Nova Roma

Chapter 23 - High level meeting

At a negotiating table in the house of the Elf Major, there was Flavio, Hellena and an elf girl sitting waiting for the leaders of the elves and dwarves that inhabited this place, the elf girl named Idril is the leader of the guard of the city

It seems that his oracle had predicted that Flavio and Hellena would come to look for them and talk about an important issue that may change their future.

After a time of waiting, an elf with white hair and a dwarf entered the room, the two of them took seats in front of Flavio and Hellena

"What do you want to ask us, Flavio and Hellena, why are you in such a hurry to find us?"Asked the elf leader

Flavio see Hellena and squeeze his hand "Well, it is due to my plan to conquer the Americas, a continent unknown to you that I have to reach by a mission in which I am playing my life

I do not know what will happen to you in this place in some future maybe nothing and always you will live in your bubble safe or maybe you will be extinguished in nothingness and their memory only lasts for some writings where you will be remembered as fantasy beings whose existence is only a legend or stories for children ".

The dwarf leader looked at Flavio with eyes of doubt "What will win us if we accompany you, you have something that you can occupy to convince us or are just words thrown without any foundation"

Flavio smiled and got up from his chair and walked to the window "I offer you more than you can imagine as you know I am a god being in the body but in the soul, I am a mortal.

What I want to offer you is freedom and you can leave these hole that you call home, join me and I will sign a decree with my divine energy protection in the new continent

The treaties that govern the world do not work in the new continent we are going to, you will be able to see the sunlight again and live with your families in a large and spacious land.

With my protection your people will be protected and taken care of as Roman citizens and will have the same rights and obligations, I am sure that your people have always wanted to go out and learn more about the outside world.

But they are afraid to go out and be enslaved by humans who see them as attractions and not as living beings who think and feel ".

The elf leader stood up from the chair and whipped his arms over her. "That must be a lie, you divine ones tend to lie when they look for something"

Hellena also got up from her chair and before she could release her Flavio energy stopped "I understand that you don't want to believe but you should have a lie detector that can prove what I said is true

Apart I will sign the decree with my divine energy I think not many can do what to do, just a crazy or someone sure of his words could achieve what I want, so where do they want me to go to prove my words? "

Flavio and Hellena were taken with the oracle to see if he lied in his words if he did not lie then this could be a unique opportunity his children and grandchildren would celebrate for freedom, not having to hide and live a life in darkness.

When Flavio arrived the oracle an elf with white hair and a visible definite feature of age she invites Flavio to take a seat " You look very young Flavio but I can feel in you a feature of maturity very well since you want to try your words put on this little tree your hand"

Flavio placed his hand without fear on the small tree with transparent leaves and a phosphorescent trunk was very similar to bonsai, after placing his hand the oracle explained to him that the truth would make the leaves of the tree would turn green while a lie would turn them red.

The leaders began to ask Flavio about the treaty he had planned to do and if he really wanted to help them or just wanted to use them, they also asked about this new continent and the coexistence that exists in there

The questions lasted a few hours when it was finalized the interview and Flavio was about to remove his hand from the little tree of truth but Hellena has other ideas.

Hellena pressed his hand of Flavio to keep it from moving and began to ask Flavio questions "Do you love me?"

"You cheat me?"

"You want me to change something? ",

This small questionnaire created a little fear in Flavio not because he doubted his answers but because he did not want hellena to feel bad with any of his answers (Hellena is very sentimental/emotional)

But without sorrow, he answered each of his questions and as the last time, everything was green, when finally he finished they left to go around in the small city in the dome since they should let the leaders would think if they were willing to follow Flavio.

During the time they were in the city, Hellena and Flavio became friends with an elf named Taneri who was a plant lover who kept asking about how the world was outside.

Flavio also made a friendship with a dwarf named Admes who always boasts of his ability with the use of the hammer to create magical artifacts.

Something sad that Flavio saw in the city underground was that the children were not happy and some elves and dwarfs had an unhealthy skin color due to lack of sunlight.

The dome provides them with artificial light but it is not enough so their lifestyle is very sad, but fortunately, if the council accepts it they can enjoy their freedom again.

A week later Flavio signed the "Tutela Specialis Tractatus" (Treaty of special protection) this was signed in a special paper where there was a trace of blood of the two leaders and the Flavio with this they pledged to follow Flavio to the new world.

They will help protect the empire against special species and abide by the laws of the new empire in return they will have protection against racist or genocidal acts against them and they will be citizens with full rights, after signing a stamp appeared on all citizens of the dome are elves or dwarves as well as with Flavio

After that Flavio asked the leaders if they had no way to contact more tribes of elves, dwarves or any kind of being that were willing to serve the empire and leave of the darkness in this new continent, if you want to contact they always would be open Emerita Augusta to them and they need to remember that in 5 years they will depart towards to promised land.

He also leaves a warning that they had to be careful not to delay getting to Emerita Agusta since if they do not arrive on time they can remain abandoned and lose their chance of freedom.

Flavio undertook its trip towards August emerita, the treaty "Tutela Specialis Tractatus", would mark a before and after.

Thanks to the treaty humanity discovered that magic and science can coexist and this created a lot of events that they would change the known future...

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