Nova Roma

Chapter 26 - Development of Origin civitatem

The meeting between Flavio and the priests of "La Venta" is due to an ancient prophecy where an important priest had the arrival of the great leader who would save Abya Yala

After a first meeting Flavio was taken along with his guard to the city from "La Venta" the ceremonial center of the Olmec and border between the Olmec culture and the Mayan culture, the road to the city of "La Venta" is quite short, it is only 15 km from the coast to the city, due to the fact that the city is on an island on the Tonalá River.

The canoe trip was quite comfortable for Flavio and his soldiers, on the river the soldiers pointed to crocodiles that were sunbathing.

The native told them in Mayan that those beings were aayin, some monsters who have very hard skin and are quite difficult to kill.

Flavio thought that perhaps hunting the crocodiles would be prudent and would provide the colony with enough food so that they would not stop hunger.

In the America of these years, it will be common to find overpopulations of animals, because they lack predators.

The city of "La Venta" is located on an island of approximately 20 or 30 square kilometers (the original size was 5.2 but for reasons of map change the measures) that is surrounded by the tonalá river, when they arrived they saw a small city with just over 1000 people were all believers who waited for the saviors

Flavio could only put his hand on his face forgot something very important this is the year 11 BC the Olmec culture has been dead for more than 389 years, those who thought that were "Olmec" were rather Mayan

At this time in the isthmus towards the south, there are only two important cultures the Mayans and the Zapotecs, this Flavio error is not so bad because to conquer these people will be much simpler than he will think

In the ruins of what was once a city that housed more than 17,000 people, there are some wooden houses and a few cornfields, the main priest was a 50-year-old Mayan elder he had the vision when he was a young man of 15 years and left to find the city of "La Venta" took years until he found it

on his way he could gather 1000 people who settled in the place 5 years ago since then they have developed, every day always from 9 to 6 in the afternoon there were always 5 lookouts waiting on the coast to the rescuers.

Today they returned with white men as the prophecy mentioned children and adults gathered to see those who would save them

Flavio when saw how curious he was observed he could only feel warm in his heart to see his people they will be low from now on his care and protection, the priest's cabin and chief of the village, was an old Olmec building patched with wood

Inside there was only a small talk, as Flavio showed him his divine energy and the priest without hesitation kneeled before the divine presence that was in front, after showing the priest his energy came out and showed it to the population that with tears in their eyes also knelt to praise the deity who came to his aid.

After the event, Flavio ordered the boats to enter the Tonalá River, in this way the first boats entered the river and moved to the renowned city of "Origin Civitatem" (city of origin, formerly the city of "La Venta"), The first boat to arrive was the "Primus".

The expedition's guide ship settled as close as he could to the island and released an anchor to prevent the current from moving her, under a ramp and all the occupants, the artisans who had left, descended

Onboard they helped to build a temporary port to disembark without so much danger, while they were in charge of building the port the military and some architects toured the "Imperatoria insula" (Imperial Island), to prepare the construction of the city and the defense of the same

During that time Flavio had to work twice as he had to supervise the construction and the soldiers, on the other he had to be a husband who takes care of his wife who is pregnant.

Flavio wanted to prove his skills as a caster so one day he armed himself with a saber and prepared to hunt an alligator because he promised Hellena that he would prepare a crocodile barbecue.

He began to choose on the coast of the island some crocodile that was distracted to be able to hunt, the wait was not very long because he saw one of them alone.

Flavio slowly made and reinforced his saber with divine energy so that he had no problem killing him, the crocodile could only feel a prick between his neck and his head and then only see darkness.

In the place, Flavio decided to clean it and cut the leather of the crocodile, after opening the stomach and take out the organs he ties it on a stick and take it to the camp.

Wherewith the help of his soldiers they made a fire and Flavio put the crocodile to cook while preparing some handmade tortillas.

Hellena was carried away by the smell of meat where she sees his husband working in a Mortar and pestle making some sauce, Flavio also used a little citron, onion, Tomatillo, and Habanero pepper to prepare a sauce in a molcajete.

After cooking for a few hours everyone had a delicious meal but only the brave ones played the Flavio sauce who seemed immune to the spicy flavor.

Hellena was surprised that when Flavio took a bite out of his taco crocodile with sauce, some tears came out of her face, for a moment Hellena thought something had happened to Flavio but he only told her it was a flavor he missed.

A month passed and the place changed quite a change was the beginning of the construction of the sewerage of the city along with the creation of a large brick kiln which supplies the entire island

One of the most important constructions was the dike wall that begins to surround the island this to avoid crocodiles can harm the animals that were brought as horses, cows, goats, and sheep although they are few are very important because they are 4 months before the thickness arrives of the animals

The island is big enough to be able to accommodate 500,000 people in a self-sustaining way for the second phase of construction, the part of the land that faces the gulf will be developed.

Flavio gave great importance to the self-sustainability of food that is why he started to grow wheat and corn, of course as a good Mexican will not make the same mistakes as Europeans in ancient times

When they brought the corn to their countries did not pay attention the natives and forgot the process of nixtamalization, therefore when they ate only corn, many died of stomach pains (the revenge of Moctezuma), this is because nixtamalization releases vitamin b3 and makes corn more edible, thanks to that the trawl nets are already in operation you can fish a lot of fish from the gulf and keep it with the salt that is not missing either.

The Mayan natives quickly adapted to the domain of Nova Roma, thanks to the knowledge of Mayan they could converse and learn Latin, another of the things that were adapted was the handling of the currency

In Mesoamerica, there is no money or denars people for trade use cocoa seeds as the main currency and do not give a value to gold as the Europeans do

It was quite surprising for the soldiers to see that children and women had gold accessories as if they were trinkets, fortunately, previous Flavio that human greed is very powerful for that reason he thinks the military police to avoid losing discipline in the army

In the past month, there has not been a single case of robbery or rape.

This makes Flavio proud, even the most orderly legions of his grandfather could not have a so rigorous discipline.

Time passed and on the horizon, they could see hundreds of ships was the second expedition which had more than 1 000 000 Romans ready to build the greatest empire that humanity has seen ...

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