Nova Roma

Chapter 22 - Meeting at Mount Olympus

The trip in the Mediterranean of Flavio and Hellena was quite calm and did not present any mishap until before passing through the island of Crete

A group of pirates tried to board the ship where the elite guard of Flavio was responsible for rejecting the result after of a bloody unilateral battle are 50 pirates killed and 10 captured, as for the guard only 3 were injured

Flavio had no mercy with the captured and before beheading them personally hypnotized them to know where their base was after they released the location Flavio decapitated them and threw their bodies overboard while cleaning his sword changed course to the pirate refuge

On the way, Flavio prepared his soldiers for a confrontation so I review some strategies.

At noon Flavio disembarked on a small rocky island near the island of Crete where he led his men to start a massacre of garbage

The first thing they found was a woodwall that had just a few guards, the pirates were so confident that they would never be discovered that entrusted their survival to a little group of persons.

The guards did not seem to see the ship of Flavio dock in a blind spot on the island, Flavio led his boys to shoot their crossbows at the lookouts on the walls after the last of them died, Flavio threw a hook tied to a rope that helped him climb the wall of the fortress

Once in the wall he took off his sword and ran to the stairs to open the doors of the fortress in the process he found some guards that without much difficulty murderer the speed of Flavio was much faster than that of an average adult without mentioning that his short stature was a difficult target to attack.

Flavio cut heads leaving behind a trail of blood that quickly filled his small body with a crimson color.

During the trip he could see that one of the guards wanted to raise the alarm before this happened, he threw a short sword of one of the dead over the head of the lookout which fell without being able to alarm his companions

Once arriving at the mechanism of opening the door he turns it without much difficulty, letting his soldiers pass who without being lazy started their bloody path, after an hour of in the fortress small rivulets of blood that fed the ground

In the fortress they found some poor trapped women who had been raped innumerable times by the pirate shit, Flavio flatly disapproving the rape of any kind of women or children may sound weird if it comes from a Cantabrian genocide but one thing is to kill in cold blood and another is to violate according to their moral standards

The pirates who had been captured were placed in the center of the fortress and Flavio handed a sword to the women who had been abused by these shits and just said "If you want justice take it with your own hands because if you do not you can never find inner peace, do not be afraid and considerate because they did not have it when they abused you, everyone reaps what they sowing "

After those words, the women did not hesitate to kill the pirates moored in the cruelest ways, shouts asking for mercy resounded in the fortress but little by little they were silent until they left a sepulchral silence in the place

Flavio gave the order to leave the island but not before impaling the heads of the pirates, burning the fort, taking the valuables and take the survivors to the city of Athens, from where I could leave for Mount Olympus.

After a few days of travel the ship landed at the port of Athens, it was a pretty alive city where you could see the core of Western culture for the Romans even dominating a large part of Europe considered important Greek culture

An example of this was that the aristocracy and wealthy citizens of Rome had Greek teachers teaching their children (a situation that is changing little by little with the construction of schools that teach Latin about the Greek)

after meeting with the governor of Acaya (Name of the province of Greece in Rome) is headed on horseback with his people to the foothills of Mount Olympus (the largest mountain in Greece)

In the mountain Flavio began to release its divine energy to feel some anomaly to locate the hidden tribe, the process was quite Slow walked trails and some small plains that were formed on the mountain without much success

Flavio decided to take this time to help hellena to control his divine energy, to be able to release his divine energy Flavio had to make her angry so he started to whisper some unpleasant things to Hellena in the ear then his eyes turned red and her energy began to break free

The fauna began to wither around her as if the vitality was stolen from her, he had to hug her from behind to help Hellena relax as he did not want her to kill his elite guards by accident

Little by little Hellena had a more fluid control of her divine energy this training was not free for Flavio every morning her hip ached like the devil, but at least Hellena was always with a smile on her face.

For a month Hellena's control of her divine energy was improving and she no longer needed Flavio to catalyze her energy with anger because she understood how she could free his divine energy with a little effort without getting angry

While this happened one of his guards while he was in knowledge could see in a part of the forest a horse with a horn in the forehead, fearing that the animal will leave the place he went carefully to the camp where he informed Flavio of the horse with a horn

He did not want to waste time and went towards the unicorn that was grazing as if he did not care about anything,

Flavio approached slowly while releasing his divine energy hoping that with that the animal did not run away or felt danger "Come little unicorn I will not hurt you, I have a big carrot that is going to Like "

said Flavio while inviting him to approach the carrot what would be the surprise that he saw that the unicorn raised his head and with his eyes somewhat surprised saw the carrot and replied casually

"Who are you talking to as idiot mascot, I am a unicorn the saddle of many divine beings and indomitable for garbage like you, not a simple mortal horse but I can see that that carrot is the biggest I have seen, now give and forgive your arrogance to me your grandfather "

Flavio with a vein shown in his face crushed the carrot he had in his hand and moved his neck from one side to another "Look little shit for me you are a horse and doesn't matter if you can talk or dance Jarabe Tapatio, now move your horse butt in front of me or I will make a unicorn barbecue"

While saying this Flavio released his divine energy on the unicorn, the unicorn could only feel that his legs were moving Without his permission to Flavio when he arrived in front of him

Flavio asked him "Before you have two options, can you be my mount or be the mount of my beloved hellena, which one do you choose?"

The poor unicorn could only swallow saliva and trembling said " I chose the woman "

Flavio could only laugh at his choice called Helena to see the gift he had for her" And what do you think hellena just for you the best, forget about that horse low tier you have and enjoy this horse that claims to be the saddle of divine beings and indomitable"

Hellena just gave a small giggle and turned her face towards the unicorn leaving her red eyes in sight of the animal" I explain to you how things are, from today you are a cockroach, that is your level and your status you only live because you are a gift from Darling

If you try to escape I will not kill you I will make you suffer until you erase from your mind the concept of freedom, not everything is so bad for you when it is time of mating you will have a great job to do

As your children will serve my children and this will last until the end of time, you understood cockroach or I have to repeat it! "

Cockroach crouched head with tears in his eyes "Yes your majesty"

Hellena smiles "Well now you are forbidden to speak until I or Darling allows it"

After that hellena hugged Flavio without intending to let go

Flavio sees the new slave unicorn "Now cockroach tell me where I can find the dwarves and elves that inhabit the monte "

Cockroach see the two kids with fear and say " Please follow me, Master"

After following the cockroach they arrived at a cave where after following a path that ran along an underground cliff

They arrived at the exit where they could see a glass dome that seemed to imitate time, the moment they arrived was day by day, therefore, the dome emitted a light similar to sunlight

When they went deeper into the dome they could see how some small men holding war hammers surrounded them after surrounding them from the middle came out a woman with pointed ears who asked "What brings you two here kids? son of Rea and Apollo and your descendant of Anubis? "

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