Nova Roma

Chapter 21 - Zeus Temple

The temple of Jupiter (Zeus) is the center of religious power in Rome and one of the first places where the reform began to work, Flavio was on his way to this great temple along with Hellena, years ago the temple was the victim of a fire and his Grandfather rebuilt it by the year 26 BC

When they climbed the stairs Flavio could feel that being the largest temple in Rome the divine power that was concentrated, then enter they began to direct the statue of Zeus (If you wonder why to alternate between Zeus and Jupiter is due to the Pov of the character for the Romans Zeus is Jupiter for Flavius ​​is Zeus).

At that time the scene was repeated that a few years ago Flavio lived the time stopped and the silence reigned, unlike Artemis that came to life with the statue

Flavio turned around as he could feel how a bearded man slowly appeared behind him in a white robe "So you're the son of Apollo"

Flavio looked at Zeus incredulously after hearing that phrase "His son? That would explain many things, but why Artemis could feel in my energy similar to the energy of Apollo"

Zeus looked at him for a moment while he frowned and came closer placing his fingers on Flavio's forehead " Hahaha, that little bastard I'll have to let him spend some time in Tartar! "

Flavio could only swallow a little of saliva before such statement "Come on what made me apollo, I must hate it or prepare myself for the worse"

Zeus only denied with its head "Neither the one, truthful the reason why you have an energy similar to mine is for that you are my and in turn my grandson, somehow apollo got an ovule of Rea (goddess titan mother of Zeus) and implanted it in your mother Julia while the other process you will already know "

Flavio was stunned by what I hear and the ease in which he said it Zeus could only sigh and respond "I knew that the gods like the incest but I never thought it would be a product of it, a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one, well then how can I refer to you grandfather, brother or Zeus "

Zeus put his hand on his chin" I like more grandfather, good if grandson tell me why you come to see this old man "

Flavio shook his head and began to walk in a circle as he spoke "I would like to ask about how to control my powers better and if there is any way of contacting fantasy species like fauns, fairies, elves, etc.

I have been thinking that if there are gods, therefore, they must exist, I will need them to deal with the nahuales, Aluxes or any creature or supernatural being that the new world depart for the empire and for me "

Zeus nodded with the analysis of his grandson" Your powers are something special you are a god but at the same time not defined, therefore your control will only be limited to small actions such as your taste for hypnotizing or healing, to develop your powers better you must conquer the new world

As far as the beings you speak is more complicated, at some point humanity and supernatural beings were divided into different worlds, those who remained in our dimension live hidden and therefore contact with them it is not easy taking into account that human beings fear what they do not know

But I can give you a chance, there is a tribe of elves and dwarves hidden in the mountain of Olympus in Greece talk to them if you can convince them or not depend on completely from you, Remember not to ask why they are in that place when they are beings belonging to the gods of the north, they will tell you the story when they trust you. "

While Zeus and Flavio talk they could feel that something was disturbing the space as if it wanted to enter, Flavio was surprised to see how hellena began to move its extremities his eyes changed color from its emerald green to a crimson red

Flavio felt a fear that he did not want to feel that feeling again during the years that he has been with hellena only 2 times has been in yandere mode if Hellena is a highly dangerous and possessive yandere Flavio understands that it is due to the stolen childhood

He never judges her apart fell in love with her regardless of her personality (Psst, the mc is a masochist), the first time she entered that state was when Flavio did not allow him to bathe with him but he committed the stupidity of forgetting the towel.

When he left the bathroom he found a maid but hellena saw him at that moment his eyes changed color and an aura of death began to leave her, the poor maid could only fall with foam in the dead mouth

Whiles approached Hellena towards him, tried to use his divine aura to counteract his aura of death, managed to stop the aura but not hellena who hugged him and whispered in his ear "Never go to bathe alone again Swetty"

After that was dragged towards the room where a flower lost its petals since that day Flavio and Hellena became inseparable and the second time it happened was when she accidentally entered Hazel's room because he wanted to check some scores but she was naked that would not be a problem if it were not for hellena who got angry and released her aura

But unlike the first time for Flavio hazel is important because she is her best composer and music, he released her divine aura to protect hazel as she approached Hellena and gave a passionate kiss with that he takes her like a princess and took her to the nearest room

Flavio felt a cold sweat on his back as he continued to watch Hellena as he entered this divine space and asked or her grandfather "Hey, I've always wondered why she can counteract my divine energy, is she a demon, a god or a mortal who overcame her humanity by jealousy of her love?

Or are the rumors true that her grandfather was Anubis"

Zeus looked at her for a moment to see later to his grandson with eyes of sorrow "You have bad luck and good luck which of the two you want to know"

Flavio could only sigh "Tell me why I have bad luck and then why am I not so fucked up"

Zeus laughed for a little moment "Bad luck is because you fell in love from you the last human descendant of Anubis, when she being close to you your divine energy she has awakened his divine lineage

She has the strength of a demigod and are a demigod I recommend you help her to control her energy

The good news is that our children will be gods in any other way it is that with your union you will be able to combine the Egyptian pantheon with the Greco-Roman one.

That's a great achievement, I guess I can forgive my stupid son Apollo, he did a good job with my grandson "

When Flavio wanted to ask what it meant to combine the pantheon but before he could do it hellena hugged him and began to cry in his chest "Do not abandon me idiot"

Flavio hugged him too and said "Silly who will leave you, just wanted to ask for my granddad Zeus about how to manage my energy and where to find supernatural beings to help us with the conquest only

In the process I find out that he is my grandfather and my brother will explain it to you at night "

Hellena blushed with the words of flavio

Zeus looked at his grandson flirting in front of him "Coof! Coof !, I understand your love but do not forget that you are in my temple"

Zeus said and began to disappear without allowing to be asked anything after that time began to flow normally

While Flavio kept hugging Hellena whispering in her ear "Hey, you want to go to Greece, we just talk to the elves and dwarfs and we take a vacation you say?"

Hellena tapped Flavio's chest "Come on, but just promise me you'll never leave me as you did a few moments ago stupid sweaty "

Flavio looked at Hellena and kissed her forehead "I will never leave my girl, I'll have to teach you how to use your divine energy, I'm not very good but I'm sure I will not disappoint you "

After that the two left the temple holding hands.

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