Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 1247: Breaking The 'Barrier'

Chapter 1247: Breaking The 'Barrier'

"Seems to work well, doesn't it?" Jin asked Kong Rong as he could see that communications were back up with a trick that the Dungeon Supplier had done. He tried to dupe the rules of the current dimensional instance by inserting his own dimensional instance through the barrier.

Usually, the interaction between various dimensional instances was rare since dungeon suppliers in this era did not have to collide with each other. Each of them had their own stores and there was no need to overwrite the dimensional instances. However, Jin did the 'rare' part way too often with his own dimensional instances.

He had to extend existing dimensional instances to suit a bigger crowd or even overwrite a few to let his customers enjoy the current gameplay without too much interference. But this was always within the System's domain so even with overwriting of dimensional instances, the risks were rather small.

But right now, it's a different situation. Jin is currently not in the System's domain and he had to interact with a dimensional instance that is not his. The number of victims that were trapped in it made matters even worse. Any regular dungeon supplier would be scared shitless trying to attempt something stupid. 

The only advantage he possessed was the System's capability to perform miracles. (the System's 'Big Brain' analysis to be exact.) So, with Kong Rong able to send his message through the dimensional instance with a reply meant that the System had figured a way to crack the dimensional instance's code while Jin executed based on the System's instructions. (After all, the villain was using computers and servers as an extension to power the barrier, not through sheer talent and knowledge of the traditional way of creating a dimensional instance.)

As of now, the System had guaranteed that the communication breakthrough would not be noticed by the current dungeon supplier but the two way messages had to be brief in order to raise any suspicions.

"Due to the current breakthrough of the System's efforts, the System now proposed a design which could overwrite the current dimensional instance. Unfortunately, it would require a huge amount of power from the User in order to do so."

"Are you saying that I cannot generate enough of it?" Jin asked and the System affirmed his incompetence.

"That is assuming the User wished to take part in the fights. If the User is satisfied with providing the dimensional instance by himself, the System had estimated it to be sufficient. The only problem the System foresees is that the User would have to expend all his Maqi for the dimensional instance to open." The System stated and loaded the schematics for the dimensional instance into Jin's head.

"I am assuming you are going for the traditional route? Because there is no way I can maintain a dimensional instance of that size." Jin queried and the System once more affirmed his answer with a definitive yes since the traditional dimensional instance would naturally decay as time passes and does not need additional input from the dungeon supplier once it's done.

"Alright, then I will do it." Jin nodded as he internalised the schematics.

"The System still believed User would prove more useful catching the Banned Emperor's terrorists rather than endeavouring such a useless creation of a dimensional instance." The System stated that it would be better to get mobile power generators to create the dimensional instance instead.

"No, no, no. If I succeed, this would be a big fuck you to the Symposium if I can create the dimensional instance of this size. Besides, I do not wish to get into the crosshairs of the Banned Emperor until we are a little more influential. Indirect skirmishes are fine though I know that battle strength wise, we have more than enough ...considering that we built a multiverse army just to fight the Demon Rats soon." Jin said as he stepped back for a bit to take in a gasp of air despite the frantic situation behind him right now with all the police trying to coordinate with the people inside as much as they could. (Although the communications were frankly rather limited.)

"The System computed that the User wished to boast to the world that he is a capable Dungeon Supplier, is that not?" The System requested for a confirmation which Jin smiled back with a smirk. Upon reading the schematics, he too know that doing this would knock him out cold for a few hours, maybe even a day but at the very least his reputation among the police and army forces if they had not known him already, will increase dramatically. Convincing them that he is the dungeon supplier they should go for would eventually earn him the big bucks especially when the supposed top notched dungeon suppliers were not able to do a single thing trapped within the exhibition's premise. 

Jin then called out to Kong Rong, asking his men to step back a little. "I am breaking this shit down, give me some space all around the entire convention centre!" Kong Rong sighed with a defeated smile upon hearing Jin's request and immediately coordinated with the other security chiefs in the vicinity, the police and army cleared the convention centre with a wide enough perimeter for Jin to perform his magic.

Also, Jin had changed Bam and Boo into a staff, something similar to a Taoist Priest staff with rings on it which prompted the System to query once again. "It's all about the show. Using a sword to channel my Maqi is not as cool as using Bam and Boo in staff mode. Besides, it had some symbolism with me dispelling the 'evil' barrier away, allowing the forces of good to enter." Jin said as he started to channel his Maqi into the staff.

But after that comment, the scene was rather quiet around Jin as he began to mumble all the incantations which the System had loaded into his thoughts. With Jin's Inverse Eyes, he read the monstrous wall of text in his brain with pinpoint accuracy, which almost scared the security forces around him, thinking he had been possessed.

Yet, every sentence he spurted out was infused with his Maqi and magical ley lines began to surround the entire building's perimeter. Some of the magic lines even started to creep above the current dimensional instance, as if it was about to entrap it. Seeing it in action was like looking at a grandmaster in the working.

However, that did not faze Kong Rong as he knew that once Jin broke the dimensional instance down, they had to prepare for the next phase.

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