Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane!

Chapter 767 - The Mastermind’s Birth

Chapter 767: The Mastermind’s Birth

The little girl blinked.

But there was not a hint of surprise in her eyes.

Instead, she smiled sweetly as if she had been waiting for Meng Chao to reveal her true colors.

Suddenly, she leaped down the cliff.

Meng Chao narrowed his eyes and jumped down as well, trying to activate the magnetic levitation force to catch the mysterious girl first.

However, the world around them was changing. It was as if even the laws of gravity were under the control of the other party. The two of them slowly floated into the jungle.

The little girl disappeared in front of them.

“Rustle, Rustle, Rustle” was the only sound that could be heard from the dense branches.

The spiritual flames around Meng Chao were burning crazily. A tunnel was burning in the dense forest.

The countless branches and vines were like venomous snakes that had been burnt. They hissed and retreated, revealing a colorful, crystal-clear, and beautiful little tree at the end of the tunnel.

It was like a luminous jellyfish that lived in a dark, primitive forest.

Countless branches that were as soft as willow branches were dancing like tentacles.

It was also like a coral carved out of crystal. The colorful coral worms were still alive and wriggling strangely.

This form was very similar to the wisdom tree in the center of Peach Blossom Town.

Its size had been greatly reduced, and it was only as tall as a person. It appeared small and exquisite, and it was absolutely exquisite. It did not seem like a natural creation of this planet.

Perhaps, this was the true form of the wisdom tree.

“What exactly are you?!” Meng Chao asked in a deep voice. He was filled with vigilance.

The Tree of Wisdom’s core emitted a laughter that sounded like silver bells.

Subsequently, countless lichens, moss, mushrooms, and flowers formed a Green Tide that spread out from the roots and wrapped around the tree trunk.

From the Green Tide, a young girl’s face appeared. One could vaguely see traces of an ancient spirit between her brows, but it was similar to Jin Qianxi that was transformed from the Bubble Messenger.

“I’m not lying to you.”

The young girl smiled and said, “I’m the ancient spirit, also Jin Qianxi, and also the Tree of Wisdom. Of course, if you insist on calling me the ‘Monster Mastermind,’ I won’t object. Other than that, I’m still… Peach Blossom Town itself.”

“Peach Blossom Town?”

Meng Chao raised his eyebrows high.

“In fact, I don’t know what I am, where I came from, and where I’m going.”

The girl’s face, which was shaped by the Green Tide, sighed and looked at Meng Chao with interest. “Perhaps you can tell me the answer. That’s the biggest reason why I took the trouble to invite you into my world.

“You are special, Meng Chao. Not only did you stop White Spirit, earthquake, Demonic Abyss Eye, and Vortex, but more importantly, I can smell a very familiar and familiar aura from you. I guess it was left behind by you when you were exploring and testing in the ancient ruins, right?

“Meng Chao, you’re one of my kind. There’s really no need for us to fight each other.”

“One of my kind?”

Meng Chao snorted coldly.

If the other party was really Jin Qianxi, or in other words, the monster mastermind had absorbed a part of Jin Qianxi and evolved from her.

Then, as the earliest explorer of the ancient ruins in Dragon City, Jin Qianxi could indeed be considered one of his kind as a veteran tester.

However, Meng Chao would not really take her as the human girl that Lei Zongchao, the Battle God, and Jin Wanhao, the “Underground emperor”, were talking about. No matter how much darkness she suffered, she would never give up on her bright and beautiful pursuit, and she was almost perfect.

“As for my origin, where should I start? You should know that even I am muddle-headed and muddle-headed. I only remember that in my earliest memories, I was just a bunch of insignificant buds in the depths of the jungle…”

As the wisdom tree spoke, it used a tentacle that was emitting a green glow to gently tap the ground between it and Meng Chao.

The ground suddenly became crystal clear, as if a three-dimensional screen that perfectly blended with the surrounding world appeared.

On the screen was a bunch of tiny buds that stubbornly flipped open the ground and broke out.

It was like weeds that could be seen everywhere.

However, it was softer and more transparent than ordinary weeds. It seemed to be filled with thick and thick spinal fluid or brain tissue fluid.

Inside the body that was slightly emitting green light, there were countless red lines. It was like an intricate neural network that spread to every bud.

This form was similar to a fungus-like creature — the blood-striped flower.

However, it was ten thousand times more exquisite, magnificent, and mysterious than the ordinary blood-patterned flower.

“At the beginning, I was very weak. The torrential rain could water me to death, the scorching sun could burn me to death, and the roots of the towering tree could brutally entangle me, trying to take away all my nutrients and starve me to death. Not to mention wolves, tigers, and leopards, even snakes, insects, rats, and ants could easily devour me.”

Following the Wisdom Tree’s explanation, all sorts of sound, light, and electricity effects appeared above the small plant, simulating the effects of wind, rain, and Sun.

