Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Flamecloud Palm

Looking at the nine red dots on the beast hide page, Long Chen sunk into a deep contemplation . These nine dots didn’t have the slightest pattern .

There were no explanations, but this time Long Chen carefully examined them and found that there really was an extremely faint line connecting them .

“These should be nine acupuncture points . ”

Long Chen had to look at them for a great deal of time before coming to this conclusion . Within Long Chen’s mind was a map of countless meridians, and only after going down each one did he come to such a conclusion . Other people might think about it till they die before figuring it out .

“Enter LiYao, merge into HuiMing… rush into QuChi, join LaoGong?”

Long Chen quietly whispered the names of the nine points as he followed along their meridian paths . He paused, “This isn’t a fist or palm technique, but a Battle Skill that controls weapons . ”

“What a brilliant technique . ”

Long Chen studied it and found that when Qi flowed through these nine spots, it was as if a dammed river had burst forth . After passing through nine turns, it would definitely be terrifying to the extreme when released .

He had definitely gained a treasure this time, and although Long Chen didn’t know what grade it was, it was definitely not low .

Under his urging, his Dantian’s Qi flowed out towards the LiYao point, but when he tried to urge his spiritual energy to the second acupuncture point, he found that he was unable to continue .


After a brief pause, Long Chen understood that this technique must have very high requirements in terms of spiritual energy . Without enough spiritual energy it was impossible to use it .

Giving up on his Dantian’s spiritual energy, he started to use his FengFu Star . As he expected, the FengFu Star was filled with much more power than his Dantian .

But when he arrived at the fourth acupuncture point, he began to stall . No matter how he tried, he was unable to reach the sixth point .

“I don’t believe I can’t do this!”

Long Chen clenched his jaw, and sent a strand of spiritual energy from his FengFu Star into his Dantian’s cyclones . The cyclones immediately released a wild energy .

Controlling that energy, he quickly progressed .

The sixth…

The seventh…

The eighth…


Long Chen suddenly stopped and hastily recalled his spiritual energy . Using his divine sense, he examined his meridians .

He was shocked to find that his meridians were already starting to be unable to handle the terrifying energy and tears had started to appear . If Long Chen had been a step too late in recalling his spiritual energy, the meridians might completely explode .

If the meridians really did explode, then it would require an extremely long time to recover . Sweat dripped down his back from fear .

“Crap, I can’t train in this for now . ” Long Chen could only unwillingly give up on practicing Split the Heavens .

Swallowing a meridian nourishing pill, he quickly restored his slightly damaged meridians . Long Chen slowly stood up and walked out .

Opening the door, he took a deep breath of fresh air, recovering from his fatigue from his continuous training .

At this time, the sun had just started to rise in the east . Long Chen made some inquiries of Bao-er . Their estate was completely fine . Aman was also completely fine and eating his full every day .

This let Long Chen relax . He changed his clothes and prepared to go to the alchemist guild to request help from grandmaster Yun Qi .

But Long Chen was somewhat nervous . Ordinary alchemists focused on cultivating the Pill Flame and didn’t split their attention to Battle Skills . This was to concentrate all one’s energy and effort so that one could travel further on the pill path .

Alchemists were normally completely arrogant and didn’t care to bother with martial cultivation . That was also what grandmaster Yun Qi had reminded Long Chen of that day .

But Long Chen had his own thoughts on the subject . He had been bullied for too long, and without powerful martial strength, he simply didn’t feel safe .

No matter what status or position, it was all empty for Long Chen . In the face of true power, such things were as weak as a piece of paper .

Long Chen didn’t know just how grandmaster Yun Qi would react when he saw him .

“Long Chen . ”

Long Chen had already walked several blocks in his nervousness when suddenly warm shout rang out . Turning his head, he saw a carriage had stopped in the distance .

Opening the cover was a young woman who happily looked at Long Chen . It was the imperial princess Chu Yao .

“Chu Yao . ”

Long Chen couldn’t help being a bit alarmed to see Chu Yao, but for some reason, upon seeing her, most of his anxiousness disappeared .

Chu Yao looked around . Seeing that no one was around due to how early it was, she beckoned . “Quick, get in . ”

Long Chen hadn’t expected Chu Yao to actually invite him to share a carriage . Seeing her bright smile, Long Chen’s heart jumped slightly and he leapt onto the carriage .

The inside of the carriage was exceptionally spacious . Other than a bed, it also had a tea table with blankets laid out around it .

“How coincidental to see you here . How about you come with me to Sunset Mountain?”

Chu Yao’s pretty gaze at Long Chen was filled with joy, a complete opposite to her original ruthless and crafty one .

“With such a beautiful woman inviting me, I’m afraid I’d be struck by heavenly lightning if I refused,” laughed Long Chen .

Chu Yao’s charming face reddened; within the palace she had many rules and restrictions she had to follow . She truly enjoyed Long Chen’s carefree and unfettered way of talking .

The carriage slowly left the city towards Sunset Mountain .

“Chu Yao, why are you going to Sunset Mountain?” asked Long Chen .

“I… I just want to play around . ” For some reason, Chu Yao’s face became extremely red, confusing Long Chen .

“I’m not taking you away from something important am I?” probed Chu Yao .

