One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3066 - The Love Of Your Life (37)

Chapter 3066: The Love Of Your Life (37)

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Mu Yazhe asked in a quiet voice, “What’s the situation?”

Standing by the side, the few men in charge of watching over Yun Na replied at once with great unease, “This woman said that she wanted to eat on her own. We’ve already been very careful, but we didn’t expect her to be so ruthless. She stabbed her own eyes with the chopsticks…”

The man’s voice trailed off.

Yun Na gradually regained her consciousness. When she heard Mu Yazhe’s voice, she suddenly laughed coldly. “Mu Yazhe, just give up! Hahaha! You want to use my corneas to restore Yun Shishi’s sight?! Dream on! I won’t let you succeed!”

Hearing this, Mu Yazhe’s face remained expressionless as he calmly asked, “What gave you such a misunderstanding to think that I’m going to replace Shishi’s eyes with yours?”

Yun Na was stunned. She suddenly reacted and sneered, “Stop lying! I heard what they said! They said that you’re using me for my corneas!”

Mu Yazhe said in a flat tone, “Your eyes are so filthy; do you think your corneas are really good enough for Shishi?”


Yun Na was at a loss suddenly and she asked angrily, “Why are you keeping me imprisoned here?!”


“My father-in-law said that he wishes to spare your life. He will deal with you properly when he returns.”

At this point, Mu Yazhe looked regretful. “Why do you think I kept you? You said that I coveted your cornea. Yun Na, are you even worthy?”

When Yun Na heard this, blood rushed to her head. She had never thought that she’d spend the last of what she had to destroy Yun Shishi, even if it was only to break her hope and cause her despair, she did not expect that Mu Yazhe had never thought of using her eyes to restore Yun Shishi’s vision. She refused to believe it!

Because, if he did not think that way, what was the point of her destroying her own eyes and enduring such unbearable pain for nothing?!

She broke down and shouted at him, “You’re lying!”

Mu Yazhe stared at her coldly, but she could no longer see him. She could only shout fiercely, “You must be doing it for my eyes! You must be doing it for my eyes! You must be very disappointed that I destroyed my eyes! It must be very painful for you! Hahaha!”

After a long silence, Mu Yazhe curled his lips coldly and said, “Yun Na, you’re so pathetic.”

Then he turned around and left without looking back!

Yun Na, on the other hand, could not stop smiling as she tried to maintain her pathetic dignity. However, after he left, her smile turned even more desolate!

Then her smile turned into laughter, which turned into tears of despair!

“Mu Yazhe! I hate you! I curse you; you’ll die a horrible death! A horrible death!”

“Yun Shishi, your retribution will come! Even if retribution doesn’t fall on you, it will fall on your child! Let your child pay your debts! Hahaha!”

Yun Na did not hesitate to use the most vicious curse she could think of. However, everyone looked at her as if she was a pitiful beggar, and no one cared!

As Mu Yazhe left, Min Yu followed behind, hesitating to speak.

The man turned to look at his assistant. “If you have something to say, just say it.”

Min Yu pondered for a moment before probing, “Boss, have you really never thought of using Yun Na’s cornea?”

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