One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 1258 - Is it worth it to go so far for a woman?

Chapter 1258: Is it worth it to go so far for a woman?

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His aunt paused for a moment before questioning sternly, “Have you ever thought about if it is worth it to do all this? Is it worth it to go so far just for a woman?”

He raised his head to look at her coldly before answering in a low voice, “How can she not be worth it? Of course, she is!”

“That woman is worth it?!”

She scoffed at that disapprovingly.

“He he! I really want to look at that woman and find out exactly who she is and how she can make my emotionless nephew fall so deeply in love! Yazhe, please don’t be silly! You’ll regret it at some point if you give up the Mu Group’s business over a dirty woman!”

His lips curled up at the corner, clearly incapable of agreeing to her words blindly.

In reality, Yun Shishi was already under his protection.

As for the two children, they had already escaped Mu Lianjue’s imprisonment. It was just that Youyou had yet to be found.

He could already go against everything and not transfer his equity shares to Mu Lianjue as they were no longer in his hands. However, he was worried that his fourth uncle would be enraged with embarrassment and secretly deploy people to chase after his younger son. The gains would not make up for the losses if that happened!

If he could use the Mu Group in exchange for his younger son’s safety, it was a deal that was worth it to him!

Of course, his fourth uncle would not give up just because of this!

“Aunt, do you think I do things without measures? I, Mu Yazhe, am not someone who can’t survive on my own!”

“No matter what, you can’t transfer the equity shares you have to someone else. You should know how important you are to Disheng and the kind of status you have here!”

He stood up suddenly. He leaned against the table with his tall figure and straight body, as well as his intimidating aura. He stuffed his hands in his pants’ pockets as he declared languidly, “Aunt, I hope you understand one thing: Disheng can belong to me, but I don’t belong to it.”

Mu Shumin was furious but she held it in. She tried her best to remain calm as she negotiated with him. “Yazhe, I know that you have the capability and the charisma, but you must be responsible, too, right?”

His face was expressionless and he kept his silence.

She was even more anxious now.

However, due to her status, she had to maintain a certain composure. Therefore, from start to finish, she stayed reserved.

This was when Mu Linfeng banged the table with his fist. “Just give up on this! I’ll never let you play around with our efforts! The Mu Group only has one CEO, and that can only be you! Yazhe, listen to me: I’ve been through this before! I used to be rash like you when I was young, but I also know that you have your ambitions and your charisma! This kind of thing, a woman, will only be a hindrance to you! You can’t let your emotions affect your decisions over a woman!”

“Woman? This kind of thing?”

He furrowed his brows all of a sudden. As if he had been hit by an iceberg, his gaze turned as cold as ice in a moment.

His second uncle was not worried by his expression and continued icily. “I understand that you’re not young anymore, and it’s about time for you to settle down, but you must be clear about the kind of status you have. You can have a lover, but she can’t be some shady woman! Next time, I’ll help you look for some women. Regardless of how they look, as long as you want them, who won’t come to you with your status? Why must you be so stubborn? Does it only have to be her?!”

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