Nova Roma

Chapter 17 - Secrets uncovered

In the morning Flavio woke up as usual but I notice that Hellena was at his side, at night he could feel as she entered his room to sleep next to him

For Flavio this was not a problem no matter who or what if hurting him can feel and act in his defense, hellena is extremely beautiful has a definite face and light hair like wheat, and a very soft and white skin, the only thing that seemed strange to Flavio was that it seemed very comfortable to his side as if she knew him from a long time ago.

Before waking up, Flavio decided to wake Hellena for it. She used her hand and placed it on Hellena's face but she seemed to tremble when he did this.

Hellena woke up thinking that he was dreaming and that he was again with the damn pig but he realized that the hand that touched his face was of the little boy who was his fiancé.

She was surprised the day before by Flavio's mental maturity, maybe as the red-haired maid told her yesterday, he could help her and maybe hopefully get revenge.

During the morning Flavio reviewed some papers related to Lusitania and personal, some were bureaucratic procedures and others were orders of commerce of the family business as orders for sugar and alcohol, this would be completely a normal routine if it were not for hellena who looked calmly as He worked.

Flavio smile while he sees the little Hellena "Hey hellena, you do not feel tired of seeing him doing the paperwork, you know you can do what you want, you do not have to be boring here with me"

Hellena just smiled "I could see you all day and not feel tired, you do not get tired when you see something you love "

Flavio saw her with eyes of doubt" I will not interfere in your feelings even though you are only 4 years older than me, but tell me how you were treated in Rome "

Hellena saw with some fear to the floor, Flavio notice that "Is it an order?"

Flavio at that moment remember the words if his grandfather and felt cold sweat running down his back and a feeling of anger "Don't worry hellena no one can hurt you with me, I can't help you if you don't show me what happened to you, but be sure I will kill anyone who does something to you"

Hellena nodding turned her back to Flavio and took off his tunic showed his back which had a lot of whip marks and other scars in her body, Flavio felt helpless and desire to kill the bastard who damaged his fiancee.

That was not the only thing he saw he could also see, some damage to his fiancee's thighs that could only be achieved when someone was violated.

In his previous life as an archaeologist, he had the bad luck in one of the explorations of a Mayan group to find with his classmates the body of a girl who had been abused and left in the jungle to rot.

While the Semefo 1 arrived at the place, Flavio could see the horrible marks of the skin that is why he knows that Hellena was abused the worst is that some are already scars.

Which indicates that they are a long time behind, Flavio stopped feeling anger to feel hate.

Hellena with a look Lost said "The august emperor assigned me a midwife who took care of me the first years, but one day she died and I was in the care of an august trusted senator"

She started to cry "He locked me for years in a room, where Sometimes I was fed others I did not eat for days, only a small light that entered through a small basement window illuminated me

I was the daughter of a traitor to the empire when he was angry he would unburden his anger in me with a whip on my back unfortunately that was only at the beginning one day, he gets drunk to the basement where I was and he use my mouth to give pleasure, after this he returned every day.

The situation worsened when my mouth was not enough so I took my virginity while hanging me, from that moment I became his toy which he used when he wanted to.

Lashes, blows and other things he did with my body."

Hellena turned to see Flavio while her face was full of tears " I wanted to die but among all the suffering the only thing that kept me alive was the words of the emperor and my matron who said that I had a fiancé who would take care of me

All my life was like this until one day I was taken out of that cell and He told me that in a few weeks I would stop being with him but that your Flavio would abandon me when you knew I am not a virgin.

During those days he violated me day and night, the blows were caused by the fear that the marks were on my body and the Praetorians realized.

I wanted to say what the damn pig did but I couldn't, in time tell me you will abandon me and allow that damn pig to abuse me again for being the daughter of a traitor..."

Before she could continue Flavio I hug her " I can be a crazy fucker but for me, my family is the most important thing you can ask the last of the Cantabrian, they killed father and I exterminates all, I can not return the childhood that was stolen but I can assure you that I will take care of you all your life, as for the wounds on your back, I can heal them if you wish.

