Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1471 - Monster Truck

Chapter 1471 Monster Truck

The vehicle in front was also not loaded with much cargo. Its tonnage was even smaller than the truck that Ai Lei had stolen. Ai Lei immediately pushed it to the side, and even the guards who were leaning on the door were thrown off, falling into the mud by the side of the road. “Stop her! Hurry up and stop her!” A few guards realized that the situation was not good, they instantly sounded the alarm.

However, by then, Ai Lei had already crashed through the gate and forcefully rushed out.

Since it was the exit of the valley, it was obviously in the shape of a horn. It was wide on the outside but tight on the inside.

The moment she rushed out of the valley, Ai Lei’s vision suddenly became clear and her speed instantly soared to the limit.

On the other hand, her pursuers at the back were flustered. Several vehicles were blocked at the valley entrance at the same time. The driver could only curse in exasperation.

The problem was that in order to deal with the flood and the explosion, a large number of drones circle in the air.

After receiving the order from Red Creek Ditch, these drones immediately flew to the top of Ai Lei’s head like Falcons that had locked onto their prey.

Ai Lei was so anxious that her eyes were spitting fire.

However, no matter how fast the truck was, it was impossible for it to be faster than the drones that were high up in the sky.

Not to mention that the torrential rain had almost destroyed all the roads, turning the hardened roads into mud.

The truck that she was driving had problems with suspension and shock absorption. If she drove too fast, she might sink into the mud and be unable to move.

At this time, the pursuers had also gotten rid of the chaos and were gradually catching up.

Whether it was the off-road vehicle equipped with Caterpillar Tracks and anti-skid kits or the all-terrain vehicle equipped with bionic crawling feet, they were both more agile and faster than the clumsy truck.

Dozens of dazzling beams of light pierced through the driver’s cabin like dozens of burning javelins.

Through the reflection of the rear-view mirror, they pierced into Ai Lei’s eyes again.

“Damn it!”

Ai Lei cursed and could only continue to bombard the accelerator.

Her reckless action had finally caused the chassis of the truck to exceed the limits of fatigue.

When they passed through a seemingly shallow pool at high speed, the right front wheel hit the deep pit at the bottom of the pool and bounced.

The front of the truck rose high and smashed down violently. With a crack, an unknown part of the chassis exploded. The truck shook violently, and the speed of the truck plummeted. The hands and numbers on the dashboard.., all of them were jumping around wildly as if they had gone mad.

Even though she was wearing a seatbelt, AI lei still jumped up from the seat. Her head hit the roof of the car, causing her to groan in pain.

Before she could rub the top of her head, AI lei saw a few off-road vehicles with the Huanyu Group logo painted on them appear on her left and right.

There were also two drones that flew over her head and hovered in front of her.

“Stop the car!”

Supervisor Wang’s exasperated voice came from the drones. “Miss Ai Lei, Stop the car before you make things completely out of hand!”

“Get lost.”

Ai lei muttered to herself, “Things are completely out of hand!”

She did not care and continued to hit the accelerator.

The two drones sprayed a large amount of foam at the front of the truck.

The two drones were originally used for fire fighting. There was a compressed foam spray can attached to each of them.

The fire-fighting foam was extremely sticky, and it covered ai Lei’s field of vision.

Even though AI lei had activated the windshield wiper and scratched the window back and forth.

Her field of vision was greatly affected, and she was about to walk into a trap.

At the critical moment, a voice came from behind AI lei:

“Get out of the way, I’ll do it.”


Ai lei screamed, her hair standing on end.

She was horrified to see a man wearing the same camouflage combat suit, with the brim of his hat lowered and his face covered in mud. He looked like a mine security guard. He climbed out from behind the seat of her car unhurriedly.

This truck was a heavy-duty model specially designed for industrial and mining companies.

The emphasis was on the quantity of goods to be loaded in a single short-distance trip.

The need to stay up all night and drive continuously was usually not considered.

Therefore, there was no rest area behind the seat. Through the rearview mirror, the entire cab could be seen at a glance.

However, Ai Lei had no idea when this man had crawled into the cab and how it was possible for him to hide under her eyes for so long.

Before she was injured, even the earth-drilling mouse, who was best at hiding, would not be able to escape from her eyes! Before ai Lei’s heart and brain could thaw out from their shock.

She had already been carried from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat by the man who looked like a security guard.

When the man’s hand gently grabbed the back of her neck, Ai Lei felt a weak electric current wrapping around her entire spine in an instant, preventing her from having the courage to struggle.

Ai Lei, who was still in shock, swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and slightly recovered the ability to move her eyeballs. However, she did not dare to speak recklessly and could only use the corner of her eyes to secretly observe this mysterious fellow.

Although this fellow’s face was covered in mud and her face could not be seen clearly.

