Nova Roma

Chapter 16 - The fiancee

R-18 Chapter: Gore and Sex description

In the house of the nobleman with a beard, he was enjoying his last weeks with Hellena, because the emperor's grandson would stop beating him with Flavio.

But I continue to rape her "Damn bitch, I'm sure you'll come back, that damn little boy shouldn't like dirty women like you who have been raped and aren't virgins.

But look on the bright side if you come back to me I'll take care of you having my children so that when they grow up they also rape you and give birth to their children too, Hahaha. "

Hellena with the lost look could only think of her fiance, for her there was no other person in her mind and heart, the words of the pig behind her could not make her angry or sad, because she knew that her fiance would take care of her.

During the following weeks, Flavio ordered the province of Lusitania and made a census of the population, also foreseeing that in a few years more he would go to the American continent preparing Latin-Nahuatl and Latin-Maya textbooks

Because Mayan and Nahuatl writing is pictographic occupied the Latin alphabet to be able to correctly imitate the pronunciation of words, because it is a fact that the language changes as time passes are very likely that we can hardly communicate

A very clear example of this is Spanish if one tries to communicate with a Castilian of century XV occupying Mexican Spanish of century XXI, could only be understood a small percentage of the words but it would be sufficient to be able to communicate very simply, other of the things that prepared Flavio was a book of dangers of Mesoamerica from insects that They can kill even flora and fauna (Centro de México).

Flavio after much analysis decided that the best area to arrive was Coatzacoalcos (Present municipality of Veracruz Mexico), this because it is an area that very few know but before the Panama Canal was built the Americans wanted to buy it (treated Mclane Ocampo) and steal (filibusters) the "Isthmus of Tehuantepec" because in a straight line of 215 km joins the Gulf of Mexico with the Pacific

It was his first option in the construction of an inter-oceanic canal because Mexico and had lost in their hands a few years before more than half of the territory (Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, etc) the Mexican did not allow more thefts of territory if the Americans gave up when they saw their second option the Panama Canal were an independent Panama from Colombia

but for Flavio and his descendants, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec may have strategic importance because you can build a much easier channel (It is a to plain) to go to Panama that at this time is a dense jungle where there are a lot of mosquitoes that transmit diseases.

While Flavio was planning the future, Arabela entered the studio and mentioned that Hellena would arrive in the afternoon, his fiancee and his uncle Julio.

Flavio could only sigh, his grandfather agreed Flavio reform his uncle because he likes to be a hedonist but nevertheless he has to admit that he does not have the courage to take more than one woman at the orders of his grandfather, like his uncle.

One of the most amazing things Flavio did before his grandfather left for Rome was to do an amputation of the arms and legs of the entire family of Corocotta to make them an attraction in Rome.

He suggested to his grandfather that he need to make a human zoo of those who opposed Rome, what better punishment than to prevent them from dying and living in Rome until they die of old while they are visited and humiliated by Romans every day, Flavio asked his grandfather to call this punishment "Vitellii Poenas" ( The punishment of Vitelio) in honor of his father.

Augusto during this time did not waste time once arrived in Rome inaugurated the zoo of the damned and began with religious reform for it joined the oracles of the most important temples of Rome and showed the "Sacrum Textum" (The sacred text)

The process of religious reform was a slow process that once started would take years to be applied throughout the empire, another of the things he did was to prepare the invasion of Britannia and Hibernia for the first half of 20 ac, gathered the Jewish leaders in Rome and proposed the creation of a Jewish state in Hibernia the conditions that august presented them were not bad, they only had to conquer the island themselves and not leave unless they had his permission.

For the Jews it was better that they pay tribute and that they were a Roman autonomous province, than to be homeless and discriminated people; The legions by orders of August added 5 cohorts to their ranks 3 of them crossbowmen, one of the engineers (who were trained in making siege weapons) and one called "Vi Opus" (Special Force)

This cohort would be responsible for entering territory enemy before the strength of the legion to do deep reconnaissance received a training in survival, camouflage and guerrilla warfare, its most important accessories were telescopes, camouflage suit (A suit covered with leaves of the region that covered full body), leather boots with metal base (Perfect to avoid damage to the feet), A crossbow as main remote weapon, a small crossbow that was placed on the wrist with effective range of 20 meters, a short sword, a dagger and a backpack with canteen and dry biscuits (for 3 days), they also had a notebook to write down the intelligence.

On the wagon trip, Hellena was happy because she would finally see the fiancée that the emperor once spoke to her and always repeated that noble pig.

For his part, Julio just wanted to try the famous alcohol that his nephew made and wondered if he could find a good woman to spend his time.

The two were surprised when they saw the city of Emerita Augusta, neither of them reacted to the corpses impaled on the outskirts of the city because those who were dead were barbaric garbage that did not deserve their respect

The city of emerita Augusta welcomed Hellena the fiancee of Flavio and July the son of the august emperor, the ceremony was quite simple but surprised his fiancée and July because in Rome there was not such a beautiful music

Flavio played for them "Progressus Emerita "(The march of Zacatecas), although august took with him some musicians and instruments including the scores of the songs that Flavio had created in those weeks had not been able to train the musicians to play like the military orchestra of emerita Augusta

Another thing that surprised them was the food Flavio ​​showed them the flour tortillas and the quesadillas and as the main course some carnitas made in a copper saucepan, cooked with citron juice and beer in butter, Flavio also cut onion, cilantro and He placed citron juice, taught his fiancée and his uncle how to prepare a taco, placed a tortilla in his hand, took carnitas and placed onion, chopped cilantro And finally he put citron juice

When he took a bite he had to admit that he regretted not having chile to make a sauce, as a Flavio drink he made apple cider, after a sumptuous meal, he took them to see the city and at night he showed them a drink called atole of toasted flour, to make it Flavio boiled water in a container with cinnamon, put in a pan wheat flour and toast until it had yellow color, put the flour in the water and added milk with sugar (Unfortunately he didn't have cornstarch so that it had the consistency of a good atole), also prepared a delicious sugar conch (Pan typical of Mexico), and before finishing the day Flavio showed them a board game called "Card Venatus" (Spanish deck)

Replaced the jack by a legionary, the knight by centurion on horseback and the king by the emperor (Augustus), all other figures remained the same Spade (Sword), Coppe (Cup), denari (Roman coin) and Bastoni (Baston), Flavio taught to play his uncle and his fiancée also in the game was his mother Julia, they had a good time that night before going to sleep.

That night Arabela took little Hellena to her room where she prepared to change her clothes but could only see Hellena's body with wounds.

Little Hellena looked at her with lifeless eyes "I hope you don't try to abuse me when I am with my fiance."

Arabela put his hand in his mouth when he heard those words and hug Hellena "You don't need to keep any secret to Master Flavio, he will understand.

I hope you can bring him the happiness that he needs, do not worry, I will not interfere in your relationship, I will leave this place for only you can stand with them, and remember Hellena fight for your love or you will end like me.

Please take care of Flavio as I would. "

After this Arabela hugged Hellena tightly and left the room with the intention of leaving the governor's palace to start a new life with the baby that was forming inside.

When she was driving away in a carriage, she looked towards the palace while a tear fell from his face...

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