But for that bastard and his family, I will no give mercy, don't need to worry you will get your revenge and I will help you if my grandfather cant help us I will use my methods to get all that shit together and bring to Emerita Augusta "

Hellena crying nodded her head, Flavio placed her hand on her back and let her divine energy flow through her, the whip marks and other scars start to disappear leaving behind skin as soft as a baby without any trace of damage.

Flavio see Hellena and smile "Ready Hellena your back and other places have been healed, as for your emotional wounds will have to be cured with time and mother support and mine

Remember that from now on you have a family, it can be a bit conventional and even rare but it will support you in what you need and if someone wants to hurt you tell me, I do not care who or whoever is to protect you I can kill my grandfather if is necessary."

Hellena embrace Flavio and wept on Flavio's shoulder, Flavio followed her hugging while caressing her back "Since you like to be with me I will take advantage to teach you anything that may be useful to you, in the future you will be my right hand and the mother of my children.

Please never think that because you have been abused I will love you less, on the contrary, I will protect you with more force and help you get ahead."

Flavio placed the face of hellena in front of his face and wiped his tears with his hand "Don't cry girl your face is more beautiful when you're happy "

Hellena nodded and continued hugging Flavio for a while longer.

That day Flavio sent a letter to his grandfather was he say he needs that bastard noble and his family, they need to pay what he does to Hellena.

The letter was sent by means of a carrier pigeon that undertook the flight at night, to avoid being attacked by some owl or bird, Flavio placed part of his divine energy to increase predators.

Augustus was waking up in the morning when he saw in a window a dove that had a letter tied to his chest when he took it and read his face he showed anger.

Quickly ordered Augur and his family to be captured and sent by ship to Lusitania, they had to pay dearly for their boldness, as far as telling the nobles of Rome.

It was enough to show some false documents that Augur was conspiring against the empire, that morning in Rome began a witch hunt.

During the afternoon of that day Flavio met his uncle who was lying in the armchairs of the table with a bottle in his hand of schnapps, he shouted Arabela to bring him a bucket of water

But only another servant came who told Flavio that Arabela had left at night, according to the letter he left that he would take a vacation and wait for her, Flavio only knew and thought she deserved those vacations, so he asked that servant to bring him a bucket of water

After that Flavio received the bucket with water from the servant and threw it on his uncle to wake up, July woke up with surprise and saw his nephew with a bucket of water, he wanted to teach him a lesson by punching him but Flavio the elusive and he kicked in the face of his uncle that he shot

Flavio thundered his fingers and proceeded to beat his uncle's face until he asked for clemency "Well I hope you're more awakened garbage, you're a dishonor to the family but do not worry your nephew will make you a man who can support the Roman empire

The last thing I want is for you to destroy the efforts of the grandfather and those who preceded him I need to see you in the courtyard right now.

Or the next kick will be in your eggs."

July nodded with his face bloodied not yet pod to understand how a 5-year-old had so much strength.

After that incident, he started a reforming hell for July, Flavio canceled all his privileges and he had to wake up from 6 am and sleep at 10 pm, to exercise and receive lessons of humility, Flavio always told him

"There can be no libertine emperor with responsible people if you fail the empire fails and if the empire fails the end is near "

All this training lasted 3 months, during this time he came to Emerita Augusta, Augur, and his family as slaves.

The first thing Flavio did while Hellena watched was castrated Augur without using anesthesia with a rusty knife so that he died slowly from tetanus.

Of course he wouldn't let him die that way alone, Flavio used black slaves to rape his family while Augur couldn't do anything.

He had to see as a black slave by black slave abused his wife and two daughters, while his son also suffered the same fate as his mother and sisters.

Hellena, in the end, could not bear to see their suffering, so she used a knife to cut their neck and bleed to death, in the end, Augur was impaled by Hellena with the help of Flavio on a hill near the city.

With this, Hellena's revenge was complete on time. She only needed to heal her wounds that the damn pig did with the help of Flavio and Julia who takes care of her like her own daughter.

Feeling the love of a mother she could never feel...

Mexican medical forensic service, are responsible for collecting the bodies and with the police experts investigate what happened to the body of the deceased.

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