Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 3357 Demon Moon Reveals Her Power

Chapter 3357 Demon Moon Reveals Her Power

Those two horned monsters were nameless devils. They were the item-spirits of the daggers, and their power caused the void to collapse around them.

“Isn’t it said that only experts on the level of a Heaven tier Immortal King can activate the item-spirit of a King item?!” exclaimed Bai Xiaole.

Although they all had King items, they were only able to unleash a very small portion of their power. Unless they could have the item-spirit accept them like Bai Shishi, there was no way for them to unleash their true power.

However, even Bai Shishi had to be very careful while using her golden sword. One careless mistake would suck up all her spiritual yuan and injure her with a backlash.

King items were for World Kings, and one had to be at least a Heaven tier Immortal King to fully unleash their power. For the likes of Bai Xiaole and the others, using King items was mostly just to intimidate people or to display their status.

For someone in the Four Peak realm to use a King item was like a child waving around a hammer. It was even possible for them to accidentally smash themselves to death. The majority of King items couldn’t even bother to pay attention to such children, so most of their King items were in slumber. They didn’t care at all about their master’s life or death.

However, Gu Yue had summoned the item-spirits of his daggers. Their power raged, sealing this entire world.

“Gu Yue had his sore spot touched by Long Chen. The anger drove him to unleash this trump card. Now it’s up to Long Chen to block it,” said Bai Shishi. She was vigilantly holding her golden sword.

If Long Chen couldn’t receive it, then she would interfere. However, there would be no way for her to hold back against Gu Yue. All her power would be sucked dry in a single attack, and she might even fall into slumber. Only a full-power attack could stop those figures.

“Did I say something wrong? Without these two divine weapons, you might not even be a match for Tian Mo. What? Are you angry out of embarrassment?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

“Die!” Gu Yue roared furiously, his face going from red to white. As if afraid he couldn’t kill Long Chen, all his power poured into his divine weapons. After this attack, he probably wouldn’t even be able to stand.

“Do you have that ability?” sneered Long Chen. He put away his bone saber. At this point in time, he didn’t even have time to unleash Split the Heavens.

After forming hand seals, the space in front of him quivered and a golden pill furnace appeared. It was a King item formerly known as the Daynight Furnace.

“Ling-er, show him who is the real king!” shouted Long Chen.

The pill furnace rumbled, and one rune after another lit up. As they did, the pill furnace’s divine pressure rapidly rose, like a volcano that had stored up energy for millions and millions of years erupting.

“Not good!”

The four elders watching the fight finally changed their expressions. They were well aware that the reason why Gu Yue could summon the item-spirits of the daggers was because of a bloodline connection.

If it wasn’t for that, at most he would only be able to unleash around twenty percent of his King items’ power. As for Long Chen, the Demon Moon Furnace had fifty percent of its runes light up. Their power made even them feel terror.


They wanted to interfere after seeing this, but they were too late. Long Chen had perfectly timed it, not giving them any chance to save him. The Demon Moon Furnace then smashed into the two daggers. During this clash of King items, the void exploded and countless giant cracks spread throughout the void. Time was like a mirror that had been shattered.

Terrifying ripples blew Long Chen back, making him grunt. Although he had been prepared for this shockwave, he felt like his bones would shatter.

However, Gu Yue had it even worse than him. His physical body was directly blasted apart, and he fled with only his Yuan Spirit. Furthermore, his Yuan Spirit was covered in cracks like crystals about to shatter.

“Save me!” Gu Yue cried out, fleeing for his life when he saw that Long Chen was fine.

“Weren’t you very arrogant?” Long Chen sneered and extended his hand, grabbing Gu Yue’s Yuan Spirit. Just then, the might of four Earth tier Immortal Kings erupted and space instantly froze. The might of an Earth tier Immortal King was absolute. All others became ants.

However, this frozen space was then shattered by a golden sword slashing through the air. It completely ignored the absolute might of the Earth tier Immortal Kings and slashed toward the four of them. Bai Shishi attacked at this critical moment.

The four of them hadn’t even cared about Bai Shishi and the others, but Bai Shishi’s attack caused them to shriek. All four of their hands were severed by Bai Shishi’s sword.

“Slut, you’re courting death!”

The four of them were shocked and enraged. The power of this attack had far surpassed their expectations. After that, space twisted and their hands exploded.

Bai Xiaole had activated his Three Flower Pupils to crush the hands. After leaving the main body, the hands no longer had the protection of an Earth tier Immortal King’s might. So, those four hands were nothing more than four pig trotters at this time.

If the four of them could simply grab their hands, they could immediately reattach them with no loss. But regenerating new hands required their core energy. This was why Bai Xiaole did this.

“Save me!”

Gu Yue’s Yuan Spirit was in Long Chen’s hand, and he screamed wretchedly. None of his former arrogance remained.

As for his two divine weapons, they had long since left him and vanished without a trace.

The elders didn’t even bother healing. Gu Yue was ranked two on the Heaven Fiend Rankings, one of the pillars of the Nine Underworld Hall. Even the palace master cared about him. So, they shouted at Long Chen.

“Release Gu Yue, otherwise-”

Before the elder could finish speaking, Long Chen had crushed his Yuan Spirit. Violet lightning erupted from Long Chen’s hand. He then scanned Gu Yue’s spiritual fragments, flipping through his memories.

“Courting death!”

The four of them were enraged. Long Chen had actually slain Gu Yue right in front of them.

Originally, they hadn’t been planning on bringing Gu Yue, but after learning of this plan, Gu Yue chose to come and kill Long Chen before advancing to the Divine Lord realm, to add another illustrious achievement under his belt.

Due to the hostility between the Nine Underworld Hall and the Bloodkill Hall, the hall master of the Nine Underworld Hall had ordered that Long Chen must be slain by one of his people. They couldn’t allow the Bloodkill Hall to kill Long Chen.

Moreover, Tian Mo had been killed, which was a slap in their face. Once Gu Yue learned of this, he naturally didn’t want to let this opportunity go. As the four of them didn’t want to offend this expert with limitless potential, they could only agree.

Now, Gu Yue hadn’t managed to win anything and even lost his life. Such a good thing had been ruined. They didn’t know how they could explain themselves to the hall master. So, they charged at Long Chen.

They no longer even dared to kill Long Chen now. A dead Long Chen definitely wouldn’t be enough to placate the hall master’s fury. If they wanted to keep their lives, they had to capture Long Chen alive.

Just then, the golden sword slashed through the air once more. The four of them hastily retreated. They were already shaken by that golden sword and didn’t dare to face it directly.

After forcing the four of them back once more, Bai Shishi’s face turned as pale as paper. She was already out of power.

“Capture her too!” shouted one of the elders. He immediately thought of gifting the sword to the hall master to relieve some of their sins.

Seeing that she had sharply overdrafted her power, the four of them reached toward her. But then, a divine light lit up, and the four of them were shocked to find that they couldn’t move.

A crystalline stone had appeared in Long Chen’s hand. He smiled disdainfully.

“Did you really take me for a fool? Did you think I would send myself to my death here without some trump card?”

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