Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1472 - Roller Coaster

Chapter 1472 Roller Coaster

Before she could react.

Ai Lei could taste the acceleration of the rocket.

The truck had seemingly been whipped by an old driver beside it-it was a burning iron whip wrapped in thorns.

The steel monster let out a heart-wrenching roar.

A total of eighteen tires, which were half the height of a man, all scraped the ground and produced thick smoke.

Dazzling flames were shooting out from the radiator tubes on both sides of the front of the


They rushed out without a care for anything else.

Immediately after, the wire rope that the two traps were dragging became taut.

The two armed SUVs were like two fishermen who saw their fishing line tightened.

Before they could rejoice, they discovered that the big fish that had taken the bait was actually a vicious man-eating shark.

The man-eating shark charged forward, and the two armed SUVs were like broken sampans in a stormy sea.

The driver smashed the weapon system on the dashboard, trying to subdue this unruly giant steel beast with high-voltage electric arcs.

But they had already output an electric current that could subdue even the ferocious beasts of hell.

They were about to squeeze out all their fuel.

The high-voltage electric current was like a clay ox entering the sea. There was no reaction at all.

It was even as if it was charging the other party. Instead, it caused the heavy truck to accelerate and charge even more fiercely.

Finally, when they passed by a slope with a larger slope, the heavy truck made a sharp turn. Relying on the tires on the right side, it tilted at a 45-degree angle and narrowly flew over.

The two armed off-road vehicles had already lost control. At this moment, they crashed into each other.

The two steel ropes first intersected, and then broke together, causing their master to spin seven or eight times in the air, and lie down in the mud at the bottom of the hill.

Ai Lei was still in shock.

She felt as if her internal organs were about to vomit.

She had never expected that riding a heavy truck would be as exciting as riding a roller coaster.

There were no more lights for the pursuers behind them.

However, the sounds of drones still passed over their heads from time to time.

Ai Lei secretly glanced at Meng Chao.

“Alright, even if you can get rid of all the suvs and atvs –“

Ai lei thought to herself, “But how are you going to get rid of the drones?

“Even if you increase the speed of this heavy truck by three to five times, even if you completely scatter the truck, it’s still impossible to get rid of the drones, right?”

Meng Chao’s face was still calm.


Compared to Tu Lanze’s soul-stirring battle, as well as the treacherous and unpredictable battle in the Sacred Mountain Temple.

In Ai Lei’s eyes, the soul-stirring chase just now.

In Meng Chao’s eyes, it was just a leisurely stroll after a meal.

He no longer took detours.

He drove straight up the hill.

He even turned on all the headlights.

He was not afraid of being exposed to the drone’s vision.

Ai Lei did not realize what Meng Chao was trying to do at first.

But she soon saw a snake-like shadow lying on the ground in front of her through the high-beams.

Ai lei blinked hard.

Then she took a deep breath.

“A cliff!”

Ai lei screamed, “There’s a cliff in front of us!”

This area was the border between the monster mountain range and Tulanze.

The space ripples caused by the transmigration of Dragon City tore the land into pieces. On the undulating land, there were cracks and valleys everywhere.

There were also cliffs that went straight up and down, falling more than a hundred meters.

There was no road ahead.

But Meng Chao drove faster and faster.

After a deafening roar, the hood of the truck flew high into the air, and the crystal engine started burning. It seemed that Meng Chao wanted to fly directly up the cliff and over the rift valley.

The problem was that the rift valley in front of them was at least thirty to fifty meters wide.

And the opposite cliff was slightly higher than the one they were on.

No matter how fast a truck was, it would be difficult for it to fly over like a specially modified stunt car because it was too heavy.

There was a higher probability that they would crash into the cliff on the other side.

They would turn into a huge fireball and fall into the depths of the cliff, shattering into pieces.

This was not running for their lives.

This was suicide!

Ai Lei could not imagine how the old driver beside her could be so crazy and calm at the same time.

But she could not stop him.

Meng Chao’s series of dazzling operations had drained all her strength and scattered every bone in her body.

She could only curl up in her seat and hold on to everything around her, screaming hysterically. While Allie screamed.

Sparks and lightning shot out from the truck.

It left two burning tracks behind it.

When it ran over a slightly raised stone slab on the edge of the cliff, the entire chassis was completely destroyed and several wheels flew out.

However, the truck itself soared into the sky like a ROC spreading its wings.

It drew a nearly perfect arc in the air.

It actually flew up!

Unfortunately —

Ai Lei’s judgment was right.

This rift valley was too wide.

The heavy truck was too heavy.

The landing point on the other side was also a little too high.

