Nine Star Burden

Chapter 298 - Handpicking the Stars

Chapter 298: Handpicking the Stars

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At 6 pm on May 9th.

They arrived at the foot of Hua Mountain by car.

Of course, Han Jiangxue’s suggestion was accepted by everyone.

She couldn’t break through and advance to the next stage in the designated hotel since it was packed. If anything went wrong, they would definitely regret it.

Han Jiangxue initially thought that the night would be peaceful and serene in Hua Mountain. However, she was still young, after all, and had underestimated others’ love for the mountains and rivers of their motherland, because there were plenty of people who wanted to see the sunrise. Hence, many climbed the mountain at night.

They were all carrying their school bags, water bottles, and jackets. In the beginning, they were just walking on a slightly uphill road, which wasn’t steep at all.

Afterward, Jiang Xiao finally knew what it meant when others said that there had always been only one route in Hua Mountain. When he walked through the gorge with the width of one person, he could only see Li Weiyi’s heels. It was extremely dangerous.

He heard that a lot of people would go up to East Peak to watch the stars and the sunrise. It was the go-to spot for most tourists. The group headed towards the more dangerous West Peak.

The physical quality of the Awakened students was undoubtedly wonderful. They didn’t deliberately speed up along the way and occasionally looked up at the moon or turned around to look at the people behind. They would play and joke with each other, or sometimes listen to the conversations between foreigners. It was rather pleasant.

At 11 pm, they climbed the steep West Peak, but that wasn’t enough for them. As long as it was a scenic spot, there would be tourists, regardless of whether it was 11 pm or 2 am.

Xia Yan and Li Weiyi were abandoned by Han Jiangxue, who said she wanted to go to the peak open to tourists, and the more precarious mountain range using Barren Wind. She hoped that Jiang Xiao would accompany her to witness the crucial moment of her life.

Xia Yan pursed her lips so much that a bottle could be hung on it. She immediately said that she could go ahead and follow Han Jiangxue without Barren Wind, for she could just use her own Body of Star Power. Although Hua Mountain was large, she could turn herself into a massive sized clone, and her giant sword made of Star Power could be used as a climbing pick that would allow her to climb anywhere she wanted.

Hai Tianqing was startled and repeatedly tried to dismiss her thoughts…

Xia Yan was filled with displeasure. She had been accompanying her goddess for several hours, and yet, she was abandoned just like that.

Upon sight of the aggrieved Xia Yan, Jiang Xiao felt extremely comfortable!

Ah, I’m such an elated citizen~

Han Jiangxue looked around and carefully controlled Barren Wind while it was still dark. She then flew away with Jiang Xiao.

Hai Tianqing gave Li Weiyi some instructions before chasing the pair of siblings with agility he had never shown before.

Li Weiyi and Xia Yan were left alone to look at each other…

Jiang Xiao didn’t find it bothersome. On the contrary, he felt that Han Jiangxue’s pace was great.

Some people may never break through the Nebula Stage in their entire lifetime. At such a critical juncture, she actually chose such a beautiful place. Jiangxue felt that there should be no problems.

In other words, everything would be as they should be as long as she was in a good mood.

Hai Tianqing’s behavior surprised Jiang Xiao. After all, he was a Medical Awakened and not a melee fighter. His agility and reflexes opened Jiang Xiao’s eyes.

“By the way, Teacher Hai, it’s said that breaking through to the Galaxy Stage will be the last qualitative leap in our physical fitness. Is that true?” Jiang Xiao and Hai Tianqing stood side by side at a spot under a tree that was far away. The peak was not actually a sharp “tip,” but a vast area that had an uneven terrain and was filled with dense trees.

Jiang Xiao looked at the shadow standing on the edge of the cliff in the distance and tried to keep his volume down, seemingly afraid of disturbing Han Jiangxue.

The breeze on the mountains blew her long dark hair, causing it to flutter gracefully. Dressed in white, she raised her gorgeous face and looked at the dazzling cold stars in the night sky, poised like an immortal.

Hai Tianqing whispered, “Breaking through to the Galaxy Stage means that you’ve become a proper Awakened. For a long time, physical fitness has been linked to the Star Power level, and both complemented each other. Physical fitness is considered a foundation. After you lay the foundation, it will automatically send you a signal that signifies that your body is solid enough and can bear more Star Power and physical fitness.”

Jiang Xiao nodded and said, “Yeah.”

Hai Tianqing continued, “Once your Star Power breaks through the Galaxy Stage, your total Star Power will increase greatly. They will also feedback in time and allow your fitness levels to increase drastically.”

Feeling enticed, Jiang Xiao said, “It sounds really tempting.”

Hai Tianqing smiled and said, “This is also the last improvement of the cooperation between your physical fitness and Star Power. From then on, Star Power will be separated from physical strength and fitness.”

Jiang Xiao answered, “I’ve long heard that once you pass the Galaxy Stage, your body will no longer restrict you. What will really affect the increase in Star Power would then be talent.”

