Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 29: Are You A Demon?

Chapter 29: Are You A Demon?

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Everyone, including Zuo Haoran, were dumbfounded.

In the absolute silence, the homeroom teacher walked into the classroom with a hearty smile.

“Students, we’re halting the morning self-study session for the time being. I’d like to praise Chu Feixiong. Not only are his results good, he is also the pride and joy of the entire class!”

He walked to the podium, threw his head back, and drank tea from a transparent glass bottle. He got some tea foam into his mouth before he finally noticed that something was off with the class. “Class Rep, what’s going on?”

Zuo Haoran looked as if someone had stuffed a bad egg into his throat. He could not swallow it, but he could not spit it out either.

Meng Chao stood up and lowered his head to say, “Mr. Wang, I made a mistake. Please scold me.”

“Meng Chao, what did you do this time?” The homeroom teacher was puzzled.

He just heard from Chu Feixiong that Meng Chao had decided to work hard, and his learning attitude was pretty good. Wang Longjun was rather happy about it, so what happened now?

“Here’s what happened. Yesterday, I did egg on Chu Feixiong to form a study group, but I was only thinking about helping the whole class get better together.”

Meng Chao spoke in a troubled tone, “But after class ended, Chu Feixiong came to me and said that the Super Reckless Bull Force was too high-end, and he did not quite understand it when he practiced it. He could not bear the responsibility if he taught the class wrong and caused a setback before their national college exam.

“He had only agreed to it because in a moment of impulsiveness. After he calmed down and saw that the matter was getting out of hand, he became frightened because he’s an honest kid, you know? So he asked me whether there was any way for him to back out. He didn’t want to deal with it anymore.”

The homeroom teacher and the students were entranced by his words. “Okay. And what happened afterwards?”

“I thought he was right. If we really misled our classmates, we wouldn’t be able to make up to them even if they killed us. So, I came up with a stupid idea: we’d pretend that the Super Reckless Bull Force came from the deep web. Didn’t I suffer from it last year? That’s why I thought of it.”

Meng Chao looked like he was about to cry, but there were no tears in his eyes. “Feixiong is an honest kid, you know? He actually believed in my words and seriously told that to some of the students. In the end though, some bastard who should fall into a ditch, step on poop, get diarrhea, trip over his own feet, and never get married ratted us out!”

‘I see!’ The students realized what had happened.

Complicated gazes went to Zuo Haoran.

His handsome face turned red, then green, then white, then black. It was as if he were poisoned.

The homeroom teacher coughed loudly. “Meng Chao, manners. Please remember them.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just blaming myself and just got too angry, that’s why all these crude words came out of my mouth. Everyone knows that I’m usually very polite.”

Meng Chao bit his lip, and with hope, he said in a quivering voice, “Mr. Wang, does the Super Reckless Bull Force really have no problem?”

“Of course it doesn’t!” The homeroom teacher cleared his throat and said with a beaming smile, “Everyone, you heard it, right? It’s all a misunderstanding! Chu Feixiong’s Super Reckless Bull Force is not a deviant martial art from the deep web. It’s a peaceful technique that allows you to get stronger progressively, and it’s a basic force execution method that is very orthodox. As long as I teach it to you, you can practice it with no worry whatsoever!”

The homeroom teacher was beaming, and his voice was much louder than usually.

Yesterday, after he was scolded by the teaching director, he searched for some of the students who stayed in the dorms and asked them about it. Then, he learned that there was really a method called Super Reckless Bull Force, which could instantly increase their strength by a few percent. When he heard about it, he knew that it was nothing good.

He was so anxious that he could not sleep the entire night.

The national college examination’s regulations in regards to forbidden medicine and deviant martial arts were becoming stricter by the year.

If he did not stop this in time and there were some serious consequences, forget about being a homeroom teacher, he could also kiss his career as a teacher goodbye.

So, in the morning, he called Chu Feixiong over with the intention to scold him and make him dissolve the study group.

But what he did not expect was that once Chu Feixiong executed his Super Reckless Bull Force, he would be absolutely stunned.

No one else but the homeroom teachers in the third year of high school could tell just how valuable was this basic force execution method.

When it came to fighting power, homeroom teachers might not be able to compare with the monster hunters who often went into the fog to fight monsters.

But when it came to the standards of teaching and analyzing basic techniques, most of the superhumans could not compare to the veteran teachers!

Wang Longjun immediately realized that he had just struck gold.

After watching Chu Feixiong demonstrate the technique a few times, he gained a vague understanding of it, and he became eager to try it out. The urge, in fact, was about to explode from his blood.

He was shocked and beside himself with joy.

If Chu Feixiong was willing to teach the entire class such a powerful force execution technique, then how high would Class 6’s average score during the national college examination be?

Marks were not just the students’ lifeblood, but also the teachers’ lifeblood.

There were eight third year classes in Ninth High School. The two rocket classes, of course, fought hard to compete against each other, but the other six strolling classes were also fighting hard with each other!

If Class 6 managed to take the lead in terms of scores... Hehe, he could get promoted, get an increase in salary, marry a fair, rich, and beautiful girl, and reach the pinnacle of his life.

The homeroom teacher had grand ambitions in his heart. He made the decision on the spot to stand firmly on his students’ side. Even if he had to go up against the teaching director when it came to this, he would do it without flinching.

“I see, so that’s how it is.” Once Meng Chao heard the homeroom teacher’s explanation, he finally released a sigh of relief and patted his chest with a smile. “Thank goodness. Trouble is over, and everything is fine now. Wait. The conflict has already escalated to the point that it’s really bad. I wonder if Feixiong will still be willing to teach us.”

He frowned.

The students felt their hearts clench.

