Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 1473 - Extraordinary Means

Chapter 1473 Extraordinary Means

Ai Lei blinked.

“Senior, in order to save me, you didn’t hesitate to offend Universe Group. Of course, I’ll explain the whole story to you.

“But, senior, can you tell me your name first?” she probed.


Meng Chao refused.

“Okay, okay!”

Ai Lei took a deep breath and decided to take a gamble. “My name is Ai Lei, and I’m a reporter for The Dragon City Light. Senior, you’ve probably heard of it, right?”

Meng Chao had obviously heard of The Dragon City before.

It was one of the largest media groups in Dragon City.

Its stance had always been fair, and it did not belong to the nine mega corporations or any other forces. Its reports were neutral, serious, detailed, and very credible.

However, Meng Chao did not express his stance.

He only signaled Ai Lei to continue with his eyes.

“Half a month ago, The Dragon City Light received insider information. It was said that there was a shocking conspiracy behind the Universe Group’s Red Creek Project. There were a large number of illegal operations, profit transfers, and internal transactions. The level of involvement was very high. Even many famous figures from the Shen family, heroes in the Monster War, might be involved in it. Therefore, they sent me to investigate.”

Ai Lei said, “I interviewed the director of the Red Creek Project, Shen Yulin, through public channels first and found that he was indeed guilty.

“Therefore, after the interview, I snuck back to Red Creek and tried to sneak into the crystal warehouse to check the real storage of the raw crystals, hoping to capture some critical evidence or get some testimonies from the staff at the bottom level.

“Unexpectedly, the moment I got close to the warehouse, the entire warehouse was hit by an extremely violent explosion before I could gather any clues. The shock wave threw me dozens of meters away and knocked me out.

“Thankfully, I was half a step too slow. Otherwise, I would have been blown to pieces along with the warehouse.

“When I slowly woke up, I was already captured by the people of the universal group.

“They had ulterior motives. Naturally, they didn’t want me to tell them the truth about the Red Creek Creek Creek project. They were going to lock me up and hand me over to Shen Yuling for punishment.

“Of course, I couldn’t just sit around and wait for my death. Who would dare open a crystal mine? They were all ruthless people who had fought their way through mountains of corpses and seas of blood!

“For people like Shen Yuling, it was much easier to arrange an ‘accident’for me than to eat or drink.

“That’s why I risked everything to escape.

“I never expected that I would be discovered by the people of the Universal Corporation.

“Thankfully, senior helped me out. If not, I would probably have been killed!

“My personal life is unimportant, but as long as the inside story of the Red Creek Creek Creek project is not made public to all the citizens of Dragon City, Shen Yulin and his accomplices will not stop for a day. The crystals that should belong to all the citizens of Dragon City will be illegally sent into the pockets of very few people without the transcendental tower’s statistics and approval. They will dig into the corners of Dragon City to increase their strength!

“Let me finish. If… If senior is also a member of the Huanyu Corporation, and if senior is even Shen Yuling’s accomplice, then I’ll admit defeat even if it’s just a trick to gain my trust!”

Ai lei puffed out her chest with a determined look on her face, as if she would rather die than surrender.

Meng Chao raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at ai lei up and down. He asked curiously, “You dare to investigate the secrets of the Huanyu Corporation alone? Aren’t you afraid of Death?”

“Yes, of course I’m afraid of death. Just now, I thought that I was going to fall off the cliff with the truck. I was so scared that my heart almost jumped out of my throat. Even now, my calf is still cramping!”

Ai lei smiled self-deprecatingly. She bent down and punched her calf twice.

When she looked up again, her gaze became more determined. “But compared to death, I’m more afraid that the truth will not be made public and justice will not be served!”

“Truth and Justice?”

Meng Chao seemed to be in awe. “But, how can I Believe Your Words? Did you capture anything?”

“Unfortunately, no. The other party was very careful and the explosion happened too suddenly.”

Ai lei seemed to have thought of something. She took out a card from the inside pocket of her close-fitting clothes. “But, I have this.”

It was her press card.

A corner of it had been scorched by the flames caused by the explosion.

However, the words ‘light of dragon city’and her photo could still be seen. Meng Chao placed the press card in his palm and weighed it.

Suddenly, he laughed.

He stretched out his little finger and gently stroked the edge of the press card.

The press card, which was less than a millimeter thick, was sliced into two thinner pieces by him.

“Why isn’t there a chip?”

Meng Chao showed the inside of the two reporter’s Ids to Ai Lei, “As far as I know, for a regular large-scale media group like ‘Light of Dragon City,’There should be an identification chip embedded in their employee’s ID, which is used to punch the card, enter the designated area, and store and transmit key information.

“Why isn’t there anything in your card?” “Oh, my identification card was accidentally damaged during the last interview mission.”

