Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 766 - Creating a Better Reality

Chapter 766: Creating a Better Reality

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Then, Meng Chao discovered that he had become a monster.

No, not one, but 10,000 different monsters.

Suddenly, he became a falcon with a wingspan of more than 100 meters, riding the wind and breaking the waves in the vast sea of clouds, watching the most brilliant sunrise and the most moving sunset.

Suddenly, he turned into a big fish with golden scales, galloping among the torrents, playing on the waterfall with a drop of more than 100 meters, feeling the soul-stirring impact.

Suddenly, he turned into a liger-type monster with pure white fluffy hair, like a white lightning bolt, galloping in the mountain forest.

There was someone behind him.

A human knight grabbed the hair behind his neck tightly, and was suddenly frightened by his galloping, screaming, and then giggling due to the weightlessness of jumping.

The knight’s ups and downs also affected him, making him feel extremely happy. He deliberately made all kinds of dangerous and exciting movements to tease the knight and make him laugh like a silver bell.

Finally, he carried the knight to a small mountain peak and looked down at the warm sunset, the quiet jungle, and the dreamy town.

The knight gently stroked his fur, making him purr comfortably. He yawned sleepily.

“Are you comfortable?” He heard a familiar voice from the knight.

Only then did he realize that sitting on the cliff next to him with his two fleshy little feet curled up was the granddaughter of Peach Blossom Town’s mayor, Gu Ling.

The little girl looked at him with a smile that was as pure as crystal.

It seemed that through the Tree of Wisdom’s neural network, he had read the memories of Gu Ling and the monsters that accompanied her.

Meng Chao hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “It’s comfortable.”

The pure white liger’s throat emitted a pure human voice, which seemed to be somewhat illogical.

However, this was a fairytale-like world in the first place.

In a fairytale, no one would care about such details.

“This place is much better than Earth, and also much better than Dragon City, right?”

Gu Ling yawned loudly with him too. She looked at the sea of flowers, the Green Tide, the peach blossom land, and the undulating mountain ridges that were illuminated by sunlight. “There’s no war, no slavery, no deception, no oppression, no injustice, and no anxiety. Everyone will always be happy and live together in harmony and beauty. How wonderful!”

“In a way, yes.”

Meng Chao nodded. “A world where there is no war, no slavery, no injustice, and no need to work so hard to be happy is indeed amazing.”

“In that case, will you stay here forever?”

Out of nowhere, Gu Ling conjured a colorful and fragrant garland and gently put it on Meng Chao’s head. She looked at him expectantly. “I will stay in this paradise forever. I will always be happy, happy, and carefree!”

“If I could, I would like to stay here forever, in this almost perfect paradise.”

Meng Chao looked at Gu Ling seriously and sighed. “Unfortunately, no matter how perfect this paradise is, it’s all fake. All the happiness and carefree feelings are fake, just like you, Little Girl Gu Ling.”

Gu Ling’s smile didn’t change at all.

It was like a mask that was as thin as a cicada’s wings.

No matter what was hidden behind the mask, her expression would always be so naive, happy, and happy.

“Even if they’re all fake, what does it matter? is fake happiness necessarily inferior to real pain?”

Gu Ling was still smiling, “Whether it’s Earth, Dragon City, or the former Peach Blossom Town, the people who can truly enjoy life, achieve their dreams, and obtain ultimate happiness are very few and far between. The vast majority of people suffer in the so-called reality, and their days feel like years, or even worse than death.

“Take Your Dragon City as an example.

“The ordinary citizens of Dragon City first train crazily in the school, and then they have to train their muscles and bones since primary school, and practice all kinds of combat techniques. They also have to endure the amount of training, as well as the risk of being injured and disabled, that even professional athletes of the Earth era could not withstand.

“After a day of hard work, school was over, and they still had to send them to all kinds of training classes to train. They trained until they were exhausted and could not even move their fingers.

“Just like this, day after day, year after year, twenty-four hours of continuous training, not every one of them could be admitted to a famous school and awaken their extraordinary strength. Most ordinary people with mediocre talent could only accept the fact that they had fallen behind.

“Even if they managed to awaken their extraordinary strength, more than 90% of the superhumans would be at the one-star Spirit Tattoo Realm for the rest of their lives. Existences such as shrimp, soldiers, and crab generals would also be unable to control their own fates.

“Even if the best and the luckiest among them managed to squeeze through the one-log bridge of thousands of soldiers and horses to work in the nine mega corporations, they would still be nothing but human-shaped crystals that were exploited by the experts of the nine mega corporations. In the end, all their talents and potential had been squeezed out long ago, and their cultivation stagnated. In fact, they were even kicked out of the super corporations because they were too desperate in their work and battles, with internal injuries and serious diseases on their backs. The high profits that they earned at the cost of their lives were all given to the peerless experts and the descendants of the mega corporations for nothing?

