Nine Star Burden

Chapter 297 - Watching the Galaxy

Chapter 297: Watching the Galaxy

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“The beautiful angel is calling you from afar.” Jiang Xiao was lying on the bed and using his mobile phone leisurely. He hummed a melody: “Brave young man, hurry and get up to look for your dick~”

Li Weiyi, beside him, was puzzled as he turned to look at him. He had never heard that song before and was unsure of the lyrics.

However, they obviously weren’t what Jiang Xiao was singing at the moment…

While singing, Jiang Xiao put down his mobile phone and walked into the bathroom.

At this moment, he was all flushed, smug, and energetic.

Li Weiyi sat up on the bed, feeling a little nervous as he thought, This kid has really gone… um, gone to look for it?

Does he really have to look for it?


Jiang Xiao was in a good mood. He turned on the faucet and gave himself a shot of Blessing. “Mm~”

Ever since he was allowed to use his mobile phone again, he read through his text messages and realized that many of them were congratulatory. All of his teachers, classmates, and even the principal congratulated him on WeChat. Jiang Xiao chose to reply to a select few, like the Zhu Brothers and Principal Yan.

Jiang Xiao had to reply to the messages from the Zhu brothers. After all, they were two of his very few friends, and they were rather enthusiastic. They were particular when handling matters and were worthy of being his friends.

Jiang Xiao managed to get to where he was now, all thanks to their team.

Jiang Xiao must also reply to Principal Yan because he was still thinking about getting something good from the latter.

His Sound of Silence was only at Gold Quality Level 8 at the moment. He still lacked two Fallen Shadow Witch Star Beads…

At this moment, Jiang Xiao’s Weibo account was filled with messages.

In just three to five days, Jiang Xiao’s number of fans increased from 80,000 to 170,000.

Thanks to the preliminary round of the National League, Jiang Xiao gained 90,000 fans, which was a huge shock to him.

When he logged onto Weibo, he received numerous private messages. Jiang Xiao even thought that his account had been hacked and used as an account for marketing frauds…

Moreover, the speed of the increase in fans didn’t slow down at all. The number of fans was still surging.

Jiang Xiao reckoned that he would be able to gain even more fans after entering the semi-finals.

Before putting his mobile phone aside to take a bath, Jiang Xiao posted something on Weibo.

Jiang Xiaopi-mischievous-or-not

sent from Huawei Mate8

Look at all you country bumpkins who haven’t seen the world.

PS: It’s the 263rd day since I fell for Little Jiangxue.

After posting it on Weibo, Jiang Xiao got up and created miracles.

While he was taking a bath, a large number of comments flooded his inbox.

“Wow, little toxic healer. I finally got to see Beijiang Province enter the semifinals in my lifetime! I’m on the verge of tears. I love you, Jiang Xiaopi! I love you!”

“Toxic-healing King, Jiang Xiaopi! The flower… the pride and joy of Beijiang! The pride of Beijiang!”

“Xiaopi, Xiaopi! You’ve finally gotten into the semi-finals, can you kowtow to me?”

“Hey~ Is this the Weibo page of Jiang Xiaopi, whose team is in the top 8?”

“I get the logic, but how did you get 263 days?”

“Sis Chumo is so pretty. Xiaopi, bring her back to Beijiang.”

“Brother-in-law, I’ve already arrived at the entrance of the hotel. Which room is your sister staying in?”

“Even if he tells you, would you dare to enter? She might just turn you into braised pork with her whip~”

“Haha. Kid, how are you going to lose during the competition three days later?”

Qingmei: “Come on, Xiaopi, come here and let me hug you (.・ω・.)ノ♡”

At the same time, in Xia Yan and Han Jiangxue’s room, the two were watching television and using their mobile phones.

The two of them had woken up earlier than Jiang Xiao and had even gone to the restaurant of the hotel for breakfast. The two Beijiang girls with gorgeous appearances had indeed become a beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately, when Xia Yan was having breakfast, she found out about the results of the ranking and… she ruined the scenery…

Her “Goddess Yan” persona was conjured by others, who slowly began to spread the word and deified her.

There was actually a “Husky Xia” living in the heart of “Goddess Yan.”

Under Han Jiangxue’s stern gaze, Xia Yan finished her breakfast properly. However, when they returned to their room, Xia Yan went bonkers.

She cheered and jumped in joy.

Although Han Jiangxue had a cold and aloof personality, she was still touched by their outstanding results. When they were in their own room, she stopped restricting Xia Yan and allowed her to cause a ruckus.

Han Jiangxue was in high spirits, and a smile spread on her tensed face. She had received fewer messages and calls than Xia Yan, who spent the entire morning answering and placing countless calls. She finally had the time to take a break.

