One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 3068 - The Love Of Your Life (39)

Chapter 3068: The Love Of Your Life (39)

He bit his lip and seemed to have made a serious decision. When he returned to his room, he searched for a phone number in his cell phone directory. After hesitating for a long time, he dialed the number…

“Doctor Cheng?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Can we arrange for the surgery immediately? Yes… I’ve made up my mind…”

This doctor was the authoritative expert that Hua Jin had contacted. Although removing corneas from a living person is prohibited, but he was probably touched by Hua Jin’s persistence. He vaguely said that he knew of a way to remove the cornea of a living person.

However, as this was illegal, he spoke in an extremely obscure manner.

Hua Jin spoke with him over the phone and roughly agreed on the surgery fees and time before hanging up.

He sat on the bed and pondered for a long time. It would be a lie to say that he was not afraid of the operation, but if it were for Yun Shishi, he would feel blessed to be able to be her eyes!

Most importantly, his patience had run out after more than ten months of waiting.

He did not know how long they would have to wait for a suitable cornea donor, so he decided to use his own cornea.

Hua Jin stood up and walked to the door. Just as he opened it, he saw Yun Shishi standing at the door. Her eyes were blank and unfocused. Hearing the sound of the door opening, she frowned and asked, “Hua Jin…”

Her voice was trembling with fear.

Hua Jin was stunned for a moment. He did not know how long she had been standing at the door or how long she had been listening to his conversation with the doctor through the door!


Just as he said that word, she raised her hand and slapped him.

However, she had meant for this slap to wake him up. Although she was not heavy-handed, her whole body was trembling, and her eyes were bloodshot. “Did you just say that you wish to have your cornea removed? Are you planning to donate your cornea to me?”

The man’s expression darkened. His fringe fell over his eyes. He kept silent. Perhaps because he was feeling a tinge of guilt and didn’t know how to respond to her anger!

“I won’t take your eyes!”

Yun Shishi was determined and said resolutely, “Even if I have to be blind for life, I won’t take your eyes! I don’t want them! If you did anything like that for me, I’ll cut off all ties with you!”


The man was terrified and panicked. He immediately grabbed her hand and coaxed her. “Sister, I know I was wrong. Please don’t be angry.”

She flung his hand off, still furious!

The man became even more anxious and quickly said, “I just… I just want your sight to be restored as soon as possible!”

Yun Shishi froze. Knowing that she was really angry, Hua Jin immediately tried to pacify her gently. “Shishi, I was wrong. I’m sorry, okay? Please don’t be angry with me! I promise you that I won’t mention this matter again! I will drop the idea. But… my heart really aches for you. I’ve told you before that if one day you should lose your sight, I’ll be your eyes! But I didn’t expect this to become reality!”

Hua Jin walked up to her and said nervously, “Do you know how guilty I felt when I found out that you had lost your sight? I thought, it must have been something I said that has made it come true!”

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