Nova Roma

Chapter 30 - Ranks of the nobility

In Origin Civitatem Flavio was happy about the news from Xicalango, with this he realized that it is easy to take the coastal cities of the south and start creating a corridor in the Yucatan peninsula.

Taking into account the capacity for defense and assimilation likely, I estimate that it can only expand about 500km on the southern coasts, of course after having a solid base on the coast can go further with this kill two birds with one stone, monopolizes the Yucatan coast and with it the only way to get salt from the Mayan villages of the interior by forcing them to start a trade that would trigger a rapid expansion of roads and cities, it is not the same to conquer a small village of barely 200 people that a city ​​of 2000, while we can achieve that among them they unite we will be able to fish in turbulent waters without losing much.

Regarding the second advantage is that it can be built in the south in the Tairen region between Panama and Colombia, a great wall and with this to create a breeding area for animals that will have no way to expand and reach other places , losing its strategic capacity.

Flavio created the imperial decree "Pax Nova Romana" with this gave green light to the captains of ships take cities, towns or villages on the shores of Yucatan, in return the empire recopenzaria with monetary resources and nobility to those who could conquer or found walled settlements, strong enough to withstand attacks.

While on the one hand expeditions were being prepared for the domination of the entire Yucatan coast, Flavio was taking care of Hellena in her pregnancy.

"Hey Darling, I have a craving for something, prepare one of your extravagant meals." Hellena said to Flavio as she looked at him with eyes of pleasure.

"Mira I will show you a delicious and not harmful food" Flavio took some peanuts that were bought in the southern region of what is now Chiapas, he toasted it in an anafre so that they were not raw I put salt and lemon, after that he put them in a corn tortilla with a little Guacamole that he made by grinding in a molcajete avocado, jalapeño pepper, tomato and cilantro.

Hellena loved the dish she still can not understand how Flavio can make such delicious food with the local ingredients is as if he had known them for a long time.

For flavio to make these small meals it is very simple of course that everything depends on the ingredients, there are many who are in China and only starting a commercial trip to Japan could open a commercial route, but this will have to wait until the center of Mexico is conquered in its totality after this will initiate 2 mega projects, the interoceanic canal that unites the pacific with the gulf of mexico and the great wall of the Isthmus a wall of more than 300 km that protects of the taques of the north and with it it will be possible to complete the great arrowhead for the conquest of total america.

The noble ranks in Nova Roma flavio defined them a little different from those that arose in obscurantism and made them public domain from the beginning avoiding the contempt for new nobles, of course for the low nobility, the new nobility was destined for the family imperial in this way a balance would be created:

Caballero: This category anyone who studied a military career obtained it once graduated, it is not inheritable.

Hidalgo: This category is given to those soldiers who have been promoted to commanders or admirals, in the case of civilians anyone who has made a breakthrough for the community receives this rank is not inheritable

Baron Honorary: Reserved for the children of an earl after 2 if they make enough merits can raise Baron if they do not degrade to Knights, is not inheritable

Baron: This rank is made especially for the Admirals and commanders who conquer with minimal losses some strategic point, it is Heritable but only for the main children, the secondary children will necessarily receive a Knight training (Military University)

Viscount: This rank is only for the secondary children of an earl, it is not inheritable but if they do enough merits they can go up to Count otherwise they will go down to baron

Count: This rank is Available for empire heroes and great generals just as the title of Baron is inheritable for the main sons, for the secondary ones and for any son that follows it will be considered Honorary Baron

Marques: The highest degree of nobility that can be obtained, only reserved for illustrious personalities is inheritable for the first children, the second will inherit the rank of Count and from 3 they will be Vizcondes

For the high nobility it is

Family branch: Any descendant of a duke who is not the one chosen to inherit the nobiliary title, can not be degraded but within the family branches lines will be created as primary, secondary branch, etc.

Dukes: Every son of an emperor will have the right to be a duke, unlike the conventional nobility it does not degrade but becomes a family branch, for example the family of a duke will initiate a family branch, any duke can have a strength of 1 kilometer square

King: Rank without power of government or autonomy of some kind is only a title granted to the sons of the emperor who achieve great feats such as conquests, discoveries, etc., the only advantage it grants is freedom to conquer or investigate, they are allowed to create a fortress like your home of no more than 2 square kilometers

Emperor: Current leader of the empire of Nova Roma, only inheritable by whom the emperor chooses his children, They will have to face physical and mental exams to know if they are in a position to govern.

In case the heir of the empire can not govern one will be chosen that meets the requirements of the sons of the emperor or empress, if there are no viable candidates will be chosen from the dukes, the best candidate.

The woman has the same status as the man in Nova Roma can be soldier, priestess or empress, anything she wants can be, there is no gender discrimination in the empire, Flavio did not want the good elements were rejected by race, color or sex because talent has a strategic value that should not be overestimated

In xicalango Marco received the reinforcements and an imperial edict where by his courage and way of taking the city he was promoted to the rank of Baron, he feels proud unfortunately he has not married, thanks to the fact that he has not had time to do it but now that he is In charge of the local defense of the city may be a great moment to be able to find love.

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