One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 2814 - He Wanted to Hear Her Voice

Chapter 2814: He Wanted to Hear Her Voice

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This little fellow… did he have to be so arrogant?

Gong Jie snorted coldly. “My heart is frozen over. I’ve been working so hard and staying in the ward to take care of him day and night, yet you guys treat me like this.”

Yun Shishi laughed and said, “Xiao Jie, don’t be sad! When you return, I’ll give you a big kiss.”

When Gong Jie heard this, his expression thawed a little. “Trust Sister to dote on me. However, I’ve been a little busy recently, so I won’t be able to go back to see you for a while.”

“What are you busy with?”

“Yeah… work stuff.”

Gong Jie did not go into too much detail and hung up after chatting a bit more.

However, just as he ended the video call, his phone slipped out of his hand.

He fell onto the sofa and could no longer bear the pain. His face turned ashen.

Alice walked up to him and sized him up coldly. “It must have hurt a lot for you to be able to endure it till now.”

Gong Jie glanced at her coldly and groaned, but he said arrogantly, “This pain is nothing.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Alice poked his shoulder with her finger. The pain caused Gong Jie to suck in a breath of cold air sharply before he abruptly waved her hand away.

What are you trying to do!”

“Didn’t you say that ‘this bit of pain is nothing’? Let me try and see if you’re really not in pain, or if you’re only trying not to let it show.” With that, Alice put aside the medicine kit she was carrying and emphasized, “Young Master, it’s time to change your dressing. Remove your clothes.”

Gong Jie silently reached out and tugged at his tie before slowly undoing his buttons.

When he thought about how he had lost three people today, he felt a breath of turbid air brewing in his chest.

This time, when he went to Ah-Fu to send a batch of military ammunition to the battle front line and was preparing to return home, he was surrounded by the enemy, M nation’s troops. The long-range sniper’s fatal shot almost cost him his life.

Ah-Fu was well known to be a dangerous place.

The reason he accepted this order was to exchange for chips from other markets.

No matter how dangerous this order was, it had to be fulfilled.

Only, he did not expect that he would once again experience a near-death situation.

Alice did not help him, but she knew in her heart that no matter how close this man was to her, he would never allow her to touch him.

He did not like anyone touching him.

Thus, even though she knew that he was injured and it was difficult for him to perform certain movements, she still did not lift a finger.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed his uniform.

The black shirt inside was already soaked with blood.

Fortunately, it was a black shirt. Even when stained with blood, it was not obvious.

“I don’t know what possessed you. You’ve returned with an injury yet, you didn’t get it treated immediately. Are you not worried about it getting infected?”

Gong Jie frowned but remained silent.


Her first thought upon returning to Hurricane Group was to see Yun Shishi.

He missed her.

I want to see her like crazy.

His injury was so painful that he could not think straight, but one thought was very clear.

He wanted to hear her voice.

Hence, he called Youyou. However, he could not tell her that he was injured from the assassination attempt. He did not want to add on to her worries. Hence, he made up a feeble excuse just to see her.

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