Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 28: The Study Group Has Been Cancelled

Chapter 28: The Study Group Has Been Cancelled

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When Meng Chao entered the classroom, the students were talking in groups .

During the monster invasion, many of the students had fought together with their parents, and those who had killed some monsters felt smug. They bragged about their achievements while exaggerating things.

One of the boys was injured lightly, and he unwrapped his dressing so that the girls could see his “terrifying” wound. They screeched in a semi-genuine manner.

“Meng Chao, I heard that a mysterious superbeast appeared in Blessed Heavenly Garden last night. Was it terrifying? Was it exciting?”

When the students saw him enter, they immediately surrounded him.

Fighting monsters was a past time Dragon Citizens loved hearing about, and some monster fanatic had posted the picture of the Ghost-eyed Golden Winged Flame Beetle online.

Even though its brain was reduced to a bloody mess, the people could tell how extraordinary it was by the bewitching eyes on its golden wings.

Meng Chao thought about it. “It was rather scary, but also a little exciting.”

His classmates were really disappointed. But when they thought about Meng Chao’s average and sloppy fighting strength, they realized that when the mysterious superbeast appeared, he was probably hiding in a sanctuary while shivering. How would he know the details?

So, they decided not to get to the bottom of it and reveal his shortcomings.

“Meng Chao, you were in a hurry to go back yesterday and didn’t join the study group, right? You seriously missed something great!” another student said with a grin.

He was Fatty Jr., and his real name was Wang Tao.

“Last night, Big Brother Xiong taught us the Super Reckless Bull Force, and it was really amazing! I just practiced it a bit, and I felt my strength grow by leaps and bounds. I feel like I can kill a monster with just one punch!”

Fatty Jr. put on a body builder’s pose. “You didn’t see what happened at that time. Everyone looked like they had contracted the mad cow disease. They were so violent!”

“You’re the one who contracted the mad cow disease!” Another student who joined the study group laughed and rebuked him. “Meng Chao, don’t listen to Fatty Wang run his mouth off. Big Brother Xiong’s Super Reckless Bull Force is the real deal. You don’t rely on your power rampaging in your body to fight like a madman. You can stay back to learn today. After you try it, you’ll understand.”

“That’s right, after you test it, you’ll definitely be singing praises to it.”

“Train well with Big Brother Xiong, and we’ll guide you as well. We’ll definitely help you catch up to the training you missed. Fight to get into... the best college!”

Aside from offending the class rep, Meng Chao actually had a pretty good reputation in class.

Chu Feixiong even mentioned in the study group that if Meng Chao had not said anything, he would not have revealed Super Reckless Bull Force in public.

Hence, everyone was especially friendly to Meng Chao.

While everyone chatted animatedly, they suddenly found that the main character of the entire discussion was not around. “Huh? Where’s Big Brother Xiong?”

“Big Brother Xiong is in the teacher’s office. I was passing by just now, and I saw the homeroom teacher looking for him through the window,” a student said.

“This is bad!”

At this moment, another student staggered into the classroom. He could not even be bothered to wipe off his sweat and just said loudly, “Someone told the homeroom teacher about us privately organizing a study group! Now, Old Wang has decided to speak to Big Brother Xiong, and he wants him to cancel the study group!”


The students were first dumbfounded, then, they grew furious. “Who’s so evil?! Is he crazy or what?!”

Meng Chao was slightly stunned before he immediately looked at the spot where Zuo Haoran sat.

The class rep was studying a supplementary text called Monster Encyclopedia with great concentration. He was like a meditating monk and did not hear their discussion.

Meng Chao slapped his table and got up.

“That’s right! Who’s so evil that he would destroy what’s good for everyone?!” he said loudly. “Practically everyone has joined the study group in our class. Those who have not joined us yet can get some epiphany when they watch the others train during self-study period. Everyone can gain something from it. Who exactly is so bored that he would report this and make a fool of himself?

