Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 The Terrifying Aman

“Aman, what happened just now? Why did your power suddenly explode by so much?”

As soon as they got home, Long Chen immediately asked Aman about what had happened . At that time, Aman had given even Long Chen an intimidating feeling .

“I don’t know . When I saw that person was about to hit you, my head buzzed and my whole body became hot . It was like some inexhaustible energy was coming out of my body,” described Aman difficultly .

Long Chen put his hand on Aman’s shoulder and used his Spiritual Strength to probe his body . But when it entered into his body, he found a completely shocking situation .

Aman’s body was different from every other person . Most people had many winding meridians in their body .

But Aman only had four meridians . His four meridians went from his Dantian to his four limbs . This was the first time Long Chen had ever encountered such a thing .

Furthermore, the most surprising thing wasn’t these strange merdians, but his physical body . A large majority of his cells had become closed off, appearing as if they were dead .

But it wasn’t a true death . Long Chen could sense that once heat passed over them, these cells that were in suspended animation would immediately swallow any cells that passed by them before returning to their state of fake death .

Aman truly was a strange being . Long Chen remained puzzled after considering hundreds of possibilities before he finally came to a certain theory .

“Aman, have you ever truly been full before?” asked Long Chen .

“I eat till I’m very full here,” said Aman .

“Tell me the truth . ”

“Uh, well just being half full is already enough for me . ” Aman didn’t dare hide the truth .

“Aman, remember I’m your brother Long . You can’t tell me any more lies in the future . Otherwise I’ll get mad,” Long Chen admonished seriously .

“Brother Long, I… I know . ” Seeing his severe expression, Aman nervously agreed .

“Let me ask, what do you need to eat to feel your body become powerful?”

“Meat . ”

“What meat?”

“Any meat . But beef is the best . I’ve eaten a bit of it . ”

Long Chen nodded . Aman’s special constitution had ninety-nine percent of his cells in a suspended animation state .

That was because there wasn’t enough energy to provide for them . To protect themselves, they had to enter such a state .

Even with his memories of a Pill God, Long Chen had never seen such a strange body . Despite having such a powerful body already, there were actually only one percent of his cells working .

If all his cells were activated, then just how terrifying would that be? Just thinking about unnerved Long Chen, but Aman was his own person, and the stronger he was the better .

“How much meat can you eat in one go . ”

“Five kilograms…” Aman hesitated and he raised one finger .

“The truth . ”

“A whole cow…”

“The TRUTH . ”

“I can eat five cows . ”

“TELL ME THE TRUTH!” Long Chen’s voice was now a shout .

“I don’t know! But I think if I had ten cows that would be enough . ”Aman had a somewhat bitter expression; he had never gotten to eat that much so he didn’t know how much he himself could eat .

Long Chen shook his head dumbfounded . “Ok, tomorrow I’ll go buy a farm for you . You can eat as much as you want . ”

The next day, Long Chen told Bao-er to find a farm on the outskirts . The farm wasn’t very large, but there were over a thousand cows on it .

Long Chen let Aman go over personally, and the result was that the next day, everyone else on the farm ran away .

They later came to Bao-er to report that Aman was a savage . He would grab a cow and punch it to death, ripping off one of its legs dripping with blood and just start eating .

Each of them were all trembling at the memory of it, afraid that Aman might become interested in them and eat them .

Long Chen had no other choice but to hire a dozen chefs that would regularly go over to cook for Aman . Only then did Aman get to eat cooked food .

But what shocked Long Chen was that while Aman could only eat ten cows on the first day, with each passing day his appetite grew voraciously .

Since each cow was only two or three gold coins, Long Chen wasn’t worried about being eaten into poverty . In fact, he delighted in what was happening .

The fact that Aman’s appetite was growing was a sign that his cells had started to gradually awaken . Once all his cells had awoken, Aman would become a completely new person .

After resolving Aman’s affairs, Long Chen entered his own seclusion . That battle with the scarred man had brought him an extremely great sense of crisis .

His feeling from that day was that the scarred man was still holding back . Although he was stopped for now, Long Chen still felt this matter would not be resolved so simply .

After merging with the Pill God’s spirit, his ability to sense danger had becoming increasingly great . Last time his opponent hadn’t been properly prepared .

Once his opponent was ready, Long Chen might really be doomed to die . But he still didn’t regret it .

Even if he was given another chance, he still would have handled things the same way . Otherwise, that whip lash Aman had received would stay forever in his heart . The heart could not be allowed to have imperfections, or it would eventually become a heart devil .

Long Chen entered his seclusion in great determination this time, and he began to wildly absorb the FengFu Pills . Seven days later, the FengFu Star at the bottom of his foot finally emitted an exploding sound .

The originally pea-sized FengFu Star had greatly changed under Long Chen’s absorption of endless medicinal energy .

The smooth outer shell was shed, and what shocked Long Chen was that the inside appeared to be a star .