Her intuition still told ai lei that this fellow was very young and was very likely to be of the same age as her.

However, he had a pair of unfathomable eyes that young people would never have.

His eyes were like a storm that had swept through countless fleets. The vast ocean that contained countless treasures was enough to accommodate the most violent storms that seemed to be able to destroy the world.

In Ai Lei’s short but exciting life, she had only seen a few people who had similar eyes.

All of them were the strongest among the strong.

But —

“Even if they are the strongest among the strong, what can they do to this old car? Its chassis is almost ruined!”

Ai Lei was not convinced.

Under her half-surprised and half-curious gaze, Meng Chao pressed the accelerator.

It seemed to be no different from Ai Lei’s simple and violent action just now.

However, Meng Chao’s spiritual energy flowed into the crystal engine and the entire driving system of the truck through the soles of his feet like a trickle of water.

For a moment, his life magnetic field seemed to have merged with the vibrating spiritual magnetic field inside the crystal engine.

The truck that was about to fall apart turned into an extension of Meng Chao’s limbs.

His will was carried out into every gear and every bolt.


The Roar of the beast came from the front of the truck.

All the numbers on the dashboard stopped falling and rose after falling to the bottom.

Ai Lei felt a strong push on her back.

It was as if someone had kicked her in the chest and pinned her to the seat. She could hardly breathe.

There was clearly a windshield in front of them.

However, Ai Lei had the illusion that she was in a convertible sports car and had accelerated to the maximum in an instant.

“How… How is this possible?!”

Ai Lei was dumbfounded.

Never in her wildest dreams did she expect that a thick, clumsy, and heavy truck could accelerate to such an unbelievable degree in an instant!

What was more terrifying than acceleration was its stability.

The suspension and shock absorption system of this truck was already seriously malfunctioning

Just now, when Ai Lei was driving, even when she was driving on the paved road, she was jolted up and down, and the violent tremors shook her to the point that all the bones in her body were about to fall apart.

The interior of the truck was also constantly emitting a cacophony of noises and the sound of metal fatigue, which made people’s hearts palpitate. They were worried that this truck could disintegrate at any time.

However, Meng Chao had already sped up to 30% faster than Al Lei’s speed limit.

Furthermore, he had deviated from the paved road and plunged into the rugged and muddy mountains.

There were a few times when ai lei could see the huge rocks, deep pits, and even cracks in front of her through the blurry window. She was ready to take off.

However, the heavy truck was like walking on flat ground. There was not even the slightest bump or bump.

If she closed her eyes, Ai lei almost had the illusion that she was not in the body of a charging steel monster, but in the old sofa that she had used for more than ten years, but it was still soft and comfortable!

“Has this guy started to touch the steering wheel since he was in his mother’s womb?”

Ai Lei could not figure out the depth of this old driver beside her.

At this moment, Meng Chao had already driven the heavy truck up a rugged hill.

Due to the heavy rain, mudslides, and landslides, the hill, which had no roads to speak of, was full of traps and killing intent.

Several off-road vehicles that were in hot pursuit, even if they were equipped with caterpillar tracks and anti-chemical kits, were stuck in the mud and could not move.

They even slid down the slope along the flowing mud.

Only a few armed off-road vehicles that had been modified and were also driven by extraordinary humans were still able to bite Meng Chao’s tail.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The armed off-road vehicle couldn’t take it anymore and began to fire beast-catching harpoons at the heavy truck.

This weapon that was originally used to catch monsters had a sharp spearhead that was made of a special alloy and filled with barbs.

It also had a set of extremely tough steel ropes and a noose system.

Once it was shot into the monster’s body, it would be able to firmly lock the monster’s bones and nerves.

It could also use the steel ropes and the Alloy Fork head to enter the monster’s body with high-voltage electric arcs that could be fatal.

Then, through the rotation of the winch, it could control the retracting and retracting of the steel ropes. It could play the game of “Kite flying’with the monster and slowly drain the monster’s blood and combat strength.

Meng Chao dodged three monster trappers in a row.

However, through the rearview mirror, he saw that the other party was still lingering. He frowned slightly and decided to slow down his speed. He took the initiative to meet the fourth and fifth monster trappers.

Puff! Puff!

The heavy truck was locked by the two armed


However, before the armed SUV could tighten the winch,

Meng Chao slammed the accelerator again.

Ai Lei felt that a volcano was erupting under her butt.

The driver’s seat, which had been quiet and stable all this while, finally let out a deafening mechanical roar.

The heavy truck seemed to have been given an unruly life and was about to unlock its even fiercer second form.

“Hold on tight.”

Meng Chao said, “We’re going to accelerate.”


Ai Lei was dumbfounded and wanted to ask, “Wh-what the hell? Could it be that we didn’t accelerate at all just now?”

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