“Could it be someone from another class? Is it because they can’t deal with watching us getting stronger than them? But the study group has just been organized for one night. How could the other classes learn of this so soon?

“Or... could it be that the fat bear offended someone lately? No way. I know him. He’s as sincere and honest as I am. Who could he have possibly offended?

“He didn’t get into any sort of conflict with anyone lately, and he did not send anyone sprawling on the ground, or make them lose their dignity...”

As Meng Chao spoke, his voice died away.

He cast Zuo Haoran a glance while not quite able to believe himself. His face was full of disbelief.

The students looked in the direction of his gaze and went along his train of thought. They immediately reacted to the situation.

‘That’s right! Zuo Haoran was sent flying by Chu Feixiong last night! And he made a fool of himself!’

To high school students, who demanded to be treated with respect, this was practically the same as them declaring each other mortal enemies.

“Class Rep, you’re being unfair!” Fatty Jr. was the first to jump out. “If you have a conflict with Big Brother Xiong, then act based on the code of Dragon Citizens! Go and fight alone in the training room! You can even settle your score in a forest. Your fists will show your real abilities and determine who is the winner. Why must you do this and destroy what’s good for everyone?”

Wang Tao’s body size was the closest to that of Chu Feixiong, and they were known as Fatty Sr. and Fatty Jr. in class. They were quite close to each other, and he was the one who gained the most benefits from the previous night’s Super Reckless Bull Force. He could already see hope in breaking past his bottleneck.

But Zuo Haoran just had to do something so sinister at this moment! Fatter Jr. would beat him, even if the guy was the class rep. In fact, he would hit him even if he was the person with the most power in Dragon City.

“That’s right! Class Rep, how could you do this?!”

“You just don’t want to see everyone’s marks increase, right?!”

“Your punching force is over two hundred kilograms, and mine is just at one hundred and ninety! I’m not being greedy here, I just want it to increase to two hundred kilograms. I won’t be able to surpass you! Why did you have to do this?!”

Their national college examination would determine their fate, and they had to fuss over every mark. While the students could accept being managed by their class rep, their class rep was nothing to them when it came to their marks!

The class began to burn with rage.

Even the girls who had flirted with Zuo Haoran and acted like hooligans during their high school class reunions in Meng Chao’s memories were glaring at him.

Zuo Haoran was finally unable to continue pretending. His handsome face turned red, and he slammed his Monster Encyclopedia on the table with a loud bang. He stood up swiftly. “Meng Chao, stop making unfounded accusations!”

“I didn’t state names and point fingers. Class Rep, you just admitted to it on your own.” Meng Chao grinned.

“You—” Zuo Haoran sucked in a deep breath and said loudly, “My dear students, don’t listen to his nonsense. I did not tell the homeroom teacher anything!”

But he did “accidentally” tell his uncle about it, who also happened to be the teaching director.

He stopped talking for a moment before he schooled his face and said, “Besides, I don’t think that the student who reported this had any malicious thoughts. The study group should have been cancelled right from the start!”

His words just caused a greater reaction.

The students became even angrier and started causing a ruckus. “Class Rep, what’s the meaning of this?”

“I’m doing this for your own good.” Zuo Haoran regained his usual level-headedness and said calmly, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch in the world. There are plenty of secret techniques that will instantaneously increase your strength in Dragon City, but all of them require you to pay a devastating price.

“Chu Feixiong’s Super Reckless Bull Force is incredibly domineering. If my guess is correct, it mobilized a secret technique that stimulates human potential, which means that it will severely drain the body and result in all sorts of hidden injuries. It’s a typical case of haste makes waste.”

The students remained doubtful, but they were beginning to believe in him.

When Zuo Haoran saw that he took control of the situation, he smiled coldly and threw a bomb at them. “I know that many of us don’t care about sequelae just to get a few more marks during the national college examination. After all, we can just slowly nurse ourselves back to health after we get into college, but you should know that the check-ups during the national college examination are becoming stricter. Once they discover that you have taken forbidden medication or are practicing some deviant technique, you will be considered to be cheating, and your marks will be cancelled.

