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Chapter 1246: Shenzhen Convention Incident -Part 7

Chapter 1246: Shenzhen Convention Incident -Part 7

Shang Xia could sense the gathering of her opponent's chi whether she liked it or not. It was pretty obvious that once the state agent understood the implications of the traitors within their ranks, it was easy to see how the Dragon Girl was irritated by it.

But that was what Shang Xia wanted.

She knew that there was no way she could win against the monster right in front of her even though she initially had been weakened by the lack of chi. But she felt that there was still a chance to overwhelm this beast and allow her to slip away long enough before the Dragon Lady could do anything funny. After all, the current dimensional instance had allowed her to use her abilities freely.

In the meantime, Ryuli's only concern was to bash through this particular obstacle and get to the defence minister as soon as possible. In the first place, she thought that this was going to be a chill babysitting session of the defence minister when her friend requested for her help to replace him because of the sole reason that his wife was getting pregnant on the day itself. Besides, it was a debt she had to return for the favours her colleague had done for her and she rather take a simple assignment after venturing through North Korea experimenting with weapons and projects that were not of her concern.

"It was supposed to be an easy task and now this sort of 'shit' happened. Fucking hell, Ran Ran better appreciate the quality time he had with his wife." Ryuli grumbled as a blue dragon silhouette emerged right behind her and it was pulsating with electricity. The dragon silhouette glared ferociously at Shang Xia as Ryuli's electric Maqi was sending shockwaves to paralyse her enemy from doing anything before she attacked.

"What? My body?!" Shang Xia panicked as her counter skills were meant to activate when the Blue Dragon Silhouette flew towards her but she never expected it to cause her to stop all her movements. "No, this shall not be the end of me!" Shang Xia said as she tried to bite her tongue, hoping her body would make an involuntary reflex from the pain to break out of the paralysis.

Ryuli also believed she got the mastermind as she finally pointed at Shang Xia and sent her Maqi flying towards her opponent.

"I cannot end here! I cannot!" Shang Xia said as she tried to expand her chi and through sheer will, she could somehow feel a slight muscular twitch through her legs, allowing her to use her chi techniques. "Yes! Now!!!!" Shang Xia closed her eyes hard as she threw whatever chi she could garner at that point and it collided with the electrifying blue dragon silhouette that was about to hit her. It caused the basement ceiling to crack and concrete debris was dropping as a result. The basement walls continued to hold but there was collateral damage.

When the dust settled, Ryuli realised she was the one that could be in more trouble than she thought. The debris had blocked the door and the state agent could not confirm whether her strike went true. "Damn it! How was she able to break the very last second?! Is it because my Maqi was insufficient?" Ryuli clenched her fist momentarily before using her Maqi to extend her search for any residue and there was an apparent trail going back to the tunnel where they had split off from the group.

"Urghhh, why was I in such a rush to use a big ass skill in this small room." Ryuli felt frustrated that she was already breaking protocol by moving away from the person she had to guard, thinking that the protective detail was still ironclad despite her departure. But now that she saw two of the guards were in collaboration with the Banned Emperor Terrorists, her emotions went high and anxiety sat in. While she was right to find the mastermind behind the current attack, not being able to defeat her made things even more complicated and now the most important thing to do was to get back to the protective detail.

As she was about to clear the debris with another blast, she heard a faint communication line coming through her earpiece. "Bzzzt- --- Bzz—Agent L, Agent L. Can you hear? Can you hear? Reply. Reply." The connection was terrible but to have communication back was something she did not expect, especially the one currently on the line.

"Agent L reporting. I repeat. Agent L reporting." The connection seemed to be a little better as she blasted the debris away from the door and she made her way to the supposed bunker.

"Ah, it's good to know you are alive and well."

"How did the comms come back up? I thought this is a dimensional instance that blocks everything?" Ryuli questioned.

"Cough, 'our' Dungeon Supplier did that. You can ask other questions later. What is the situation inside?" Kong Rong asked as he shouted at Jin to continue what he was doing.

"Disaster. The Defence Minister is in trouble and they are supposed to go through with some major plan with regards to that relic." Ryuli reported.

"Go where the relic is, the Defence Minister is not a priority." Kong Rong then went into a police car to give the instructions to his agent as he did not wish for others to eavesdrop.

"But he is my priority mission, not the current fucked up situation that I am in. I have to defend him at all costs." Ryuli said but Kong Rong insisted on the new orders that he was giving her.

"Ignore the minister. He is just somebody we could replace again in 31 days." Kong Rong replied but Ryuli understood what he said despite the cold hard facts presented. This was because the last sentence was a code in case people were listening in to the current conversation and that code meant that the current defence minister was a kagemusha or a shadow decoy, meant to be used to fool people.

Now Ryuli understood why Ran Ran was not here protecting the defence minister, a duty he was so proud of and all she could do was to quietly curse at Kong Rong of purposely setting a bait that the Banned Emperor Terrorists would take.

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