Ode to Longevity

Chapter 11: Better to Accept It

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What does he intend to do? Catching the eyes of Zheng Zixu, Feng Qingge can't help frowning. Once he opens his mouth, nothing good happens. Regardless of dumpling, she isn't willing to become as fat as a dumpling, is she?

Mu Ronghao also turns pale, and is not as enthusiastic as he was just now.

However, Zixu taps his hand with a folding fan, and says with smile, "The marriage is granted by Emperor, and I am happy, too. Come on, tell them to give Emperor the Blood Jade that I've received recently, moreover, I will add one million subsidy on the Imperial Court. I've heard that Emperor wanted to put up a building named Picking-star, and I'll also sponsor it.

What a tycoon!

Qingge sneers and thinks that if it were in modern times, this type of man is sure to be eagerly wanted by many women. And inevitably, even men will be attracted.

"You are so good at flattering. I agree, lad Zheng, I want to tell you the Picking-star Building is not put up for me, but it is I who invite Nation Preceptor Yan Wu with honor to predict our country's future......" Ronghao smiles all over his face suddenly, following Zixu and walking back.

When Qingge relaxes, a kind of coldness coming from the bottom of heart goes straight to her head. As an international agent, she is more sensitive to killing than anything else, and she even can feel the reflective white glare passing over her.

"Watch out!" It is too late for her to feel more, and killing is all over the house. Qingge runs out subconsciously, stretches out and wants to push away Mu Cangyun nearby.

Fast as she is, Cangyun is faster. He sits in a wheelchair and touches somewhere, then the wheelchair slides to a side suddenly and stops in front of Ronghao who is walking back almost at the fastest speed.

"Chuu!" Spiral arrows are whirling, and the poisonous sharp blades are glittering with white glares. It is not aiming at her and Cangyun, but the supreme Emperor Ronghao.

No one around realizes what happened in such a sudden assassination. Ronghao together with Zixu knows nothing about the poisonous arrows behind them.

"Keep off, Mu Cangyun!" With the poisonous liquid splashing, Qingge feels that the blood in her body is almost solidifying. Why God wants to tease her like this. Many strange things happened on the first day she came here. She just doesn't want to watch Cangyun die, but doesn't know why there has been so much trouble.

Almost, almost! Stretching out her arms, she wants to intercept the poisonous arrow that was shot out. But she is too fat and her fingers are too short to touch the spinning poisonous arrow.

She can do nothing but watch the poisonous arrow that stays right before her eyes. It passes her fingertips at a high speed, aiming at Cangyun.


A kind of surprise twinkles in his black eyes, and Cangyun's heart throbs. He looks at the poisonous arrow ahead expressionlessly, getting ready to die.

"Zap!" However, the poisonous arrow near Cangyun disintegrates automatically, like a waxwork melting in the sun. The whirling blade shows up in a sudden with numerous phantoms falling. A black figure appears in front of Cangyun, and after flashes of the blade's phantoms, the knife has slipped into sheath.

He is like an ice cube making the ambient temperature decline suddenly. His face is taut without vitality, and his side face is perfect like being sculptured by an ax.

Before speaking out awesome, the figure standing there moves and disappears like a smoke in a second.

The big tree outside the yard quivers suddenly, and two figures run out quickly like wild geese, disappearing in front of others in a flash.

"Hey, why do I smell the flavor of that wooden eagle? Hahaha, come on, Emperor, let's have a drink, cheers. Lord of Family Feng, come here, since your granddaughter's marriage is settled, why you so gloomy, come on, be happy……" It seems that Zixu figures out something, he looks back and smiles at Qingge.

Very, very smart.

Swallowing subconsciously, Qingge didn't even have time to draw back her hands. In a flash, a man appeared in the yard and settled the crisis safely without being noticed, even supreme Ronghao didn't realize what had happened.

"Let's have a talk?" With his hands on the wheelchair, Cangyun looks down, and his lashes, long and shadowy, well conceal the feelings in his eyes.

That's fine, he is alright.

Taking a sigh of relief secretly, Qingge nods gently. Cangyun is disabled in action, and has no servants standing by. Looking at his broken finger, which was hurt for rotating the wheels quickly, she takes pity on him and says with hands on his wheelchair, "Let me help you."

She is so fat that the scene in which she pushes the heavy wheelchair is too ugly to look at. Cuichun wants to follow her actually, but is stopped by Qingge. Cangyun wants to talk to her alone, so there must be something important, and it would be inconvenient to take Cuichun.

"Hahaha, look at them, they are perfect match!" Ronghao looks at the two people going away with a smile, stroking his beard subconsciously.

Courtiers around are also flattering, talking to each other.

"Master Feng, you are so lucky, congratulations!"

"Lord Cen and Missie Feng Qingge are a great match, they are perfect couple!"

"Emperor made such a wise decision, they are perfectly matched."

Countless sarcastic congratulations come out. It seems that the yard is hilarious, but it's in fact very lonesome. Holding a wine glass, Feng Lingyun looks at the figures with much concern, and he can do nothing but sigh helplessly.

"Why not resist, why not refuse?" Looking down the man in the wheelchair, Qingge asks with indifference.

She shared life and death with the man and was engaged to him on the first day when they travelled here in time. Is she unfortunate, or is he? She looks at the man in the wheelchair, who is still beautiful like a painting. It may be disgusting to use the word beautiful to describe a man, but Qingge doesn't think so, Cangyun's beauty is like a kind of morbid one making people sympathetic. People can't help wanting to protect him subconsciously.

What a charming man, and he needs to say nothing but just sit there quietly, which is powerful enough to defeat her. If it is a dream about coming to another world, then the only thing that fascinates her is the man.

"Will resistance work? It just makes more troubles. My father is the Emperor of Cloud Country, and every decision he makes is inviolable." With her long and slim fingers tapping the wheelchair, Cangyun raises her head slowly, looking at Qingge.

She is really like a dumpling, and she is so fat that even her features huddle together. This kind of woman shouldn't come into his sight, but he realizes that he doesn't hate the feeling of being together with Qingge.

Today, she is like……

Watching leaves rising in the wind and falling slowly, then flying with wind again, he caresses his hair, and then a twinkle in black eyes flashes. That's right, today's Qingge, who is like the wind, might leave at any time. There is less stupidity and craziness but more emptiness in her eyes.

Her eyes lack vitality and energy, which do not look like her original ones. Just as they were both kidnapped at the same time, he could actually sit there tranquilly, but once he catches her eyes, he can't help but want to comfort her, increasingly wanting her to to stay.

"Since the marriage granted by Emperor can't be resisted, we'd better accept it, shall we?" Cangyun says calmly, his fingers suddenly stopping tapping the wheelchair.

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