One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1257 - Cultivating His Power

Chapter 1257: Cultivating His Power

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Part of the reason the Mu Group could achieve such results was his uncle’s efforts.

He could not have the seat of authority without his uncle’s support as well. Back then, he was young, ambitious, and capable. However, this did not mean that he had received an opportunity to showcase his talent! After all, as a young man entering his twenties, he could not gain the management’s approval without suitable contacts and networks!

Looking back, it was his second uncle who supported his rise. The elder’s wish, then, was for Mu Group to achieve even better results in this young man’s capable hands!

He did not let his uncle down, too; he did the impossible, yet he would give up his hard-earned career for a woman now!

What Mu Linfeng would not admit to was this: His nephew could leave the group now, and, in time to come, he would become the best in the world again!

However, without him, the Mu Group would rapidly sink and would no longer command the same power!

His concern was not without basis.

Two years ago, the young man had started to cultivate his power externally.

He knew very well that no matter how powerful Disheng might be, it would come to an end ultimately.

Historically, no family business could run for hundreds of years.

Everything went through the cycle of destruction and rebirth; from nothing to something and then back to naught before it regenerated into something else.

Small grains of gravel could be gathered into a pile. Likewise, for an empire, no matter how big it was, it could collapse one day.

It was even more so for a family business like the Mu’s, where the controlling stake lay in the hands of one person.

He was extremely vexed by the opposition from various small players in the family for every major decision he made, not to mention the seniors who would order him around!

He was Mu Yazhe—a man who could afford to desert this family and still survive.

If he could establish the Mu Group as a worldwide leader in six years, he could very well establish his empire within six years as well!

Besides, with his pride, he knew that he would build his empire when the right opportunity struck.

In reality, he had started to diversify his assets on hand secretly. Within the last few years, he had gathered a team of elites. If he were to leave the Mu Group, not only would he leave with an elite team, he would also bring with him a team of talents that he had trained personally.

Not only that, he would tear away a nice chunk of Disheng to take with him; after all, he deserved this much!

With such a massive household like the Mu family, there would be talents and useless bums. These sloths were like parasites, eating away what he had built with his efforts!

He had experienced firsthand the ills of a family-run enterprise!

The Mu Group’s internal management was corrupted and badly abused by their people. He did not want to see his hard work be dragged down by these good-for-nothings!

He would not let anyone ride over his head again, be it his grandpa or fourth uncle—heck, not even his second uncle!

With his pride, how could he tolerate these people as stumbling blocks?

As for the kindness from his second uncle, he was indeed grateful to the man. Though after working so hard for the man all these years, the debt would have been fully paid by now, would it not?

Mu Shumin stepped up and said accusingly, “Yazhe, auntie here won’t believe you to be such an irresponsible man! Don’t tell me, as what your second uncle has said, you have indeed given up the business for the sake of a woman?”

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