One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3067 - The Love Of Your Life (38)

Chapter 3067: The Love Of Your Life (38)


“Well then…”

Min Yu said, “That’s not what you said before!”

“I intentionally revealed this information because I was sure that if she knew about it, she’d try all ways to destroy her own eyes.”

Mu Yazhe continued coldly, “And if she were to destroy her own eyes only to find out that we had never wanted her corneas in the first place, she would feel a despair more painful than anything.”

Min Yu shuddered involuntarily, however, this was very much his boss’s style!

“I thought you’d torture her!”

“A woman like Yun Na is already a living dead. Hatred has been carved into her bones, and the torture on her physical body can no longer affect her! Even if she were to be tortured till she was riddled with scars, she won’t be able to feel anything. Do you think a woman who doesn’t hesitate to burn off her own fingerprints just so she can take revenge will have much awareness of physical pain? Moreover, just torturing her in itself is not going to resolve the hatred. It wouldn’t matter even if such a person dies ten thousand times!”

Min Yu recalled Yun Na’s mournful look and shuddered.

Mu Yazhe stopped in his tracks and returned to his senses. He sneered meaningfully, “Don’t you think that destroying a person mentally is the cruelest way?”

Min Yu agreed.

A few days later, another piece of news came. Yun Na had gone completely mad!

The long period of imprisonment had already tortured her mind to the point of collapse. Coupled with the sudden mental trauma, she had completely broken down. Mu Yazhe sent someone to take her away to the mental hospital, but news of her death followed not long after.

She had gone up to the top of the 7-story building by herself and jumped off.

The nurses could have stopped her, but Yun Na was crazy. If they tried to stop her, she might hurt the innocent. Hence, when they had called Mu Yazhe to ask how to deal with her, he said, “Let her be if she wishes to die.”

After Yun Na had fallen off the building and died, her funeral affairs were hastily settled. Such a life had finally come to an unbearable end.

Naturally, Mu Yazhe did not tell Yun Shishi about this. However, the news of Yun Na falling from the building was still reported by the media. Hua Jin accidentally saw the headlines in the newspaper and dashed off to look for Mu Yazhe.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to keep Yun Na and give her corneas to Shishi? You never intended to use her eyes, right?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well then…”

Hua Jin sucked in a cold breath. “What about Shishi?!”

Mu Yazhe looked up into his eyes and said in a low voice, “Before the wedding, I will find a source of the donor as quickly as I can for the operation.”

“Isn’t this chance too slim!?”

Hua Jin continued, “The wedding is imminent. What if we still can’t find a cornea donor before the wedding?”

“You don’t have to worry about this! As for her, she doesn’t have to worry about this either. I’m her man. I’ll handle it!”

Hua Jin was doubtful, finding it hard to believe that the man could bring the matter to a perfect closure.

Upon returning to the villa, he pushed open the door and saw Yun Shishi sitting on the sofa with Yueyao in her arms. There was a tender look on her face as she focused her attention on the baby.

Yueyao had just finished her milk. Yun Shishi was holding the child as she patted her gently and coaxed her to sleep. Lowering her head, she kept kissing Yueyao’s forehead. Hua Jin was especially upset when he saw this.

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