Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3356 Strange Divine Weapons

Chapter 3356 Strange Divine Weapons

Long Chen directly used his strongest saber attack. There was no need for any probing blows. The will of Split the Heavens was completely locked onto his target. It was simple and direct.

“Then let me experience your strongest attack.” Gu Yue grew serious and suddenly moved. The dagger in his right hand appeared in front of him, while the dagger in his left hand appeared behind him. One was held normally, and the other was held in reverse. A circle then appeared in front of him. His Blood Qi fully ignited. In front of Long Chen’s attack, he had to go all-out as well.

“Ice Soul Nine Underworld Slash!”

The two daggers quivered and their images were projected, one Yin and one Yang, forming a giant Taiji diagram.


The next moment, the heavens collapsed and the earth was torn asunder. The ancient city was instantly turned into smithereens. Countless years of history were erased in an instant.

Long Chen and Gu Yue both shook. They actually ended up even in this exchange.

With a turn of his dagger, Gu Yue struck like lightning. His dagger was unbelievably fast, streaking toward Long Chen’s neck like lightning.


However, his dagger didn’t strike its target because Long Chen kicked Gu Yue in the abdomen, sending him flying.

Despite that, even though the dagger didn’t even touch Long Chen, it had a strange law attached to it, and it sliced through the void, leaving a long bloody cut on Long Chen’s neck.

Even without touching his skin, he was injured and the golden dragon scales couldn’t stop it. Gu Yue’s attack was truly astonishing.

Furthermore, frost appeared on top of the wound. A bone-chilling cold invaded Long Chen’s body, almost freezing his blood.

While Long Chen was injured, Gu Yue also suffered from the kick. The reason he was willing to exchange injury for injury was because he knew that once his Ice Fangs struck, Long Chen would be frozen. Without at least a few seconds, Long Chen couldn’t recover. Then he would have a chance to kill him.

But Long Chen’s kick actually shook his insides badly. It felt like they almost exploded. Despite having shifted his heart-protecting mirror from his heart to the abdomen at that last second, Gu Yue was still unable to completely resist that overwhelming power.

Even his heart-protecting mirror shattered. It was a King item that could absorb any power for its master so that they wouldn’t be injured in the slightest.

Compared to soft-skin armor, this mirror armor was able to fully absorb that power. Soft armor could only block a portion of any attack.

Ordinary soft armor could block seventy percent of an attack’s power at most. Furthermore, if their limit was broken, it was all too easy for the materials to deform, resulting in the runes being displaced and causing the armor to be damaged easily.

However, mirror armor was different. It could fully absorb the full power of any attack. The problem was that once the amount of power it absorbed surpassed its limit, it would shatter.

Long Chen’s kick had directly shattered his mirror armor and shaken his insides. He was lucky that his mirror armor was made of good enough materials, or that one kick might have killed him. That was because an assassin’s physical body wasn’t very powerful.

Originally, Gu Yue’s goal was to use the mirror armor to block Long Chen’s attack and then kill Long Chen while his body was frozen.

However, he was the one hacking up blood from Long Chen’s attack instead. In this exchange of blows, he was the one who suffered the most.

The blood coming out of Long Chen’s neck froze, leading to a blockage in his aura. This made him unable to unleash his full power.

With a cold snort, a flame lotus appeared on Long Chen’s left hand, and he unleashed his palm.

Flames exploded but this attack missed. Gu Yue had vanished.

At the same time, the Ice Qi on Long Chen’s neck was erased. The wound healed, and his qi once more began flowing smoothly throughout his body.


Long Chen’s saber swung behind him, causing the void to explode. Gu Yue’s figure reappeared, but after that brief delay, he had also recovered from his wound.

The saber and dagger clashed, unleashing divine light. After that, the Taiji diagram around Gu Yue shone brightly.

“The power of Yin and Yang? As they cycle, my power is dispersed into the air. This pair of weapons is really great!” Long Chen narrowed his eyes. In these two clashes, Long Chen had finally seen through the clues of these daggers.

This pair of divine items was one Yin and one Yang. As Yin and Yang circulated, they formed a special force field that absorbed Long Chen’s power and released it.

The reason Gu Yue was able to block Split the Heavens wasn’t due to his own power, but due to the marvelous ability of this pair of daggers. They could absorb and release energy.

The dagger that Gu Yue was pointing behind him suddenly pierced forward, and a wild power erupted. On the other hand, Long Chen felt a suffocating feeling.


The runes on his bone saber quivered. A fiery light exploded between it and the dagger, devouring this entire space.

Flames spurted into the heavens, and the world was ignited. This other dagger of Gu Yue’s actually contained flame energy.

One ice, one flame; one Yin, one Yang. When they were combined, they produced endless magical properties. Long Chen was forced back over ten steps before stabilizing his body.

“How does it feel to be struck by your own power?” sneered Gu Yue.

Just now, he had absorbed Long Chen’s power, releasing a portion of it into the air and using another portion of it to attack. Switching out the ice dagger for the flame dagger, he then struck Long Chen with both their powers.

“It’s only a little trick. I would guess that the only reason you managed to climb to rank two of the Heaven Fiend Rankings is not due to your actual power, but those daggers. How pitiful,” said Long Chen as he shook his numb hand.

This was Long Chen’s first time encountering someone using his own power to strike him. However, considering how forceful Long Chen’s power was, it was mostly of the Yang attribute, while Gu Yue’s energy deviated toward the Yin side, resulting in him only being able to reflect a small portion of Long Chen’s power.

Despite that, Long Chen definitely had lost out in that exchange. Those daggers were truly bizarre.

“You’re the pitiful one. My weapons are naturally a part of my power. What is there to question about my power?!” demanded Gu Yue furiously.

This surprising amount of anger was due to Long Chen touching his sore spot once more. Long Chen was clearly not the only one who had said something like this to him.

When it came to just pure power, Gu Yue truly wasn’t much stronger than the rank seven Tian Mo. However, Long Chen felt that considering that their ranking was so different, there shouldn’t be such a little difference. Rank two should be much stronger.

He hadn’t expected that casually saying this would cause the truth to come out. This fellow had really relied on his weapons to reach rank two, and not his actual power.

“Hmph, die, you trash-talking trash!”

Gu Yue roared, his Blood Qi igniting. As his daggers glowed, both ice and flame energy filled the world. After that, two horned monsters appeared behind him.

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