Nova Roma

Chapter 11 - City under siege

R-18 Chapter: Gore and Sex description

On a hill 20 km from emerita Augusta an explorer saw with fear, a horde of hundreds of thousands of tribal people, seemed to have burned the town that was in that place and hanging the male occupants in their houses and close trees in the town.

Occupying the telescope a tool designed by the young Master Flavio, he could see the most horrible deprivations, it does not matter if they are boys or girls, women or old women all are toys to release the pleasure of those beasts.

The explorer can't keep their food in his stomach and puke over the floor because he sees how that barbaric Cantabrians rape a little roman girl, 5 guys raping a little girl, he wants to go to help the child but can't fight with that Cantabrians alone.

When they finish the rape of the little girl they just cut their head and put them on a wooden stake, this kind of acts repeat in all the town the poor explorer just could pray to Jupiter for their souls, he kept his telescope in his backpack and ran back to the city.

The explorer rides his horse and can't forget the face of the pain of the little girl, he just closes their eyes and keeps riding to Emerita Augusta, when he arrives he goes directly to the temple of Artemis where Flavio was.

Flavio frowned at the description so detailed that gave the explorer, he thinks if that does to a little girl the Cantabrians what they can do with her mother or him "Stupid rapist Cantabrians, just try to toch my mother and i will exterminate all of you pieces of shit"

To punish they Flavio will show to Cantabrians what is real cruelty their methods are a child's play compared to what he will do, as the barbarians want to play without honor could not care less to make him feel fear in his bones and what better way than with an invisible fire

One of the products that can be obtained by alcohol is methanol, which when burned does not produce visible flame, unfortunately, it did not have too much methanol but it was enough to create panic about that scum.

The city of Rome is a metropolis of more than 1,000,000 inhabitants, The life inside the metropolis is hard for the normal and poor people but for the rich and nobles, it's a great city of sin they can pay some Denarius for getting women, men or child to have sex.

But that's methods are for normal people or low nobles in one of the houses of a hight noble was a little girl that was raped by a barbed man "Stupid kid, I hope the emperor's grandson doesn't want you for don't be virgin so I can keep you, no worry I will keep hitting you until I'm happy, Hahaha ."

At that moment the barbed man uses a whip to hit the back of the little girl that just can saw the small light that filtered through the basement window thinking as who can be the fiance that the damn bearded man always talks about, she just hopes their fiance save her of this man.

While this was happening in the nobleman's house a large number of legionaries and auxiliaries are preparing to supplies and other resources they will need for the punitive expedition against the Cantabrians who attack the imperial family

Meanwhile, in the imperial palace, the August emperor was talking with Marco Vipsanio Agrippa a famous general who served in the campaigns against Marco Antonio

"This is the last letter sent by Vitelio, it seems that the Cantabrians went crazy and began to advance towards the city of Emerita Augusta, looks like want to capture or kill my family Julia and Flavio, Agrippa in how long we can reach Hispania "

Agrippa looked at the emperor who had a murderous look

"In 1 month his majesty, as for the number of troops together with the legions as of the vassals we gather more than 500k soldiers "

"Well, also prepares crosses of wood we will need thousands of them, that bastards Cantabrians will see great decorated the plains of Hispania"

15 of Maius (Roman Calendar) from 21 BC

The Cantabrians arrived in the city of Emerita Augusta, the traps that had been placed around the city fulfilled their mission by killing some thousands of Cantabrians who arrived at night and did not pay attention to their surroundings, the traps were holes in the ground with wooden stakes, also in all the meadow that surrounds the city was placed metal shavings, debris from vases and glass, which delayed the placement of the camp for the siege

16 of Maius from 21 ac

The commander and king of the Cantabrian tribes Corocotta, ordered that they sent the Roman slaves who had captured to clean the field when these slaves approached 200 meters from the city a rain of arrows fell on them

Flavio gave the order that it does not matter if it is Roman or Cantabrian anyone who approaches 200 meters must be killed, sometimes kindness is more expensive than cruelty since the Cantabrians are wild they will have equally wild tactics, therefore it is better to kill than to be killed

Corocotta was surprised to see this scene did not know who was the enemy commander but he could know that perhaps this site would not be so simple, throughout the afternoon and night the slaves continued to approach to be received with arrows.

17 of Maius from 21 ac

Corocotta stopped sending slaves to die and ordered that they begin to build wooden mantlets to avoid the arrows (remember that they do not know that Flavio uses a crossbow and no arrows) and stairs to climb the walls, unfortunately, there were no trees nearby. they cut themselves, Corocotta sighed and had to bring wood from afar.

20 of Maius from 21 ac

The city of emerita Augusta is surrounded, corocotta tried to attack the fortifications of the river (Islands), but the ballista of the wall destroyed the canoes that approached, while a rain of bolts charged the life of the adventurers, no matter how much covered with shields they were crossed, after the failed attack the Cantabrians decided to wait before launching a large-scale attack

10 of Iunius from 21 ac

It has been 21 days since the site of the city was completed, Corocotta knows that if it takes longer reinforcements will arrive if he decided to launch a massive attack at noon, he hoped to take the city at night.

In the walls of the city was Flavio holding a dagger he pointed to the enemy camp and shouted

"Citizens of emerita Augusta, this day maybe is the last with life for all, but remember that you don't will be remembered for how you live it's for how you die and if I die this day I hope my name was writing the history for being the man who fights against barbaric tribes

Don't be afraid and peel those scum they will have no mercy for anyone including their children and women

You only have two ways in this moment death or glory the difference between those is how you die, you can die hiding or can die fighting like a hero

For my part, I can tell you that I will fight until the end because today is a beautiful day for the die and now take your weapons and get ready for the blood festival if they want our city to pay for it, Rome undefeated! "

Unconquered Rome shouted in unison in emerita Augusta, the Cantabrians outside the city felt fear, but despite that Corocotta gave the order to start the assault on the city, He had no other choice thanks to the materials obtained by the looting his people can feed on time, he only hopes to catch the grandson of the Roman emperor and his daughter to negotiate a peace.

But deep inside he wonders if what he does will work, what happens if instead of reaching a peace agreement his people are exterminated, it is a bet he is willing to make regardless of the results...

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