Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3355 Rank Two Heaven Fiend, Ice Fangs

Chapter 3355 Rank Two Heaven Fiend, Ice Fangs

When the two daggers appeared, an icy light filled the world, causing the temperature to plummet. It was like winter had suddenly come, freezing people’s souls.

“These are called Ice Fangs, weapons that went down in history as fearful existences. I rarely use them, because they only drink the blood of nine star heirs. Only nine star heirs are fit for me to use them. You should feel greatly honored that I’m using them on you,” said that man. The daggers were quivering like bees flapping their wings. They left marks on space.

With every quiver, the angle of the daggers changed like vipers swaying to and fro, looking for the optimal angle to attack. Just by looking at them, people’s souls quivered. This was a pair of true killer divine weapons.

“So what? Wouldn’t you still die in a one-against-one with a nine star heir? Is it something to be proud of to kill nine star heirs with shameless means?” sneered Long Chen.

“Shut up! I, young master Gu Yue, basically always fight nine star heirs in fair one-against-ones!” shouted that Nine Star Hunter.

Long Chen narrowed his eyes. All these provocations were just to bait out some information about nine star heirs. The nine star heir that Long Chen had encountered on the Martial Heaven Continent was nothing more than a trace of some remnant will. It was impossible to judge a nine star heir’s true power from that.

As for Long Chen himself, he had taken the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art on a different path. He didn’t know if it was good or bad, so he needed a general assessment.

Long Chen sneered, “Basically? So you really can’t beat nine star heirs. You always have to use numbers or seniors to beat them. Am I wrong?”

Gu Yue clenched his teeth furiously. “I can’t be bothered to argue with an ant like you. Do you even realize that you are already dead? No one can save you. There’s no need for me to even attack you. The only reason I came was to see just who the hall master cared so much about. You are a tortoise caught in a jar, but you still boast so shamelessly and arrogantly. Do you know how foolish that is?”

The barrier had been activated and four Earth tier Immortal Kings had descended. That was truly enough power to kill Long Chen. Even if Bai Zhantang and the others departed now, they wouldn’t come in time.

However, Long Chen still fearlessly tapped his saber on his shoulder, indifferently saying, “Tell me, what rank on the Heaven Fiend Rankings you are for you to be so arrogant?”

“On the Heaven Fiend Rankings, other than the Nine Underworld Asura, I’m not afraid of anyone. So why don’t you tell me what rank I am?” said Gu Yue arrogantly.

“Tch, is being second really so great?” sneered Long Chen.

“That’s why I said you’re a fool. Do you know what the name of Nine Underworld Asura signifies? To use the name of the Nine Underworld is a supreme glory and privilege. That is an existence with the karmic luck of millions concentrated within her. Ants like you and I cannot compare to her. Nine star heirs are only slightly bigger rabbits before her, so you aren’t qualified to talk about her,” sneered Gu Yue.

This was surprising to Long Chen. It seemed that Gu Yue truly felt great respect for this Nine Underworld Asura. For him to even call himself an ant was outside of Long Chen’s expectations.

In other words, Gu Yue was ranked two on the Heaven Fiend Rankings, while that mysterious Nine Underworld Asura was ranked one, and also far above him in power.

The only information Long Chen had about these so-called Heaven Fiend Rankings came from the battle in the Heavenly Rainbow Domain. One of the top experts had been cowed by the name of this ranking and retreated. So, those on this ranking clearly weren’t ordinary.

From Gu Yue’s mouth, it seemed that there was a huge difference between rank one and rank two. They were incomparable. Long Chen’s heart shook slightly. It seemed that this Nine Underworld Asura was truly terrifying.

Gu Yue sneered, “I am already at the great circle of Four Peak. If I were to advance to the Divine Lord realm, I wouldn’t even bother coming here to kill you. Now you should understand just how worthless you are in my eyes, right?”

“So that’s the case. Then your choice is very wise.” Long Chen nodded.

“Hmph, it seems that you-”

“You came to challenge me so that if you won, you could use that burst of energy to perfectly rise to the Divine Lord realm. The reason I praise you though is because now that you’ve come, there’s no need for you to leave alive. A dead person doesn’t need to worry about advancing.”

“Hahaha!” Gu Yue laughed furiously. “Fool! You still haven’t seen why I’m wasting time talking to you?”

“You’re the fool. Do you think that I can’t see the barrier changing?” retorted Long Chen.

Only then did Bai Shishi and the others notice strange marks appearing on the barrier. Furthermore, the people outside the barrier had already vanished, and mist covered the surroundings, making it impossible for them to see anything.

Within the barrier, nothing had changed. But as Bai Xiaole’s Three Flower Pupils revolved, his expression changed. “We are separated from the outside world by some energy. Those people are still there, but they no longer seem real. It’s like we’re in a different spacetime.”

When it came to spatial arts, no one knew more than Bai Xiaole here. But clearly, this barrier had exceeded the scope of his current understanding.

“Where did they go?”

Qin Feng suddenly noted that the dozens of Immortal Kings still remaining when Gu Yue and the others descended were gone.

“They’re already dead.”

Bai Shishi looked toward a group of corpses in the distance. She felt a chill.

Those people hid in a corner when the barrier came down. But they had become withered corpses for some reason.

Their blood soul energy was sucked away. Bai Shishi and the others looked at those corpses and then at the spatial barrier around them.

“This barrier was made with their blood and souls?”

An unbelievable thought appeared in their minds. If that was true, it really was ruthless. A barrier created by sacrificing thousands of Immortal Kings…

Right now, the only comforting thing was that Long Chen was still icily calm as if he had been prepared from the start for such a thing. That was all that prevented them from panicking.

“Fool. Do you know what price you’ll have to pay for your foolishness? If you hadn’t wasted time talking, you would only have been slain. Now that the barrier is complete, you won’t be able to die even if you beg,” laughed Gu Yue, sounding very pleased.

“A senior told me that any scheme is meaningless in front of absolute power. Today, I will use the bone saber in my hand to demonstrate the truth of his words.”

As Long Chen raised his saber, a giant saber-image tore into the heavens. All the murderous air of heaven and earth was sucked inside the saber without leaving a drop. After that, the bone saber slashed down, shaking the river of stars and causing the world to change color.𝐟rℯℯ𝘄𝑒𝒃𝓷𝒐𝘃e𝒍.c𝘰m

“Split the Heavens!”

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