Nidome no Yuusha

Chapter 5

The Hero re-opens old wounds

When I finished writing the letter, it put me in a pleasant mood, like being given a gold star, as if everyone else in this room was gone.

The Princess was groaning in the agony of her crushed limbs. And yet, I didn’t stop inflicting more pain until she couldn’t stand it and lost consciousness for a short while.

Similarly, the knights were groaning due to the extreme amount of pain, and before long, the number of those that couldn’t withstand the pain increased, about to let go of their consciousness.

The result, they felt like their heads were afloat and their eyes were like that of a dead fish’s; whether they have fainted or not, their resonating moans have died down.

「Ara? This feeling, it also has been a long time.」

Having completed my work, I got up and noticed that my vision was disoriented. It was evident that my MP had sharply depleted.

While writing the words with 【Fire Spider Leg Sword】, I restored Alesia’s HP with 【Verdant Green Crystal Sword】 so she wouldn’t die. Although 【Fire Spider Leg Sword】 hardly uses any MP, the healing of 【Verdant Green Crystal Sword】 consumes a moderate amount of MP.

「Status Open.」

Ukei Kaito | 17 years old | Male

HP:531/545 MP:347/412

Level: 1

Strength: 224

Stamina: 324

Endurance: 545

Agility: 587

Magic Power: 117

Magic Resistance: 497

Inherent Skills: 「Spirit Sword▽」 「Language Comprehension」

Skills: 『Punch Lv1』 『Magic Manipulation Lv1』『Sky Walk Lv1』

Condition: Excellent

As it was confirmed, the remaining MP decreased by 20%. As expected, the excessive usage of the Spirit Sword was shown in the current status.

If I don’t acquire recovery and consumption reduction skills again, I can’t fight like I did before. Should I just raise my level ahead of time or something after all?

「Hmm… Err… Well then. Guess it’s about time to go?」

Since I’m about done here anyway, I’ll for now slip out of the castle for now and go to the nearest town, then I’ll make some preparation to leave the town.

「……It’s useless, you can’t escape this castle.」

「Eh, did she regain her consciousness?」

「More than 500 knights are stationed in this castle. You will be tortured to death.」

With damage and recovery skills forcibly applied simultaneously, her bodily senses were paralyzed temporarily. Princess Alesia’s voice has become hoarse with the pain.

Because her eyes had strength that belittles me, I realized that she returned back the hostility.

As expected, was it the nature of the princess to have such determination even when I had tormented her that much? She also was still confused, and half of it is probably just a false bravado, but if she’s given some time to really recover, I can have more fun. I am in a very good mood.

Princess Alesia, who was looking at me as I pondered in silence, shouted at me whilst thinking she still had the upper hand.

「The fact is that you savage people from another world are so full of yourselves. Ee~, I will not let you off so easily; I will kill you in a way several times more painful and humiliating than that I had suffered from.」

Her gaze was filled with glittering heat of hatred.

This is what I wanted. That glare can only be achieved after having recognized that she got rekt.

That glare made her realize that it’s possible to push down the pain, disgrace and humiliation to the bottom.


「Well~, if you don’t cry, cling and beg for forgiveness, then I cannot help you. Since the likes of you, a hero, can also be useful, then if you make an oath in front of our people as a glorious hero, would you honor the oath and swear allegiance?」

Sigh-, such a spoiled child; I was being looked down on as if she was convinced that she was superior with that look and words.

I looked at the princess, and as for me.


From the bottom of my heart, I was truly disappointed; I outrageously heaved an exasperated sigh.

Before, I was naïve and easily deceived, and it saddens and depresses me.

I had no intention of doing it, but even if I cried, clung to her and begged for forgiveness, this princess wouldn’t help me. She just wanted to confirm her dominance by seeing my pitiful figure, and either way, after she uses of me, I could easily see that she was brimming with the intention to kill me at the end of torture.

An easy-to-handle heroine, or referred to as Choroin-san, and the old me, who seemed to be a super Choroin-san, were easily deceived by this princess.

And again, this much pain still didn’t sate my thirst for vengeance at all.

