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Chapter 1250 - Shenzhen Convention Incident -Final

Chapter 1250 - Shenzhen Convention Incident -Final

It was not a demon which the exorcists had recognised. As the hand from the portal tore Su Zhen's white snake summon into two causing it to dissipate, it finally revealed its head through the portal summoned from the innards of the Eagle Cultivator. To the people who were at the scene it was not a forgettable sight. Even the Banned Emperor's terrorists could not withstand the look of the demon, causing them to wonder whether if that form of creature was an ally of theirs.

The face of an age old alligator accompanied by thousands of teeth. Eyes wide as a tyre wheel while it turned and revolved multiple times with each 'blink', The exorcists could feel their stomach churning each time their eyes made contact with it. And to make this grotesque monster look even more bizarre, a pair shining blue butterfly wings emerged from its ears if it had any before and many more sprouted as it appeared out of the portal.

"This is no demon… It's a void monster!" One of the Banned Emperor Terrorists declared as he tried to escape from its vicinity, However, the moving target made it even more appealing for the monster of the Void to grab him.

"Don't run. I am a very hospitable being." The monster said as a pair of wings from the back of his body split off and started to chase after the 'knowledgeable' terrorist. Its wings attached to him without any delay and there was nothing the terrorist could do to remove it. He tried to burn it down with his chi but there was no avail. There were others who saw their fellow comrade in need of help and even tried to cut the wings down and yet those butterfly wings continue to be undamaged from the flurry of blows.

Instead, it started to glow ever brighter from the absorption of chi attacks. Soon after, the void monster smiled and with a flick of his hand, the wings forcibly pull the terrorist back to the Void Monster without knowing the consequences of his actions to escape.

This was because his life force had too been drained by the wings and he was nothing but a dead living corpse being attached to the butterfly wings. That mere display of powers had the rest around the Void Monster to fall into despair, even the Demon Exorcists themselves. Those Banned Emperor Terrorists were of a decent grade and they put up quite a fight for the Demon Exorcists. What's more, their chi was even comparable to some of them, only a little more with the help from the dual inscriptions charms that Jin had provided them. 

But those were all excuses as they knew in their bones that if they tried to fight such a monster, they would probably die as easily as the man who was now detached from the pair of butterfly wings.

"I see most of you see reason. And know not to foolishly waste your lives to even attempt attacking me. A commendable course of action to save your pitiful bodies from extinguishing. But rest assured, I can put them into use. That is if you pledge them to me. And even if you don't, I will inform you that it is not an option."

And as the Void Monster finished his 'threat', a sudden slam came from the doors that the Demon Exorcists once entered. Arriving in a such a flashy display was Rong bashing the skulls of the Banned Emperor Terrorists who tried to stop his friends.

"What the fucking hell is that?" Rong said as he slammed his hammer on the ground while he placed more chi energy into the dual inscription charm he had been holding. "But since you guys are so awestruck with my arrival, guess I have to live up to your expectations as well!"

Rong's chi energy spiked up immensely as his dual inscription charm started to shine even more until a silhouette of a Titan Bull emerged from his back.  If it was reminiscent of anything, it was similar to the Mechataur which he and the gang experienced in the recent raids that had been ongoing in Jin's dungeon store.

"Rong, stop! Do not do anything against it!" Lian tried to warn Rong since he had not seen the capabilities of this Void monstrosity that had emerged into this world.

"When in doubt, just strike! Isn't that my motto?" Rong said as he dashed forward with the Titan Bull Silhouette powering his punch to smack the big old alligator down to the ground like a hero coming to the rescue.

Sadly… it was not as one would have predicted.

"Such a vibrant form of chi display but yet so empty on the inside, Looks like this will be easier than I thought. Oh, Guan Yu, Looks like your descendents have not been as hardworking as you and here I thought coming into the human realm would bring me some form of entertainment." The Void Monster said as he easily dissipated Rong's Titan Bull into particles and slammed him down to the ground.

"Yet all I received was this boring show. Is this truly what you wanted?" The Void monster said as he lifted his hand to see that piece of human meat being squashed. Lian, Lein and Su Zhen could not move an inch upon seeing the strength of the Void being "Ah. I did not know that your friend is that weak. But have peace in your heart that he died almost instantaneously." The void monster smiled weakly through his teeth and yet everyone in the room knows that he was poorly hiding his laughter,

For the first time, good and evil alignments between the humans in that room did not matter. They knew that if such a being were to be unleashed out of this world, chaos would ensue but yet they were all too powerless to even do anything with the exception of the Demon Exorcists. 

It was as if the monster solely craved that void which the Demon Exorcists were experiencing. The loss of their friend was irreplaceable and there were only two courses of action they could take in this scenario. Fight to the death or run and take revenge at a later time. As much as it was logical to do the latter option, the burning desire to stand up for Rong burnt too strongly.

Until they feel a familiar aura coming from the entrance where Rong entered.

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