Nova Roma

Chapter 29 - Asymmetric war

Marco stayed in the city of xicalango with only 200 men, because it is an area that is flat, the defense is not so complicated because you can see where the attacks are coming from.

The cities of Mesoamerica all share a very common feature, there are no defensive walls in the cities, only a few occupied a defensive system similar to the Japanese constructions of very primitive defense (Staggered defense system no walls), Neither the Mayans, Aztecs, Totonacs, Mixtecs , Zapotecas, or any culture that has inhabited before the conquest of 1521 (Curious note In 1821 Mexico signs its independence from the Spanish)

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The cultures did not use walls in their cities because of where they were built and to the armament of their enemies, the construction was usually in flat areas where you could see miles away and prepare a defense. Also remember that there were no horses in the Americas therefore the movement of the armies was limited to the feet and the amount of supplies they could carry with them, that along with other factors prevented the development of a defensive system similar to the rest of the world with walls.

Marco created a militia with local citizens, the city of xicalango had a population of just 2000 people although they are few, the defense of all of them depends entirely on the power of the 4 cannons with perfect shrapnel ammunition to kill a large number of enemies and sow panic in the enemy ranks, 100 crossbowmen, 50 pikemen and 25 musketeers (not arcabuceros because Flavio directly developed the musket leaving behind the arquebus for its low shooting quality and difficult loading), the other 25 are in charge of the use of the guns, While the militia was trained in the use of the crossbow.

It has been 2 days since reinforcements were requested to Origin Civitatem, everything was normal until in the morning, a local farmer found a group of enemies in the distance, quickly went to give the news to Marco, immediately placed the children and adults who can not fight in the center of the city.

The militias were organized to play a defensive role by placing them in the back of the city as a support force, while the guns were prepared, thanks to the fact that it was known where the enemy army would come from and they were placed in the best position. a telescope could see in the distance a group of tribals estimated between 500 and 1000, asked the "King" of the city because they attacked, he only replied that he had liked the daughter of one of the Mayan tribal chiefs who live in the area of ​​the jungle so he did not hesitate to steal the daughter to make her his wife (The Mayan culture is Monógama (One wife))

Now Marco knew because he had an army going to his city, Although he despised the noblest actions of the "King", he could not simply reach a peaceful agreement because this guy not only took her as his wife but later sacrificed her to the gods and threw his body into a cenote (hole with underground water, there are thousands in the yucatan peninsula).

Really Marked wanted to punish him for such an act but he had no moral authority to do it before the reformation in the Hellenistic Church, sacrifices were made to the gods in coliseums, Thanks to zeus this changed now they are not sacrificed to the gods but we do it for Fun which is more consistent with our commandment.

The enemy army approached more and more when it entered the range at 400 meters, Marcó sent a local emissary to say that this city is now Nova Roma territory, any attack will be a declaration of war, their response was quite forceful They cut off the emissary's head and then ran into the city.

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Marco just sighed this scene he saw years ago when he fought against the desert villages in Arabia, there is only one result the total annihilation.

When the enemy reached 200 meters Marcó ordered the guns to shoot the shrapnel, in only 4 shots more than 500 Mayans died without knowing why, after a rain of crossbow bolts fell on them, having only simple small wooden shields and without reinforcements his hands were stuck on the wood while other parts of his body were perfect targets for the crossbows.

In the end the muskets opened fire killing the last Mayans, this small conflict means the end of one era and the beginning of another, a total asymmetric war that only took 10 minutes to end a crushing victory without a single low, Marco can be quite cruel with a living enemy but has respect for the dead.

The bodies of all enemies were gathered after stripping them of valuable items (These items are received by the army logistics team, after their collection is paid to the soldiers in coins an extra salary on their wages and if the soldier He emphasized that his companions were given an extra bonus, all this to avoid the occurrence of an uncontrolled robbery that resulted in a loss of army discipline.

In the common grave where the bodies met, Marco took out a small book of scripture and began to read: "Welcome be the one who slays iron and iron dies, to the realm of the dead, where he will find eternal rest and will be judged by the actions that he committed in life, not because of those who ordered him, because one does not have a choice in the world of the living, that their souls are guided to their respective places, because death is only a step to follow in what we call life, - Flavio 6 - 16 ".

After reading the verse the pit was set on fire and the bodies were allowed to burn and then cover them and place an epitaph on Cement (This is done so that future generations can know what happened in this place, only available for honorable enemies and any class of Roman soldiers (Nova Romans)) ...

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