia.

「Pfft, Ahahahaa」

「Wh- What’s so funny!?」

「You know, you react exactly like I was hoping. Never lose those feelings, because if not, my vengeance is going to be boring.」

While I am looking down, grinning and laughing, Princess Alesia is again looking at me with more hostility in her eyes.

「This, lunatic!! Why! Just what the heck did I do…」

「What you did, although you don’t know, I know. I know the pain of being betrayed. I know the pain of being tricked. I know what it’s like to be treated like a fool. I remember all the pain I felt for trusting all of you like an idiot. I remember everything, Princess Alesia Aurelia」

「Uu, guu…」

A glance full of hatred like burning magma and a cold voice like a shining blade.

Maybe the princess didn’t understand the meaning of my words, but she did perceive that I really hate her.

「Now, we are going to talk again, but I have a request.」

Pa-, my hand faced the princess.

With no sign of her previous state, she makes a perfect smile.

「If you are not going to listen, it can’t be helped, right? It makes me sad that despite the fact that I healed your mouth for that purpose, but if you don’t want to, it can’t be helped, right?」

As expected? I don’t know anything, I never had a thought about opposing you ?

「Wh-What are you…?」

It appears to be that until just now, more than being perplexed, her anxiety has been rising. She has good intuition.

「Fumu, your chest is going to be an obstacle for writing.」

「Kyaa!? St-stop it!!」

When I sent her flying with a kick, she ended up face down, and I tore to pieces the back of her dress, exposing her back.

「But you know what, the first time I saw you, I thought I saw a beautiful girl, but now I don’t feel anything at all. It’s strange, isn’t it?」

Her radiant silver hair that hangs to her shoulder, her gold eyes, her well-featured face and good proportions, all of that makes her look like a doll.

Just like a template, the so-called beauty of the Aurelia, a beautiful girl.

When seeing this world for first time, the girls here were more beautiful than in modern Japan, and spying them accidentally when they were changing made my heart skip a beat.

But apart from that, seeing their appearance very close, it didn’t make my heart jump or move.

「Snatching by force the chastity of a woman… As I suspected, the people of another world are savage and vulgar beasts…」

「Huh? What are you saying? With an ugly personality of course I’m going to refuse, don’t get confused. Your self-confidence is disgusting.」

When imagining what I said, it really makes me sick to the point of vomiting.


「If you say that you are not going to listen to my request, then I have to write a letter instead of a verbal message.」

「…It, It can’t, be!」

「You see, a verbal message would have been easier, right? But if you don’t listen to my request, then it can’t be helped, so what I have to do is to write a nice letter.」

I gave her a cheerful smile, indicating that she guessed right about what I’m going to do.

「Now, can you please stay still? If not, I’m not going to be able to write a nice letter.」

「No, Igyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!」

What I had taken out was the 【Fire Spider Leg Sword】.

A short sword with a length of 20 centimeters including the blade, the Spirit Sword is dyed with scarlet.

This is my second time, this sword could only cause a small fire the first time, so now for this use, it is suitable.

「Fun, fu~fufu~n♪」

「Ugya, gyaaa, it’s hooot!! Sto, stoooop!!」

In the meanwhile, I’m singing a humming while carving the letter with fire on her back.

「Somebody, somebody heeelp mee…」

「Ahaha, nobody is going to help you, like how you had planned every trick, and so that that doesn’t happen, I crushed everyone here.」

Although Alesia is stretching her hand to the knights who are groaning, everyone here have the joints of the elbow and knee facing the opposite direction, so they cannot move. Although they didn’t lose their consciousness, surely the voice of the princess didn’t reached them, thanks to the cries of their own pain when they try to lifting their body.

「Come on, come on, I still hadn’t finished writing even half. After all, I have to think carefully about what I’m going to do. Can you please stop moving?」

I laughed with a smile while I said that.

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