“Me? I just came out for a stroll . For me to coincide with your carriage and come out to have fun is perfect,” smiled Long Chen . “Right, is your little brother fine? I really am sorry about what happened last time . ” Long Chen still felt a bit embarrassed about what had happened with the seventh prince .

“He’s fine . Scaring him a bit is good too; it’ll keep him better behaved,” laughed Chu Yao .

In just a short time they arrived at the foot of Sunset Mountain . Chu Yao got off and ordered her bodyguard to drive the carriage back .

“Accompany me . I really like the scenery around here . ” Chu Yao pointed to the small path in front of them . “When I was young I frequently came here to climb the mountain . But ever since my father entered seclusion, I haven’t had many such opportunities . ”

A pitiful trace of loneliness appeared on her face when she said this . Long Chen couldn’t help sighing . No matter where you were born, there was always much to be desired .

“Long Chen, what’s wrong?” Chu Yao asked when she saw that Long Chen seemed moody .

His heart warmed due to Chu Yao’s concern . He didn’t know why, but although he had only met Chu Yao once, he still felt a complicated emotion upon seeing her . Perhaps it stemmed from not knowing if she was an enemy .

But she gave him a very trustworthy feeling that he couldn’t explain .

“I did run into a bit of trouble recently . I was hoping to cultivate a higher grade Battle Skill . ”

“If you want to cultivate Battle Skills then just come find me . I won’t even charge tuition fees,” joked Chu Yao, her eyes brightening . “I’m already proficient in thirty types of Battle Skills . They say that I’m a peak talent . ”

Proficient in thirty Battle Skills? And then using a preset martial sequence to fight people? Long Chen couldn’t help being a bit doubtful .

“Hey, what kind of look is that! You don’t believe me?” A bit of anger appeared on Chu Yao’s face .

“No, I don’t doubt you . I don’t believe it at all!” joked Long Chen .

“You scoundrel, look!” With a cute cry, Chu Yao sent a palm towards Long Chen .

Chu Yao’s palm landed on Long Chen’s stomach . Although she hadn’t used any spiritual energy, the force behind it wasn’t small . When it landed on his body, it still emitted a loud bang .

“You… why didn’t you dodge?” She hadn’t expected him to just take the blow .

“If I dodged you wouldn’t have hit me . That’d be boring,” laughed Long Chen . Although the hand was separated from him with a layer of clothing, he could still feel a peculiar feeling from it .

“Long Chen…”

Seeing his straightforward smile, she felt a burst of warmth . She actually gently laid her head on Long Chen’s chest .

Long Chen’s body immediately went rigid . What kind of situation was this? Long Chen didn’t dare move an inch, turning into a stump of wood .

Chu Yao’s face suddenly turned warm, and seeing his nervous expression, she covered a smile . “You bad person, back then when you were fighting you were like a tiger baring its fangs . How come you’ve become a little kitten now?”

Long Chen immediately felt awkward and changed the subject, “Chu Yao, I don’t want to treat you like a stranger . I really do feel like you need to learn a couple higher grade Battle Skills . ”

Chu Yao’s face reddened, and she blanked at Long Chen . If she weren’t a stranger, then what did he want to be? She clearly had misunderstood Long Chen’s meaning .

But in response to Long Chen’s seriousness, Chu Yao was also resolute . “I wasn’t joking . I really am proficient in many Battle Skills . Look . ”

She extended a hand and a scorching air rose out . A faint red light appeared over her hand .

She sent her palm into a tree over a foot thick and it trembled, its leaves flying . When she removed her palm, a faint handprint could be seen on it .

“Did you see? This is a high grade Mortal Battle Skill, Flamecloud Palm . How is it? Are you scared?”

Chu Yao was pleased with Long Chen stupefied expression .

Long Chen truly was shocked . This kind of power could still be considered a Battle Skill? Even without a Battle Skill, Long Chen could easily topple a tree in one blow .

“Uhhuh, it really was good to look at,” quickly replied Long Chen . Chu Yao’s movements had been very fluid and smooth, which really was pleasing to look at it .

Chu Yao didn’t appear to catch his other meaning and thought he meant she had shocked him . She very patiently explained to Long Chen the main points of her attack .

But when Long Chen heard her explain how to use the Flamecloud Palm, Long Chen truly did become shocked . It was clearly an extremely powerful palm technique!

“Let me try it . ”

“So quickly?” Chu Yao asked in disbelief .

Long Chen smiled slightly . Battle Skills were just a way to use spiritual energy . Through the superposition within the meridians, they could emit a powerful strength, that was all .

Long Chen was already as familiar as possible with his body’s meridians, so hearing her explain it once was enough for him .

His Dantian’s spiritual energy circulated and a dense fiery energy erupted out . Long Chen shouted out and sent a palm crashing forward .


A huge tree that required several people just to wrap around it snapped, its crown whistling as it fell .

The huge tree smashed into the ground, sending dirt flying . Chu Yao was staring blankly; was this really the same Flamecloud Palm as hers?

The spot where the tree had broken was completely scorched, a specific mark of the Flamecloud Palm . Long Chen nodded inside; it truly was worthy of being a high grade Mortal Battle Skill . Its power was extremely great .

But seeing Chu Yao beside him filled with shock, Long Chen’s heart shook and he grabbed Chu Yao’s hand .

“Chu Yao, let me examine your body . ”

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