One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 2815 - Heavily Injured

Chapter 2815: Heavily Injured

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It was probably his near-death escape that triggered an urgency in him to want to see the person he missed the most.

By the time he arrived, half of his resplendent white uniform was soaked in blood. He actually found the energy to change into a dark-colored outfit.

Alice could not understand it.

“Are you tired of living or something! If your wound gets infected, it’ll be very troublesome.”

“With you around, how can I die?” Gong Jie said slowly.

Alice raised her eyebrows. “I didn’t expect that the precious life of the insufferably arrogant Second Master Gong could be placed in someone else’s hands!”

“Cut the crap.” Gong Jie pulled his shirt over his shoulders and closed his eyes. His wound was exposed to the cold air. He asked calmly, “Are you able to locate the bullet?”

Alice immediately put on her gloves and bent over slightly to check.

“The bullet didn’t completely penetrate through the muscle. The wound is between the collarbone and the shoulder. The bullet is embedded in the surface layers, about two centimeters down.”

Alice found it unbelievable. She had immediately recognized this bullet to be a powerful sniper rifle bullet.

She asked blankly, “How many layers of bulletproof vest were you wearing?”


Alice clearly did not believe him. “The power of this bullet is such that even if you had worn two layers of bulletproof vests, it can still penetrate your body ruthlessly and instantly cause your skin to split open. Obviously, the sniper is aiming at the fatal spot of your heart. It’s a miracle that you survived.”

The bullet did not enter his body, but was embedded in the surface layers of his skin.

However, based on her rich experience, no matter how many bulletproof vests he had worn, such a bullet could not have caused a mere wound like this.

Gong Jie looked up and said coldly, “Before I was hit, a personal bodyguard had taken the shot for me.”


“The bullet had ripped through his body first, but because I was wearing a bulletproof vest, the impact was lessened.

“In other words, the reason why this bullet deviated was because someone protected you and had taken the hit for you.”

“Uh huh.”

“Thankfully, someone took the hit for you. Otherwise, this bullet would have taken your life.”

Alice’s assessment was that if the personal bodyguard had not taken the bullet for him, it would definitely have caused a bowl-sized wound on his body.

“Let me remove the bullet first, then examine you to see if there are any other wounds. It wouldn’t be funny to have fractured ribs.”

She still remembered that previously, one of Gong Jie’s men was wearing a thick bulletproof vest. However, after being shot, although the bullet did not penetrate the bulletproof vest, the huge impact shattered his ribs, which in turn pierced his heart, killing him on the spot.

“What a lunatic.”

Alice took off her gloves and said, “Prepare for surgery.”


“What else? You wish to keep this bullet as a souvenir?” Alice asked.

“I won’t need to go to the operating table for such a minor injury, do I?”

“The gunpowder in the bullet head has already spread into the wound. If we don’t perform a deeper treatment, who knows what will happen?”

Gong Jie closed his eyes, clenched his fists tightly, and slowly got up. However, just as he sat up, he felt his vision turning black. For a moment, he felt giddy and almost fell over.

Alice immediately reached out to support him. With his entire weight on her, of course it was a hefty load.

“This fellow. What sort of diet are you on that makes you so heavy!” Alice said, heaving.

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