Even though she had thoughts of ‘using me’, I still won’t be satisfied with ending it by killing her. In that case, it would be no good.

She still has her uses to consider; however, if I don’t kill these people after they looked down on me, and others like this fellow that wanted to trample over me, completely by my own hand, my desire for revenge surely won’t be satisfied.

There are several enemies to take revenge on; in order to accomplish a satisfying revenge, it will take a lot of labor and time with one person at a time.

(Well, isn’t that nice, I can enjoy this revenge for as long as I can!!)

Imagining that moment, the edge of my mouth perked up unintentionally.

「Wh- What’s with that reaction! If you think I’m lying about the knights…」

「Meh, I didn’t particularly think it was a lie. The Hero summoning is a secret and must be kept as such, so as ordered, there are layers of soundproofing barriers, magical barriers, and physical barriers set up; so until the hero summoning is a success, there will be no knights from the outside entering this building.」

「Why do you?!」

「It’s because I’ve heard it once before~…………」

While the stupid-looking princess stared in shock, I recalled the story I heard at the first summon.

「Uhh, so yeah, I’ll be going.」

The candlesticks were put up on the pillars in preparation for the summoning, and I threw them aside.

Then, one of the stone pavements at the end summoning rattled and opened, which from there appeared a staircase leading to an underground passageway.

「N- Nobody knows about that hidden passage except from the direct descendants of the Royal Family, and yet why!!?」

「Because I heard it before, no, since I am so well informed~.」

To deceive me, Princess Alesia also prepared teleportation magic squares beneath the summoning to entrap me; Princess Alesia also told me this secret path.

「Dangerous, I forgot this place was dangerous.」

Perhaps because I was able to satisfy a little of my revenge as prelude, I must have almost forgotten about this place.

As I was walking briskly, a nearby knight groans as he rolls like an object on the floor.

「At first, I was going to crush you with my bare hands, however, someone taught me a valuable method to smash that splendid throat at this angle, wonder if it is possible to do? Although using MP will be unreliable, if it’s only the 【Fire Spider Leg Sword】… then I could probably manage.~」

So as I said, when I created a Fireball the size of a ping pong ball at the swords’ bottom point, I threw it in the knight’s mouth and made it burst.


Because there was no need for him to die, the power was narrowed down to the limit, but there was no scream from the Knight, since his mouth and throat was directly burnt by the fire.

「Oopsie Daisy~」

When I dealt the same treatment to the other Knights ensuingly, it became impossible for the Knights to even groan.

「Lastly, you, Alesia. Since it will take a while until we meet again, do you have anything you want to say?

「………….., Your name, tell me your name.」

「Nah~ after this though, there shouldn’t be any reason to try hiding my name. Since my name is written….in the letter.」

Woosh~ , the fireball was thrown in the mouth of the Princess.

「I’m called The Resurgent Nemesis.」


At any cost, the Princess Alesia showed no weakness of pain, and endured the raging pain without issuing a voice.

All the fingers were removed and not usable. The throat will not be recover for a while, and should buy enough time.

「Ah~, and then as for this, I will accept it. To make up for the things you’ve did, these military funds.」

I took away the necklace which hung on the Princess’ neck. If I am not mistaken, since this is connected to a distinguished Royal Family, I won’t be currently troubled if I exchange this for money.,

Princess Alesia still glares this way with faint eyes. The tormenting of the prey was pleasant.

Finally, when a sweet smile floated on my face, I went down the underground passage alone with a glance back, feeling good about the events transpiring today.

While I tread the underground passageway, I remembered something from a little while ago, and my head began to grow cold.

As a result, I felt the itchy sensation of an old wound being opened.

Unintentionally sighing, I spilled the words.

「I should’ve thought more carefully on what to call myself….. Khh- AHHHH JUST WHAT THE HECK IS RESURGENT NEMESIS!! And even more so, it wasn’t something I wanted!!」

I personally dug up an old wound with a chuunibyou name, and until I arrived at the exit, I ended up enduring the sensation that my body wanted to writhe in agony.

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