“I don’t understand. To ordinary people, what is so-called real life and ‘civilization’ that is so painful that is worth pursuing and even defending at all costs?”

The little girl moved closer to Meng Chao.

Her face was filled with innocent curiosity.

However, her gaze was like two icicles that pierced into the depths of Meng Chao’s brain.

Meng Chao did not avoid her gaze.

After pondering for a long time, he slowly said, “You’re right. There are many imperfections in the real world. It can even be said that… there are serious mistakes and flaws.

“However, in order to escape from the imperfect real world and escape into the seemingly perfect illusory world, we have to face a very serious problem.

“Since it is an illusory world, it must have been designed and created by someone.

“And the person who designed and created it must have extremely high authority. He is the god of this illusory world, and he can control the mind and fate of every person who escapes here, and even every carbon-based intelligent life.

“Today, the creator is in a good mood, and his heart has been greatly kindhearted. He can define this world as a ‘paradise’, allowing everyone who lives here to be happy and carefree.

“Tomorrow, the creator will discover that the humans who live here have already lost all their value to be used. Either it is in a bad mood and wants to vent, or it wants to use the pain of humans to achieve a certain goal. Even if it does nothing and just does as it pleases, it can turn the paradise into a devil’s den that will burn eternally in an instant, causing the people in the virtual world to suffer a pain that is a hundred times more intense and prolonged than in the real world.”

“I won’t.”

Gu Ling shook her head with certainty and vowed, “You are still using the human way of thinking to think about higher-level carbon-based intelligent life. Only humans will derive pleasure and benefits from human suffering. Higher-level intelligent life will never be like this.

“The point is not ‘will’ but ‘can.’ My compatriots and I will never be willing to live in a place where the creator can decide our fate as he wishes. No matter how beautiful this place looks, no matter how happy or beautiful it is.”

Meng Chao said, “Compared to living in a paradise forever, being raised as pets by some higher-level carbon-based intelligent life and living a carefree life, we would rather return to the imperfect real world that is full of defects and darkness. We would rather fight, build, clench our teeth, and be covered in wounds so that the real world and our lives would be better.

“Of course, no matter how hard we try, we can’t build the real world into a real paradise. But at least, we can control our own destiny and our own civilization, can’t we?”

Gu Ling lowered her head and looked at the tiny people in Peach Blossom Town below the cliff. She said disapprovingly, “Can the people in the real world control their own destiny?”

“At least there is hope. Even if there is only a one in ten thousand chance, there is nothing more precious to mankind than hope.”

Meng Chao changed the topic and said, “Moreover, even if I believe that the creator of Peach Blossom Town is an absolutely benevolent existence, he doesn’t have any malice toward mankind.

“However, he is not an omnipotent god after all. There is no guarantee that this small paradise will never be invaded by foreign enemies.

“Just as I told you in the open-air cafeteria, whether it is real or not, the Peach Blossom Town in front of us can feed at most 30,000 to 50,000 people through fishing, hunting, and gathering. It cannot develop any extraordinary technology or powerful weapons. The combat ability of the entire civilization is almost zero.

“The Other World is so big. Who knows how many dangers and threats are out there beyond Monster Mountain Range?

“Once the foreign enemy invades, the ‘dirty, dark, and unfair’ Dragon City you speak of will still have the power to fight. However, the tranquil and peaceful Peach Blossom Town in front of us is as beautiful as a fairy tale. People can only wash their necks and wait for death!”

Gu Ling was speechless.

Confusion and deep thought appeared on her small face.

Meng Chao looked at her deeply and suddenly stood up. He found that he had broken free from the shackles of the monster’s memory and returned to his human appearance.

“I remember who you are now.”

Meng Chao’s pupils constricted. He suddenly said, “I thought you looked familiar the first time I saw you. I must have seen you somewhere before, but we shouldn’t have crossed paths at all.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I just had an epiphany. It was the Bubble Messenger that popped out of the corpse of the super mutated beast, Vortex in the underground laboratory of Golden Tooth’s headquarters during the Lair battle!

“That’s right. Your face is exactly the same as Jin Qianxi, the younger sister of Underground Emperor, Jin Wanhao and the lover of Battle God Lei Zongchao, who was forced by the Blood Alliance to explore the ancient ruins together with them in the past. The only difference is that you look exactly like Jin Qianxi when she was young.

“Obviously, you can’t be Jin Qianxi.

“The real Jin Qianxi was heavily wounded in the battle to destroy the Blood Alliance and died in the surging Red Dragon River.

“Even if she survived, she should still be an old woman.

“So, what should I call the real you—Gu Ling, Jin Qianxi, the Tree of Wisdom or… the monster mastermind?”

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