“As well as hard work and luck.” Hai Tianqing saw the White Flames Star Map on Han Jiangxue’s body, and his eyes glistened. He said, “The Galaxy Stage is the symbol of a Star Warrior. Reaching this stage means that your physical strength has reached the minimum standard of a Star Warrior. You can then fly as high as you want and try to break through the Starry Stage. However, the Galaxy Stage is only the starting point for a real Star Warrior.”

“Just the starting point…” Jiang Xiao pursed his lips and said in displeasure, “In that case, aren’t most Awakened in this world not qualified enough to be a true Star Warrior?”

Hai Tianqing nodded and said, “Indeed. Many will never get to become a true Star Warrior in their entire lifetime. You’re still young. When you’re stuck at a certain point in the Nebula Stage in the future, you’ll understand how incredibly talented your sister is. You’d be able to imagine how much effort she had put in to get to where she is today.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Can’t you say something nice?

Me? Getting stuck on a certain juncture of the Nebula Stage? What a joke!

Believe it or not, I will advance to the Galaxy Stage!

Hai Tianqing suddenly frowned and pushed the gold-framed glasses up his nose bridge. He could see the Star Bead in Han Jiangxue’s hands, but he didn’t know what Star Bead it was. Despite being far away from her, he could still feel the incredible Star Power.

As the Star Beads in Han Jiangxue’s hand turned into stardust and spread apart, the surging Star Power was like an endless river that flooded the entire empty mountain peak.

Jiang Xiao knew that the Star Bead belonged to Mrs. Gao. If it could let Han Jiangxue break through the Galaxy Stage, the wretched Mrs. Gao would have had a worthwhile death.

“Little Jiangxue is going to reach the Galaxy Stage soon. She’ll have another eight star slots freed up. You’re right, we shouldn’t be satisfied with our current results,” Jiang Xiao said softly.

Hai Tianqing nodded but didn’t answer.

Jiang Xiao took the opportunity to ask, “Can you try to contact the Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Star Warriors Association, the school, or even the competition organizers who said that they would give us special attention, and try to help her get some useful Star Beads?”

He was extremely thick-skinned. He didn’t mind stooping low, as Han Jiangxue’s future was the most important to him.

Taking advantage of the fact that they had broken historical records, Jiang Xiao decided to ask for some special and rare Star Beads from the Provincial Department of Education or the Provincial Star Warriors Association. If he could, it would be of great help for Han Jiangxue.

The opportunity was extremely rare. If Han Jiangxue could make a breakthrough at this juncture, she might really get some “funding” from the big shots.

Hai Tianqing suddenly smiled and said, “Xiaopi, trust me. I’m on the same side as you guys. I’m not only your teacher but also your supporter who has watched you guys come so far. I will do my best.”

Jiang Xiao was a little moved. As a former Guardian Of The Night, Hai Tianqing was undoubtedly competent and had a good character. Although he had been expelled, Jiang Xiao had gained a good understanding of his character and personality after staying together for so long.

During the critical moment, the Light-chasing team recruited Hai Tianqing again. That was the biggest recognition for him. Jiang Xiao didn’t care about the reason for his expulsion for now. After hearing Hai Tianqing’s promise, he felt much more relieved and confident.

At the same time, he added with clear intentions, “It’d be great if you can get a few Fallen Shadow Witch Star Beads. If Little Jiangxue can acquire Sound of Silence, that’d be perfect.”

Jiang Xiao didn’t know of any other Star Beads that could support Han Jiangxue, but he was sure that the Platinum Quality Sound of Silence would definitely be stronger than the Gold Quality one!

That would be a tangible improvement. On the one hand, Jiang Xiao could boost himself, and on the other hand, he could also help the entire team.

Hai Tianqing said, “This year, there are 200 participating teams and 800 contestants. Only three people have the Sound of Silence Star Technique. Do you know how talented they are? Xiaopi, you’ll never be able to imagine how difficult it is to acquire Sound of Silence.”

Jiang Xiao said casually, “Teacher, you’ve forgotten that I do have Sound of Silence.”

Hai Tianqing was at a loss for words.

Jiang Xiao said, “I can imagine…”

Hai Tianqing said, “Shh. Look, Han Jiangxue moved.”

Jiang Xiao smiled and glanced at the embarrassed Hai Tianqing, but quickly turned his head to look at Han Jiangxue.

He could no longer look away.

The beautiful scene in front of them should indeed only exist in Heaven.

Although the girl in white was not wearing a period costume, her temperament was noble and elegant, and she was simply stunning. She gave off the aura of a fairy.

Under the dazzling starry sky, her long black hair was flying with the wind and stardust, seemingly fluttering in a beautiful rhythm.

The White Flames Star Map in front of her was like a menacing beast engulfing the sky. Although it looked like it was burning all the Star Power in the world, it was actually fusing everything with the flames.

The domineering, fierce, terrifying scene was a stark contrast to the quiet and elegant girl.

Hai Tianqing was right. She had moved.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked up at the vast, starry sky. She gently raised her right hand and looked at the bright galaxy.

She was separated from the world, and she seemed to be handpicking the stars.

From now on, I’ll be you.

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