“We have been taking in a lot of gene medication, cell activation fluid, and growth hormones while we cultivate, and we also practice all sorts of secret techniques that could increase our potential, but there is a limit to everything, and the limit to cultivation is that we do not severely harm our bodies and minds.

“Once we overstep those limits, we might lose our right to take the national college examination. Are you really going to take that risk?”

“Er...” The students hesitated.

“How would you know that Big Brother Xiong’s Super Reckless Bull Force is a deviant technique?” Wang Tao could not accept it.

Zuo Haoran sighed, and his expression was one that said “I didn’t want to say it, but for everyone’s sake, I’ll have to do it”.

“Because I was worried about everyone’s future and the glory of Class 6, I went about looking for information from various sources, and I realized that Chu Feixiong’s strange Reckless Bull Force came from the deep web!”

The students sucked in sharp breaths.

“Everyone, you know what sort of place the deep web is. Many maniacs and lunatics search for lab rats to test experimental martial arts which are incredibly dangerous. Last year, Meng Chao was unlucky and fell into their trap. His future was destroyed because of it.”

Zuo Haoran looked at Meng Chao pitifully and said with great distress, “Chu Feixiong is best friends with Meng Chao. I believe that he must have accidentally received the link and account from Meng Chao, and by pure accident, he walked onto a stray path.

“Of course, I believe that they have good intentions and don’t want to harm all of you. But a mistake is a mistake. How can we just watch them walk further down the wrong path?”

Once he said those things, a few students’ expressions became strange.

Yesterday, Chu Feixiong had indeed told them honestly that Super Reckless Bull Force had come from the deep web when he went to them to teach them. At that time, they had not thought about it carefully.

But when they heard their class rep speak in such a manner, they found that there were plenty of problems with it.

Wang Tao was exasperated, but he could say nothing about it. He sat down furiously and nearly broke his chair.

All eyes went to Meng Chao.

Meng Chao was about to retort when a notification suddenly popped out before his eyes.

[Normal citizen Wang Longjun has indirectly received your guidance and understood the profound secret of Reckless Bull Technique. His learning progress is 30%. His fighting strength and level of teaching have both increased. In the future, he will be able to produce stronger students in larger numbers. Dragon City’s overall fighting strength has increased. Congratulations in contributing to your civilization. Increased contribution points by 50.]

Wang Longjun was the homeroom teacher.

Meng Chao was stunned. Then, a thought entered his mind. While he suppressed his amusement, he said, “Alright. This is my fault. If Feixiong really gets angry later and stops the study group, you can just scold me!”

The students looked at each other. Was Meng Chao admitting defeat?

When Zuo Haoran saw the dejected look on his face, he wanted to laugh loudly, but he endured it and just started coughing.

At that moment, Chu Feixiong pushed the door open and walked in. He went to Meng Chao with a conflicted look on his face.

When everyone saw his expression, they knew that the situation was not good, and their hearts leapt to their throats.

Chu Feixiong did not notice the strange atmosphere in the classroom. He drew close to Meng Chao’s ear and whispered, “Old Wang is very interested in Super Reckless Bull Force, and he wants to promote it to the whole class. It’s yours, so I didn’t dare to make the decision on my own. What are your thoughts about it?”

Mengg Chao smiled faintly and spoke loudly. “What? The homeroom teacher really wants to cancel the study group?!”


Loud sighs went through the classroom.

The last hope in Wang Tao and the others’ eyes faded away.

Zuo Haoran stood up. “Everyone, stop entertaining foolish ideas. There is no shortcut when it comes to cultivation. The only thing that exists is the principle of God rewarding people accordingly based on their hard work. Forget about that Super Reckless Bull Force or whatever it’s called and work hard with me with every second we have!”

Meng Chao waited for him to finish speaking before he slowly completed the second half of his sentence. “So, the homeroom teacher wants to cancel the secret study group so that he can promote Super Reckless Bull Force to the whole class?”

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