But this star was somewhat indistinct . It was filled with the rhythm of life though, a shocking state .

That was the first Star of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, the FengFu Star . The current Long Chen was no longer able to sense his true power, and he was filled with shock .


The FengFu Star that was shedding its outer layer suddenly shook, and a terrifying energy caused even the room to shudder .

“Crap, what a huge movement!”

Despite being worried, it was too late for Long Chen to do anything . The entire room blew apart like paper .

At the same time, the energy of heaven and earth received a huge shock and wildly surged towards Long Chen . That surge of energy was like water from the ocean flowing backwards back into a river .


Long Chen spit out a mouthful of blood . His body felt like it was exploding and he immediately fainted .

When Long Chen once more awake, he saw his mother worriedly examining him . Seeing he had awoken, she was both alarmed and happy .

“Chen-er, you scared your mom! What are you doing?”

Long Chen quickly replied, “Mom, it’s nothing too big . A cauldron explosion is normal when refining pills . ”

He could only use a cauldron explosion as an excuse . It was not easy to reassure his mother, but once he had, he used his divine sense to examine his insides, almost letting out a shocked exclamation .

He had somehow gained a Dantian! The originally empty spot now held three cyclones that were slowly revolving .

“What is going on?”

Noticing that the FengFu Star on the bottom of his foot was still there, he relaxed quite a bit . But seeing those three cyclones in his Dantian still gave him much pause .

When his personal Spirit Root had been extracted, his Dantian had turned into a land of nothing but death . That was something that could not be recovered from . Unless…

Did this mean that after condensing the FengFu Star, the Dantian would be reconstructed?

Thinking back to what had happened just before he had fainted, he knew that that terrifying energy from heaven and earth was something that no ordinary person could endure .

That energy had become crazily berserk; it was not something people could use . Could it mean that that energy had been used to destroy the original Dantian and then to build a new one in its place?

But in truth, Long Chen was wrong . The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was an existence even more terrifying than he imagined . If he had actually had a Dantian at that time, then he would already be dead .

Although Long Chen couldn’t figure it out, he continued to examine the changes and found that he could actually interact with the three cyclones in his Dantian .

“Did I really reconstruct a Dantian?”

Long Chen tried to pull the energy within the cyclones to the rest of his body and found that there was not the slightest obstruction . He was easily able to use that energy .

With a stamp of his foot, the FengFu Star’s energy also flowed out without the slightest pause . Long Chen was completely befuddled; what was the meaning of this? Was it just to gain another reserve of spiritual qi?

With a simple thought, Long Chen drew the FengFu Star’s energy into his Dantian .

He immediately felt as if a volcano was exploding within him . The terrifying energy was like a tsunami bursting open . A mouthful of blood was quickly spit out by him and he almost fainted again .

Long Chen lay on the ground wildly gasping for air and filled with shock and terror . Even his internal organs had been shaken and torn .

Quickly swallowing a healing pill, the medicinal energy enveloped his body . Long Chen’s pale face gradually grew rosier .

“Who can tell me what the hell is going on?”

Long Chen angrily snarled inside . Just now he had almost killed himself . It really would be ridiculous if he had .

But he had no answer . Within his memories was only the method to cultivate the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art; all other information about it was all gone .

There were no ranks, no origins, and no means of using it . In a sense, its defects were quite similar to his .

Long Chen smiled bitterly . He had no Spirit Root, no Spirit Bone, and no Spirit Blood . These three things had all been snatched away, so he supposed he was quite suited to the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art .

But if he couldn’t figure out what was going on with such a strange event, Long Chen would not be able to stomach it . Grinding his teeth, he continued his interact with his FengFu Star .

This time Long Chen knew not to use such a large amount of it, but slowly drew a tiny amount, bit by bit .


When that slightest energy entered his Dantian, Long Chen clearly saw the three cyclones become ten times bigger in an instant .

And most shockingly was that they were originally just slowly revolving, but when that slightest bit of the FengFu Star’s energy entered, they started to spin wildly .

Following the wild revolving of the three cyclones, endless energy immediately flowed out to all of Long Chen’s body, causing him to become filled with power .

Long Chen had finally figured out one of the secrets of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art . It was too shocking and too frightening . Even Long Chen himself was a bit terrified .

“Is this the Nine Transformations of the Stars in my memories? The three cyclones in my Dantian, do they indicate Three Transformations?”

Only after a long time did Long Chen slowly calm his thoughts down . Since he had three cyclones now, then according to the rest of the world’s tiers he would be a weak beginner at the third Heavenstage of Qi Condensation .

But as for whether he truly was weak, that was something only Long Chen knew . This discovery filled him with both shock and excitement . With a touch of his spatial ring, an ancient beast hide appeared in his hand . That was what he had gained in exchange for bribing at Blood Condensation expert .

“Split the Heavens, Split the Heavens… hehe, let me see just what secrets are hidden within . ”

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