Nova Roma

Chapter 12 - Battle for life or death

R-18 Chapter: Gore

The slaves of the Cantabrians took the wooden Mantelets and advanced towards the walls of the city, in the back of them were other slaves with sandbags to fill the moat that surrounded the wall of the city, the mini catapults in the walls aim the Mantelets and attacked

The rocks and arrows flew towards the field, the screams of wounded and dead resounded all over the place, the dew of blood began to be visible after a few minutes of the attack, the slaves began to reach the moat and began to fill it with the sacks of sand, the process of filling the pit took 3 hours.

At this point in the battle, it is normal to see the tribal Cantabrian soldiers killed on the battlefield, some of them have the skull destroyed by the rocks and others look like pigs due to the concentration of bolts that are thrown at them

After some parts of the moat was filled, the Cantabrian archers attacked the walls covering themselves on the Mantelets, and Flavio gave the order to use the methanol jars

The catapults adjusted the angle of fire and they let fall on the Mantelets a rain of jugs with methanol, the liquid began to impregnate the Cantabrians and Mantelets, after that, a few archers appeared on the towers of the City with its arrows in flames, and threw on the places that methanol had rained

At that moment cries were heard all over the front the enemy archers threw themselves to the ground and said that they were burning but nobody could see the fire, at that moment the Mantelets began to give off smoke and flames that were visible

Corocotta swallowed saliva and wondered what it was that caused fire could only sigh and claim that it was some kind of magic, in that fortress must have a powerful magician (Not enough a god lol).

Something could be sure Corocotta no matter how strong the magician could be, he could not against an entire army if he gave the order to attack altogether, hundreds of thousands of tribal people shouted and ran over the walls of the fortress

Flavio saw this scene and ordered that arrows be rained, the crossbowmen settled in rows of 3 therefore while one shot another one loaded in this way the fire was constant, the enemy archers also threw salvos on the defenders, the arrows rained down and the people died, beginning to reach the siege stairs on the walls, these were received with boiling oil and stones

Another order he says was to start with chemical warfare (Remember that the bleach that occurs when Flavio is near is much more powerful due to its divine energy).

Flavio put on his goggles and began to sing a Frank Sinatra song that he liked so much while death hovered over the Cantabrians:

"To dream the impossible dream"

The jugs with bleach flew in the air from all sides of the fortress, Corocotta with fear wondered if it would be more invisible fire and saw the jugs fall on his army with impotence, not to mention that many fell to the ground because of the wounds caused in their feet by the sharp remains on the floor

"To fight the unbeatable foe"

The jars fell on the tribals, the piercing cries sounded from the poor wretches who had been touched with the substance while their skin began to burn

"To bear with unbearable sorrow"

Those nearby tribes where the jars had fallen started to water, their eyes are burning even if they scratch can not remove this feeling

"To run where the brave dare not go"

After losing sight they feel that their throat burns, soon after the air begins to be absent and without warning their lives come to an end

"To right the unrightable wrong"

At first, the tribal army does not pay attention to the soldiers who lose their sight or who are drowning because they are only isolated areas but the sun has other plans for them

"To be better far than you are"

The lye began to evaporate and more cases began to present asphyxiation, this began to cause chaos among the tribal army

"To try when your arms are too weary"

Corocotta had a large army but poorly trained and organized only took cities and fortresses by massive charges and use of siege ladders, therefore the concentration of troops one over another was brutal, when the fear spread many tried to escape but only caused chaos and deaths because while some wanted to escape others wanted to go which caused some to fall and be crushed by their peers

"To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star "

Flavio extended his hands and with a smile decided to make the second part of his plan for it he knew that the effective range of the crossbow was 400 meters but he ordered that it only be fired at 200 meters for the enemy to trust, at a time that the army was in chaos ordered that they could fire to freedom no matter the distance

"No matter how hopeless, no matter how far"

In the sky a rain of arrows fell in the back of the army, to be tight the troops by chaos could not move the shield to defend themselves, death had arrived and many did not even know how they died, corocotta immediately ordered the withdrawal of the army

"To be willing to give when there's no more to give"

Upon hearing the retreating horn from the enemy, Flavio with a psychopathic look ordered with his hands that vases with alcohol be thrown and arrows come out with fire

"To be willing to die so that honor and justice may live"

Another round of vases went flying in the direction of the chaotic army, this time the contents of the jugs did not burn or cause any respiratory reaction, but tribal people can smell a familiar aroma, it seems to be much stronger than the wine they drink regularly

"And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest"

When the last vase fell a rain of fire rushed over them, the fire engulfed the tribal troops to be so close this expanded at a speed of fear

"That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I'm laid to my rest"

The fire devoured everything in its path the lucky few died for some bolt that fell from the sky or being trodden to death, the air was impregnated with the sweet aroma of barbecue and the strong aroma of bleach

"And the world will be better for this"

Corocotta this scene from afar his men and allies were dying in cruel ways and had not done substantial damage to the city, just a humiliating defeat

"That one man scorned and covered with scars,"

The chaos was reduced considerably and the surviving troops left the area of ​​the death to be able to see behind their backs as their companions piled on top of each other dead and burned

"Still strove with his last ounce of courage

To reach the unreachable star. "

Flavio began to laugh while holding his face with his hand, "What happens stupid barbaric shit is all that you have," the soldiers in the walls could only see how Flavio laughed seeing the deads Cantabrians over the place but they had to thank him for winning this battle If it were not for him, the city would have fallen with that assault and the rape party will start.

After that defeat, the two sides did damage control, in the case of Flavio the Cantabrians claimed the lives of 14k defenders and left another 15k injured while more than 10kcivilians were killed while they bring war material to the troops in the walls.

Corocotta did not run with the same luck his stupidity of massive assault had claimed the lives of more than 150k troops and left more than 60k injured, he simply knew that his dream of being the king of Hispania and expelling the Romans from the peninsula came to an end

He had to retire because no have the strength to continue this stupid siege, he had other bigger problems such as preventing the Romans from exterminating them.

The next day the corocotta troops retreated only took the wounded who could walk leaving behind more than 50k wounded to their fate

Flavio did not waste time and said that those were not men were beasts and as beasts had to pay for the suffering caused.

The injured troops of Corocoota try to escape for the troops of the city of Emerita Augusta but that was impossible, the angry people and soldiers charge against them and capture, one by one to put a sharp stick on the back that came out of their mouths and accommodate them on the outskirts of the city.

The first captives died because they were not drilled correctly, but with more than 50,000 test subjects, they were able to keep them alive after impaling them at the end of that day over 50000 tribals were impaled on the outskirts of emerita Augusta

This event would be remembered in the future as the spikes of Flavio...

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