Ai Lei’s expression did not change as she replied smoothly, “This is a temporary card that I just applied for. I haven’t had the time to embed an identification chip in it yet.”

“Is that so?”

Meng Chao smiled. “Your psychological quality is very outstanding. If it weren’t for the 0.3 second heart rate, I would almost believe it.

“Also, if ‘light of Dragon City’really wants to investigate the universal group, I think they will definitely send a large, professional, well-equipped, and even an expert to escort the interview and Investigation Team. How can a broken star like you go into the Tiger’s Den and fight alone?”

“This –“

Ai Lei’s face was red. She braced herself and said, “Senior, I’m really a reporter. Please believe me!”

“I believe that. You are indeed an outstanding reporter.”

Meng Chao said, “That’s why I can’t believe that an outstanding reporter like you wouldn’t be able to capture anything.”

Meng Chao’s gaze instantly became as sharp as two scalpels. Starting from Ai Lei’s hair, he scanned it inch by inch.

Ai lei instantly felt that her entire body was transparent and there was nowhere to run.

She took half a step back and covered her chest, displaying a look of panic and shame.

However, Meng Chao’s gaze did not stop at her chest.

Instead, he continued to scan her lower leg patiently.

Ai Lei’s left leg was wrapped in a bandage, and it was already soaked in fresh blood.

However, Meng Chao did not show any mercy at all. He struck out with lightning speed and grabbed her ankle, lifting her up upside down.

Despite ai Lei’s struggle and protest, Meng Chao still used his little finger to cut open the bandage that was emitting a medicinal fragrance and the smell of blood, revealing the bloody wound.

It looked like a burn wound.

Although it had been debrided and bandaged, the wound was still in a mess because it had been soaked in the dirty water for too long. The pungent smell was unbearable to look at.

After observing for a moment, Meng Chao did something shocking.

He actually directly tore off the burnt flesh on Ai Lei’s calf.

Ai lei screamed.

An unbelievable thing happened.

Meng Chao had clearly torn off a large piece of flesh, but the wound did not expand. No, there was no wound at all!

Ai Lei’s calf was clean and clean. Not even a few hairs had grown on it. Other than a few faint old wounds, how could there be any traces of being burned by the flames?

“The wounds are not bad, but they are not professional enough.”

Meng Chao put down Ai Lei and said calmly, “If I were you, I would really make a wound on my body and stuff the memory chip into it. Then, I would inject the cell growth drug around the wound to promote the healing of the wound and seal the memory chip inside.”

a men

While he was speaking, Meng Chao picked out a memory chip the size of half a fingernail from the fake wound that ai lei had glued onto her body.

Meng Chao had a portable data processor that he had gotten from the crystal mine.

The performance of this device was not too strong. The advantage was that it was sturdy, resistant to falling, waterproof, radiation-proof, and anti-interference. It also had a very rich data interface.

It was for mining engineers to carry out simple data operations near the Crystal Mine Deep Underground.

Meng Chao stuffed ai Lei’s memory chip into the corresponding interface of the processor.

A line of information popped up on the mini screen.

The chip was locked.

It needed a password to be activated.

Meng Chao looked at Ai Lei.

Ai lei gritted her teeth.

“It seems that you don’t quite understand your situation. The trouble you have gotten into is not as simple as the Universal Corporation.”

Meng Chao said, “If I hadn’t saved you before you did, you would have probably fallen into an unknown devil’s Den and suffered a torture that was worse than death. You would never have the chance to see the Sun Tomorrow.

“In order to save you and save more people, I need your unconditional and complete cooperation.

“I don’t have much time to convince you in times of emergency. If you still don’t cooperate, I can only resort to the most extreme means.”

Ai Lei saw that Meng Chao did not have any killing intent and did not seem to be threatening.

“What methods?”She asked curiously.

“Tell me everything.” Meng Chao pointed at the cliff. “Or, I can throw you down.”

“Open, what are you playing at –“

Before the word “Laugh”could leave her mouth,

Meng Chao grabbed the soft flesh behind her neck and threw her down the cliff.


Ai Lei once again experienced the feeling of riding a roller coaster all the way down to the gate of Hell.

Every goosebumps on her body were screaming, fighting to escape from her body.

Her internal organs were all squeezed into a ball, and she tasted the pain of being smashed into pieces in advance.

Ai Lei once again lost consciousness temporarily.

She did not know how she survived.

She did not even know if she was still alive.

She was drenched in cold sweat as she looked around in shock.

She found that there was stinky mud under her feet, and she was surrounded by dark mountain walls and sharp rocks.

Only the narrow crack above her head emitted faint starlight.

This was the bottom of the cliff, deep in the Rift Valley.

That… that lunatic was serious!


Meng Chao’s voice came from the darkness behind Al lei.


Ai lei blurted out.

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