At this moment, sounds came from their mobile phones.

The notifications from their WeChat group?

Both of them unlocked their mobile phones to take a look, only to discover that it was a notification of the post uploaded by Jiang Xiao, whom they both followed on Weibo.

Xia Yan raised her eyebrows and thought, Instead of coming to our room after waking up, he actually posted something on Weibo?

“Look at all you country bumpkins who haven’t seen the world”?

Haha, he’s insulting everyone. It’s no wonder he’s my little toxic healer.

Xia Yan was overjoyed. After all, she was also a member who created history and was the main protagonist. However, the next line stunned her.

What the hell? 263 days?

Has this kid been keeping track? Why do I not believe him? He probably used the online date calculator, eh?

Hah, his tricks can only be used to coax ignorant little girls.

Xia Yan turned her head and looked around, only to see a charming smile on Han Jiangxue’s face. Xia Yan then turned off her mobile phone with great relief and gratification.

She remained silent.

Hai Tianqing soon learned that his team members had all woken up. He knocked on their doors one after another, and they all agreed to have lunch together.

The temperatures in Chang’an City at the beginning of May were rather high. Jiang Xiao was dressed in thin clothes, but that also brought about trouble for him and his team.

Jiang Xiao only realized much later that he was somewhat famous now. Although enthusiastic fans wouldn’t chase him, he would still attract the attention of many people and even receive requests for an autograph.

Should I wear a cap next time? That should save me a lot of trouble.

However, to be honest, even if they didn’t have any reputation or fame, Han Jiangxue and Xia Yan would still attract attention. After all, they were tall and had gorgeous figures which made them seem like a dazzling sun. It would be hard for them not to be noticed.

Having been recognized by others this time, they began to think and consider if they ought to carry weapons when going out.

Hai Tianqing made a reservation at a Northern Chinese cuisine restaurant. He felt that it would be a good choice to take them to a restaurant that sold their hometown food. After all, they wouldn’t be homesick after eating.

In the end, they ordered various Sichuan and Hunan appetizers.

They almost spit out fire from their mouths.

It was Jiang Xiao’s first time finding out that rice was served in pots in Chang’an City.

The waiter was also dumbfounded. He looked at Xia Yan before looking at Jiang Xiao.

Some people look beautiful and thin on the surface, but in reality, they’re actually rice lovers. Uh… two of them?

Han Jiangxue poured a drink for Jiang Xiao and asked, “Mr. Hai, did you investigate the matter I asked you to previously?”

When Xia Yan saw that scene, she quickly chugged her peach juice and carefully pushed the empty cup to Han Jiangxue.

Han Jiangxue rolled her eyes at her coldly, but still poured her juice.

Seeing this, Xia Yan’s face glistened, and she looked up at Jiang Xiao while humphing at him.

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Are you an elementary school kid?

Are you three years old?

Hai Tianqing couldn’t help burst into laughter as he smilingly looked at them. He said, “The cloaked man also appeared in the footage from the cameras of the other two teams, but just like you guys, they didn’t have much video material. After you, he appeared twice more, then they never saw him again.”

He thought for a while and continued, “This man may have only appeared a few times, but he has also attracted the attention of many people. The officials said that he’s the staff in charge of maintaining the order in the Ancient Imperial Mausoleum.”

“Staff.” Han Jiangxue nodded secretly.

Hai Tianqing interjected, “Let’s move on from this topic. No matter what you may have seen, it’s their internal matters. All you have to think about are the semi-finals!”

Hai Tianqing pushed the gold-framed glasses up his nose and said with a smile of admiration, “I want to celebrate too, but the semi-finals will begin soon. We can’t be complacent, let alone relax… How is it? Do you guys have anything to say?”

Oh, what!?!

You’re letting me speak!?!

Is it finally my turn?

Jiang Xiao was eating while listening to Hai Tianqing’s long story that lasted for more than ten minutes. He had seized the opportunity.

Fine, don’t let me speak, then. You guys wanted me to say this!

Jiang Xiao said, “We’ve made it to the top eight! We’ve achieved a breakthrough in history! Are the school and provincial Star Warriors Association not going to give us some rewards? Not even two Gold Quality Star Beads? Platinum Quality would be fine too!”

Hai Tianqing was at a loss for words.

Han Jiangxue suddenly said, “I’d like to climb the Hua Mountain.”

Hai Tianqing asked, “Huh?”

Han Jiangxue said, “We’ll go at night.”

Xia Yan asked with concern and bewilderment, “Why?”

Han Jiangxue lowered her head and smilingly said, “To watch the galaxy.”

Everyone looked at each other’s faces full of astonishment, shock, ecstasy… and even admiration.


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