“Feixiong, everyone believed in those slanderous remarks just now and refused to trust you. They wanted to leave the study group. You were wronged by us, so do you feel aggrieved and even dispirited? Do you not want to teach us anymore?” Meng Chao stared at Chu Feixiong.

Chu Feixiong was absolutely lost. “Wha—?”

The students were also dumbfounded. They were just hesitating! They did not say that they wanted to quit!

“I know that you’re an honest person, and it’s very easy for honest people to be bothered by something and unable to let it go. You must be so mad right now but unable to throw a temper tantrum because of your dignity, right?” Meng Chao kept winking at him.

“I...” The huge, white bear scratched his head. “I wasn’t able to react to what happened just now, but now that I think about it, I do feel a little sad.”

“Chu Feixiong!”

The homeroom teacher turned pale with shock. All his dreams about promotion, higher salary, marrying a beautiful girl, and reaching the pinnacle of his life were dashed with his words.

The students glared at Zuo Haoran.

What the heck! This pretty boy was the one who misled them with all his talk about deviant martial arts and cheating during the national college examination. He even put on such airs when he said that!

Now that they thought about it carefully, Meng Chao’s analysis was definitely right. Zuo Haoran was definitely the one who reported them! What a bastard!

Zuo Haoran was dumbfounded, but he still wanted to defend himself. Even if he could not be considered to be innocent.

“Mr. Wang, we have to think of a way to comfort Chu Feixiong’s injured heart, or else, he’ll feel morose and might miss a few key points when he teaches us, so we won’t be able to learn the real deal by then. What should we do if that happens?” Meng Chao asked seriously.

The students sucked in sharp breaths.

Teaching something, learning, and answering questions was something that had a huge difference depending on how serious the teacher and the learner were. Chu Feixiong was the only one who knew Super Reckless Bull Force, so who could tell if he only taught half of what he knew?

Immediately, the students began to hate Zuo Haoran even more.

The homeroom teacher immediately said, “Chu Feixiong, you’ll be contributing greatly to the entire class. Everyone, including me, will be very grateful to you!”

“Mr. Wang, gratitude alone won’t be enough. I think he needs material stimulation. Chu Feixiong is shy, so he won’t be able to find it in himself to speak. But I made a huge mistake, so I can be shameless to help him ask. Since we’re going to promote it publicly, this will no longer be something limited to the students only. Won’t the school reward him, such as favoring him with cultivation resources?” Meng Chao stared at his homeroom teacher.

His current self did not possess the fear normal high school students had toward their homeroom teachers.

He treated them as negotiation targets in a business field. They should make the trade fairly and benefit each other, no?

The homeroom teacher’s expression became stiff.

If the Super Reckless Bull Force spread through the entire school, the school would definitely not hold back in rewarding him.

But he wanted to lead the charts in terms of scores. At the very least, he wanted Class 6 to raise above the others in the national college examination.

Since he did not want the other classes to know about it, he could not have the school favor Chu Feixiong in terms of resources.

“I heard that the school has originally distributed extra cultivation resources to each class so that they can compensate the class leaders when they manage a class, because they need to waste time and energy to do so.

“If Chu Feixiong really has to bear with his aggrievance and teach everyone Super Reckless Bull Force, the time and energy he’ll waste will be even more than that of normal class leaders. Isn’t it logical to give him part of those resources?” Meng Chao’s eyes lit up, as if he had only thought of it by pure accident.

The students began talking among themselves.

The school did indeed give each class an extra amount of resources, but not every class leader had them. Based on the rules, only the class rep got them.

The class rep was usually the strongest person in a class. The rules were clear and transparent. Whoever could not accept it could challenge the class rep. They could let their fists do the talking, and no one could say anything about it.

The homeroom teacher scowled.

The teaching director had personally placed his nephew in Class 6, and his intentions were very clear, even if he said nothing about it. Even though Wang Longjun was not afraid of the teaching director, he did not want to offend him just like that.

“Mr. Wang, you don’t have to create trouble for yourself. If we were any other class, perhaps we might end up fighting for that bit of cultivation resources, but we will definitely not do that.

“Our class rep is a kind person. He thinks about the glory of the class all the time and cares about us. For the benefit of the class, while he might not give up all the resources, he will definitely not hesitate to give up half of them. Isn’t that right, Class Rep?”

Zuo Haoran stuttered. He could not say anything.

The students could not help but snicker. The entire class was filled with a happy atmosphere.

“Wang Tao, do you think the class rep will hesitate?” Meng Chao turned toward Fatty Jr.

Fatty Jr. snorted a few times coldly.

“Gu Fang, tell me, what sort of person is our class rep?” Meng Chao asked the prettiest girl in class.

In his memory fragments, Gu Fang was the most eager among the girls when she pounced on Zuo Haoran during their high school reunions. When she was drunk, she even mentioned that Zuo Haoran and her had once flirted a lot with each other during high school.

Gu Fang’s face turned red. She lowered her head and said, “The class rep isn’t a petty person.”

“Look. Everyone is able to see the truth.” Meng Chao looked at the homeroom teacher, then at the class rep.

His gaze was like a whistling arrow. In an instant, all the students’ gazes turned into sharp arrows that could pierce through hearts.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

All of the arrows shot at the class rep until he was full of holes.

Zuo Haoran noticed that even Gu Fang was staring at him with a complicated look. His mind went blank, and he struck at the table. “Mr. Wang, as long as it’s beneficial to the entire class, I will definitely not complain about it!”

While he appeared to be full of righteousness, his heart was bleeding. If he knew this would happen, he would not have let his mouth run to provoke Meng Chao. With just a few words, half of the cultivation resources his uncle got for him after a great deal of effort was gone because he was turned into a scapegoat.

Meng Chao was a demon!

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