It could be seen that at the beginning, it was indeed very helpless and miserable. At its most miserable state, six of the nine sprouts with blood traces had fallen, while the other three had been taken away by snakes, insects, rats, and ants. Only a single sprout was still connected to its roots, it was shivering in the cold wind.

“However, the pressure of survival soon stimulated me to awaken my ability. More precisely, I awakened myself.”

The wisdom tree continued, “At some point, I suddenly discovered that I could perceive the world around me and the emotions and thoughts of the flowers, plants, animals, and animals around me.

“No, that’s not quite accurate, because most of the flowers, plants, animals, and animals did not have much emotions and thoughts even if they had absorbed enough spiritual energy and evolved into the so-called ‘monsters’ and ‘etherealized plants’.

“Their brains — if they really did have nervous organs such as brains, they were often gray chaos. No matter how hard they searched, they could not find anything interesting. It was so boring.

“But no matter what, I can indeed use my ability to share the senses and memories of the flowers, plants, snakes, insects, rats, ants, wolves, tigers, and leopards. I can see what they see, hear what they hear, and touch what they touch.

“It is like my world has expanded thousands of times. I am the Dominator of the world around me. No, I am the forest that you call the Hidden Mist Domain!”

In front of the Tree of wisdom and Meng Chao, the buds made of light and shadow released its thin, long red threads, which connected all the plants together like thin nerves.

The snakes, bugs, and rats that had swallowed its bud also grew clusters of red threads inside their bodies. When they returned to their nests, the invisible red threads drilled out of their seven orifices and spread into the bodies of the other snakes, bugs, and rats.

It was as if an overwhelming neural network was spreading, expanding, expanding, and multiplying rapidly.

“Of course, in the beginning, ‘My world’ was not large. Judging from the scale of human beings, it was only about seven to eight meters in circumference, or at most more than ten meters? “I could only sense carbon-based life forms within ten meters. Beyond ten meters, I could neither see nor hear anything.”

The wisdom tree continued, “But even the short distance of ten meters helped me a lot. Through the senses of flowers, trees, snakes, insects, rats, and ants, I could find the direction where the spiritual energy was most abundant and grow my roots toward small crystal veins. I could also find towering trees with luxuriant branches and use their crowns as shields to shield me from the cruelest rainstorms and scorching sun.

“I can also transfer all my spiritual energy to the ground before the hungry snakes, insects, rats, and ants invade, creating the illusion that the sprouts are withered and rotten. I can also release the most irritating stench and make them lose interest in me.”

In the translucent light, the tiny sprouts were indeed withered and rotten in an instant. They turned into a black cluster and released streams of black gas.

If it were not for the extreme hunger, even snakes, insects, rats, and ants would not have developed an appetite for such things.

“With my marvelous senses, I turned misfortune into luck and grew stronger. My body size and range of senses kept expanding. Soon, I could see and hear the world 20 meters, 30 meters, 50 meters, or even 100 meters away.”

The tiny buds in the translucent light seemed to be stretching, and more and more buds grew.

The blood threads surrounding the buds also split into thousands of strands, surging and entangling the surrounding worlds, connecting with every living being in an inconceivable way.

“I don’t know how long this process took. That was a long time ago. Perhaps a year, or perhaps a hundred years?”

The tree of wisdom continued, “In short, when my perception range expanded to about a hundred meters, I encountered the biggest crisis since I was born. A scavenger-type monster that I had never seen before discovered me. Moreover, it didn’t seem to mind the stench that I released. It seemed to be in high spirits and had a great appetite.”

In the translucent light, a monster that looked like a combination of a lizard and an ant-eater appeared.

Judging from the rotting flesh embedded between its teeth and its scales, it must have often burrowed into the body cavity of the large monster and feasted on its rotten internal organs.

Even if it was just the light and shadow, Meng Chao could almost smell the strong, hammer-like stench emanating from its body.

Facing the withered and rotten appearance of the wisdom tree, not only did the scavenging monster not keep a distance from it, its scarlet eyes instead blossomed with intense interest.

It shot out a long whip-like tongue like a toad, rolled up and tore off a bud of the wisdom tree, and put it into its mouth. It ate with relish.

After realizing that it tasted surprisingly good and was rich in psionic energy and nutrients, it simply pounced on the wisdom tree, wanting to pull it up by its roots.

The wisdom tree trembled desperately and used the soft bud to whip the Scavenger.

However, the scavenger-type monsters often had to burrow into the corpses of large monsters.

In order to resist the acidity and toxicity in the bodies of large monsters, their scales also had a strong defensive power. They were not newborn wisdom trees at all, and their jellyfish-like tentacles could drive them away.

All the tender sprouts of the wisdom tree were about to be torn clean by the scavenger-type monsters.

Even the roots were about to be dug up from the ground by its sharp claws and teeth.

The Tree of Wisdom suddenly trembled violently as if it had been electrocuted. Hundreds of nerve-like red threads shot out of its body and pierced into the head of the scavenger-type monster with lightning speed.

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