Nova Roma

Chapter 25 - Towards the new world

R-18 Chapter: Sex Description

On the night of the wedding Flavio took Hellena to the bed where many times they have been together, but this time it will be different they are united in marriage.

Flavio somewhat alcoholic took his wife and took her to the bed where Hellena began to kiss Flavio, the kisses gradually rose in pitch until they became caresses.

Flavio's hand toured Hellena's beautiful white dress until it was carefully removed, revealing a beautiful lingerie red that Flavio made for her.

Flavio's face went down leaving kisses on Hellena's skin on the road until he reached Hellena's crotch where he carefully lowered his wife's red panties.

Flavio uncovered Hellena's vagina which very carefully began to kiss, Hellena's moans rang throughout the room, after a while, Hellena arrived at the climax pushing Flavio's head over her crotch.

Hellena, after being taken to the climax, could see Flavio getting up and taking off his pants, exposing his penis, which I don't hesitate to place inside his vagina.

They have done this many times but this time it is different Hellena knows that from now on she can end up pregnant, for her, there is no greater prize than being able to have the son of the person she loves.

Hellena could feel Flavio's penis sticking with her cervix proving that moans of pleasure came out of her mouth, which was silenced by Flavio's kisses.

Flavio could feel Hellena hugging him with his feet as he pushed his hips even more over his wife, with one of his hands massaging one of Hellena's breasts and when he took her little pink nipple.

Hellena arrived at the climax but that did not prevent Flavio from continuing with her onslaught on Hellena's body, after a while, the two arrived at the climax and Hellena could feel the semen coming out of Flavio's penis to travel inside her from her cervix.

After this, the two continued to give their love in different positions until the morning sun illuminated them as they rested after their night of love.

Some time passed and the day of depart arrived Flavio and hellena sail from Europe to start their journey of blood and fire for the conquest of America

On the dock, are prepared more of 30000 elite soldiers that will join with more than 20,000 well-trained sailors that will be tipped launches in the war against the Olmecs a Mexican pre-Hispanic civilization which was the mother of much of the culture that later prevailed in the center of Mexico

The idea is simple they will travel the Atlantic following the stars as taught Flavio and the sextant to avoid getting lost, Flavio must disembark in "La Venta" a very important Olmec city and conquer it by hook or by crook

Flavio as a Mexican does not want to kill his people but also understands that Mexico is a country that was born by the combination of different cultures and the miscegenation between races.

The port is bursting with people, the last goods move also the soldiers and supernatural beings as elves and dwarves get on the boats for any person these will be strange but Flavio was responsible for changing their ideas with the help of their powers, therefore, no problem with it

On the main ship was the cockroach the unicorn watching the Atlantic with fear of the unknown

Flavio saw the cockroach very pensive in the prow of the ship "I do not know what is more unreal a unicorn sitting in the bow thinking or to a group of soldiers playing cards with a woman with dog head, an elf, and a dwarf

I can not wait to see what miscegenation brings us, but I wonder what will result if a female with the head of the dog marries an elf? s

Something like a rottweiler child or a child with elf ears and a dog tail will emerge "

While Flavio was wondering

Hellena appeared at his side looking at him with suspicious eyes " Why I feel you are thinking bad things "

Flavio denied with his hands "These are not bad things, they are simply philosophical questions that will not be answered until I see them with my eyes."

In the half-day, the ships left the port of Olissipo more than 100 ships left to the unknown while leaving the port the military band dismissed them playing "Farewell of Slavianka"

While the boats left the port Julia began with the preparation of his fleet since in 2 months they would go to "the sale", she hoped that his son did not have a very long war with the natives of the place.

In the Atlantic the weather was quite calm the only thing out of the ordinary was a caravan of great ships heading west, in the trip Flavio knew what the true terror was when he found out that Hellena was pregnant

This should not merit that he felt terror if not joy but Hellena is not what you would call common woman, basically presented changes of attitude of 360 degrees, for example in the day had a craving for citron juice (citrus) but when she had his citron juice she no longer wanted citron juice if not grape

For Flavio Hellena was his princess so he did not hesitate to indulge his whims and endure his sudden mood swings, as in the nights she woke up crying because he thought she had left her Flavio or that he cheated on her or good give a punch in the face just because he did something in his dream.

All this continued until the 1st of September of 11 BC when after 3 months of travel it was possible to see adrift a landmass that according to the coordinates was the closest place to "The sale"

Flavio leave the ship in a boat with their guards who knew how to speak Nahuatl and Maya, an embroidered flag of the empire of Nova Roma was added

The flag was very similar to the current Mexican flag, only the SPQR was on the bottom of the cactus and a completely red background when they approached the coast, they could see an entourage of Olmecs who were watching them with curiosity

When Flavio under the boat met on the coast with them he tried to communicate in Nahuatl and they did not understand then use the Maya and the first communication was established with the foreigner in the American continent, this day will be celebrated during the coming centuries as the day of the union ...

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