Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 1251 - Monster Of The Void

Chapter 1251 - Monster Of The Void

"What the heck is that thing?" Jin stared at it for a moment before the System answered with a heavy tone. 

"A void monster. They are neither demons or heavenly beings. Their existence is to cause utter destruction and only a few records have been seen because their presence could neither be confirmed or verified with the usual means." 

"What do you mean?" Jin asked as he shouted at the monster, getting the attention of everyone in the room. As he saw Rong's dead body on the floor, he could only sigh at how foolhardy that teenage boy was. The other Demon Exorcist quickly ran to his side as a measure of comfort and security as they knew Jin was the only person he could rely on.

"Most Void Monsters which appeared caused destruction of untold scale but those were stories and incidents that were very isolated. It is unheard of to see them in the present day as people have neither the knowledge or skills to summon one. It could possibly be a coincidence that they had summoned a Void Monster by chance." The System deduced as it stated that there was a similar aura coming from the cultivator Kong Rong had squashed before he could activate it. However, that aura was faint compared to the …void they were experiencing from the monster itself.

"Boss! How did you get in here?" Su Zhen asked as she had no idea what to do.

"The police are already in the building, coordinating the escape route for the others. Obviously Rong had decided that since reinforcements are in, he could bash into this hall and be the hero that he always wanted to be. Too bad for him, he had to try again," Jin replied and the rest was acute enough to find the underlying meaning to his words. 

"Can he be resurrected? Even at that state? But his body is all squashed, the Dantian Core would most likely be destroyed with that kind of force." Lian had so many questions in her head with regards to the monster they were currently facing, the situation they are in and all sorts of answers she wish to seek but was too helpless to say anything else.

"Don't worry. I am here now, we should be able to kill this piece of junk. Well, when I meant we, it's actually the enemy that I am calling out for." Jin said before he took a deep breath to shout.

"Dungeon Supplier of this current dimensional instance! As one dungeon supplier to another.  I implore you to reduce the instance size to this room only. If this Void Monster gets out, not only he will wreak havoc to this convention hall but the world too. I bet your newly resurrected Banned Emperor would not want to live in a barren land right?"

"You are an interesting fellow. What made you think that you alone can stop me? Regardless, this would be a development I would wish to pursue. This lush world full of pestilence could serve as my lovely adobe. For I, Farasha would be your new master. Prove your worth and you might have the chance to be my servants for eternity" The Void Monster said as he started to move out of the void portal as small as it looks into this current reality.

The more he pushed himself out of that measly abdomen he had been coming out from, the size difference made it almost impossible to fathom. Jin once again was bewildered by the sheer existence of the monster as Farasha made his presence known. Some of the Banned Emperor Terrorists decided to pit their strength against his taunts and yet with a swing of his wings, Farasha dispatched most of them into nothingness, even without the chance to enter the afterlife.

"What's the chances of fighting this monster?" Jin asked the System hoping that it could give an answer to defeat this seemingly impossible foe. But he had forgotten that the Demon Exorcists were also under the System's influence and it had already collected the data and searched its database for the required answer.

"As for now, only the User had the chance of defeating it. The System had been eavesdropping on the Farasha and he mentioned Guan Yu, which enabled the System to narrow the requirements of defeating it. User might not have a Grade 20 Cultivation but the tools at your disposal might pose a chance to bring the Void Monster down to its knees." 

"Can it be captured?" Jin asked the System while hoping to get an answer from the dungeon supplier that controls the instance. 

"It depends on User's capabilities. Though suffice to say, it had been some time since the User had captured any quality monsters for the System to analyse."

"What the heck! I've been working hard on myself to improve my abilities! You did not even give me any chance to grow as you threw me into worlds!" Jin said but before the System could answer, a loudspeaker immediately interrupted their internal conversation.

"I accept your agreement in exchange for leniency when the entire incident is over." Buzz said reluctantly and somehow Jin could already pinpoint that he was being paid to do this job instead of being part of them. "There is no way someone like you does not have connections with the police."

"Deal. We will speak about this later if we manage to survive." Jin said and in an instant he could feel the difference in the dungeon instance. He could feel defensive wards coming up to protect this room and the presence of the hall had been sealed out from the door which he had entered. The chi regeneration for Lein and the others returned to their former abilities and even more now that they were in their battle armour thanks to their dual inscription charm.

"Not a bad dungeon supplier after all. Perhaps, he could really be of some use in this fight," Jin thought to himself as he told the Demon Exorcists to stay back. This was a duel that he could not afford to babysit and the rest too knew that they were not capable enough to fight despite their enhanced forms.

"Don't worry. If I need your help, I would call upon them. For now, sit tight and wait for the opportunity to come." Jin said as he snapped his fingers for two portals to appear. 

"Ho Ho Ho! Just when I thought we will never have a chance to debut in the new year," A sharp voice was heard coming out from the portal as the mage and monk emerged, all ready to beat some shit on some butterfly monster.

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