Meng Chao had already squeezed the steel beast under him to the limit.

He was still unable to make inertia overcome gravity.

Before they crossed the middle line of the rift.

They had already felt a strong sense of weightlessness.

It was as if they had been grabbed by an invisible hand from the depths of the rift and dragged into the darkness.


Ai Lei saw that the steep mountain wall opposite them was getting larger and larger in front of her.

Then, with a boom, the truck crashed into the mountain wall brutally. The entire front of the truck was completely dented, like a can that had been stepped on by someone.

The crystal engine that had gone out of control a long time ago exploded even more violently after the collision. It exploded into colorful fireworks and fell toward the bottom of the Dark Valley.

Allie felt that her world was spinning, and her soul was out of her body.

Her eyes were temporarily blinded by the tremendous pressure inside her skull.

The wind was blowing in her ears, too, as if she had fallen into an endless abyss with the truck.

“AM I… Am I DEAD?”

Allie’s brain turned into a mess.

Her thoughts were a little chaotic.

Shouldn’t she have been destroyed together with the crystal engine that exploded the moment the truck crashed into the mountain wall?

Why was this feeling, which was a hundred times more exciting than riding on a roller coaster, still lingering?

Who was the lunatic who had dragged her to commit suicide? What was going on now!

After an unknown amount of time.

Allie’s soul returned to her messed up brain.

Before she could open her eyes, the first thing she did was lie on the ground and spit out her bile.

Then, she sprawled on the ground and looked up at the starry sky with tears in her eyes.

She was still alive.

It took Eiley half a minute to realize this fact.

She grinned foolishly, but tears still gushed out uncontrollably.

After another half a minute, she gradually regained control of her body and basic professional qualities.

Eiley’s eyes and brain began to rotate again.

The more they rotated, the faster they went.

She got up with difficulty.

She found herself somehow over the Rift Valley, lying on the other side of the cliff, in a natural pit blocked by three jagged rocks.

She looked down the cliff.

The wreckage of the heavy truck was still burning at the bottom of the valley, two or three kilometers away from them.

All the drones, attracted by the flames and debris, were circling two or three kilometers away.

This ravine was extremely deep, and the cliff was quite steep. After the heavy rain, the structure of the mountain was very fragile, which posed a great challenge to the search.

Ai Lei estimated that the pursuers would not take the risk and go deep into the ravine to search for their bodies in the wreckage of the heavy truck.

After a period of time, when the rain and mud completely buried the wreckage of the heavy truck, no one would be able to tell where their bodies were.

“I see.”

Ai Lei came to a sudden realization. “This guy didn’t want to directly use the truck to fly over the rift — even if he flew over, it would be useless. The drone would still be chasing after us.

“He used the suicide charge of the truck to attract the attention of the pursuers, making them think that I fell off the cliff and died.

“The question is, how did we escape from the driver’s seat the moment the truck hit the


were e sev



“Also, we were several kilometers away from the place where the truck fell.

“How did we get here? Why do I have no memory of it?”

Ai Lei looked at Meng Chao, who was still calm, with lingering fear.

She felt that this ‘little security guard’, who did not look shocking, was becoming more and more unfathomable.

Of course, he was also becoming more and more valuable.

“Thank you, thank you!”

Ai Lei’s mind spun rapidly.

However, she pretended to be weak and helpless, like a little white rabbit that had just escaped death from the Big Bad Wolf’s bloody mouth. The corners of her eyes were sparkling as she covered her chest and thanked Meng Chao, “It’s all thanks to Senior’s righteous action. Otherwise, I, I really don’t know what to do in the face of the evil hands of these bad guys!”

Meng Chao glanced at AI lei from top to bottom.

He said indifferently, “I saw it.”

Ai Lei was slightly stunned.

She asked carefully, “What did senior see?”

“I saw you use a weak and innocent disguise to numb the vigilance of the two guards. Then, with a fierce flying knee, you crashed into the lower abdomen of one of the guards.”

“So,”Meng Chao said, “You are definitely not ‘not sure what to do’. You have plenty of solutions.”

Ai lei laughed dryly.

“Not ‘lower abdomen’, but ‘upper abdomen’.”

Ai Lei explained, “Don’t worry, senior. I know what to do. We are all working here. There’s no need for me to be ruthless. Therefore, I avoided the critical part of the guard very carefully. I promised that there wouldn’t be any sequelae that would affect his physiological functions.”

“Then, you really have a lot of professional ethics!”

“Who are you exactly?”Meng Chao asked. “Why did you sneak into the Universal Group’s Crystal Warehouse? Why did you run away after being controlled by them?”

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