Ode to Longevity

Chapter 10: The Preposterous Match-making

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A dozen servants behind come forward with trays on hand. He just casually uncovers a red kerchief—gold bars piled like a hill fill the whole tray. Next come the hundred-year-old red chalcedony, thousand-year-old ginseng, ten-thousand-year-old coral and other countless enviable treasures. He directly gives them away without even a blink.

"A foolish person has more money." One corner of her mouth twitching severely, Qingge teases in mind. These things can't compare with Murong Hao's present, but their values are equal. This bloke apparently wants to embarrass MurongHao.

But Qingge's worry turns out to be nothing. Murong Hao does not get angry, instead he stands up blandly, "It is Childe Zheng. Please be seated."

"Who is Zheng Zixu?" Qingge frowns and asks in a low voice.

Cuichun halts and looks at Qingge in astonishment. She says in doubt, "Missie, don't you recognize Childe Zheng? He's Lord Cen's childhood friend. In Cloud Country, one third of the property belongs to him and is all managed by himself. Every year he would give away millions of ounces of silver to the national treasury. Even the emperor has to treat him with respect."

"Ah..." No wonder he has such a fortune. She had thought he was the offspring of a wealthy family. It never occurred to her that he is an entrepreneur.

When she is lost in her thoughts, hot eyesight falls upon her. She lifts her head to see Zheng Zixu fixing his eyes on her, with corners of his mouth upward, and asks in wonder, "Who is this fat sister? How come she looks so special? Emmm... Such a full forehead and round chin. Without ears, she would be a sweet dumpling. Hi, sister dumpling, what's your name?"

"... Feng Qingge." With the corners of her mouth twitching severely, Qingge just shrugs indifferently and gestures "goodbye" casually. Since the farce is over, there is no need for her to stay here.

She hums a tune and turns away. But an unexpected voice calls out and stops her step abruptly.

"Feng Qingge, you must be Qingge!" Murong Hao trembles. He felt sick just now and did not notice her. Now watching closely, he finds that stout body is terribly ugly.

His dimmed eyes suddenly become bright, as if discovering a new continent, and he hurries off the seat. Damn... Qingge frowns a little. There is no free lunch. He must be up to something.

"Qingge grows up and becomes so sturdy, almost twice my size." Murong Hao laughs and pats Qingge's arm.

Her fat shaking a little, Qingge just smiles lightly.

Others, on the contrary, nearly squirt their meal out. Sturdy? She is completely a heavyweight killer!

"Mr. Feng, you see Qingge has all grown up and a marriage should be arranged for her. Has any family come to propose a marriage?" Smiling mockingly, Murong Hao withdraws his arm.

To think of Qingge's 100-kg weight, who would propose a marriage to the Fengs?

Girls on Land of Star and Moon can get married after 13 years old. She is now 20 and not betrothed yet. Besides her figure, she is also disliked for her low IQ. How could a normal man take a fancy to her?

Feng Lingyun knows that Murong Hao is joking at him, but can only bite the bullet and replies, "Sire, Qingge is not betrothed yet."

"Good, Cangyun!" Murong Hao exclaims in excitement. Maybe because he has just taken some medicine, his face gets ruddy now. He looks around at that defeated figure.

What is going on! A bad thought comes up in Qingge's mind. She frowns a little. He asked whether she was betrothed or not. Is he going to propose a marriage for her?

Knocking on the wheelchair lightly, Cangyun raises his eyebrows a little. With his emaciated body, he looks like a child who has not grown up, extremely thin and inconspicuous.

He also seems to have realized something and just looks down, "Father, what is up?"

"You are 23 years old, old enough to get married. Qingge is Mr. Feng's granddaughter and not betrothed yet. Now you are crippled and burdened with illness. In my opinion, you can be a couple. How does it sound?" Murong Hao laughs and glances over Lord Cen contemptuously. He pulls Qingge's hand and ridicules, "Look. Qingge looks like a slender flower of jade and is as beautiful as a fairy, though a little fat. I asked for several times whether you have a lady of your heart and you always said no. This time I will make the decision and choose a wife for you. Are you satisfied?"

Murong Hao pushes Qingge forward with a usual look and does not feel anything wrong in his words.

People around glance over the two persons from time to time silently, with their heads down, and get goose flesh all over their bodies. Even though Cangyun has busted legs, he is still Lord Cen Mars as he was. His sickly look is extraordinarily handsome while Qingge, with her excessive fat, is no different from a butcher who kills pigs. They are totally a match of beauty and the beast, not in harmony at all.

But the emperor decided the marriage by himself and they definitely dare not protest. No one even dares to stand out and speaks a word for Cangyun.

Corners of her mouth twitching, Qingge glances at Cangyun subconsciously. The emperor must be mocking at her. She is far from a fairy beauty. This is completely preposterous match-making!

Cangyun's face still looks as white as a sheet, with no emotional fluctuations. He seems to have been accustomed to it for a long time. With his black eyes looking down, fingers flicking the wheelchair, he says gently, "How dare I breach father's order? But no one can force me to do anything I don't want. Please understand that, father, I am still young. It is all right for me to get married. As for the offspring, I am afraid you have to wait for a few more years."

Qingge trembles, with her back all wet with sweat. She had thought Cangyun would just obey the order. Yet out of expectation, he was against Murong Hao.

His meaning is too simple---if Mu Cangyun consents to the marriage, he will not have children. That is to say, it is a poor apology. The marriage is just nominal and no one can force this Lord Cen to do anything else.

As expected, Murong Hao's face clouds directly. Cangyun could have just accepted the order. There was no need for him to say the following words. Apparently, it meant to embarrass him in front of so many officials. Does he think he can decline a marriage presented by the emperor even if he is reluctant?

"Hey! I am glad that I come to the right place today. Sire, don't you yet know Boss Cangyun's temperament?" Laughing voice breaks the deadlock. Zheng Zixu pats his red clothing and then peels an orange with a smile, "I am also quite satisfied with sister dumpling. Maybe she would be a great beauty after losing some weight successfully. A marriage presented by the emperor has to be accepted. But, Sire, Cangyun has some problems with his legs, and sister dumpling's figure is a bit too... Why not give them more time?"

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